Older PCs Can Now Run Fortnite Thanks to the New Performance Mode

Even without a performance mode, fans of any gaming platform could run Fortnite and enjoy the captivating gameplay. The game can be cross-played by people preferring different devices, including Android phones, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and high-end gaming PCs. However, Epic Games decided all this was not enough to accommodate every gamer who might want to pick up the cartoony battle royale. So, they announced a new feature called performance mode and stated that it would allow old PC users to run the game smoothly.

The New Fortnite Setting Trades Visual Quality for Performance Gains

Official Fortnite Game Art The Fortnite performance mode was made available to players on December 15th. It offers massive performance gains at the expense of visual quality. This is done to lower memory usage and reduce the strain on the GPU and CPU, which in layman’s terms means that the game will not look so good but will spare the hardware and run better.

Players with older PCs will now see a prompt to try the new performance mode as soon as they boot up the game. In addition, Epic Games has also added another feature that allows Fortnite players to remove the high-resolution textures from the game data, which will allow them to save a lot of hard drive space.

Fortnite May Look a Little Less Magnificent But the FPS Difference Is Huge

Comparison for Frames per Second and Graphics for Fortnite's Performance Mode Now that the performance mode is available and players running Fortnite on older hardware had the chance to experience the difference, it looks like the trade is worth it. While the game sacrifices a lot of its splendor when the mode is active, people playing it on older machines will get a huge frame rate boost. The comparison with the previous low-performance settings shows that the new mode is significantly more efficient.

The new performance boost option will be available for both Creative and Battle Royale game modes and will make it possible for enthusiasts to run Fortnite in 1280×720 px while enjoying that sweet 60 frames per second rate.

Four Gadgets That Will Help You Get Through Quarantine

The global pandemic is the only thing that’s been on our minds lately. We’re all cooped up at home, missing our family and friends. Self-isolation or quarantine – call it whatever you’d like – isn’t easy, and you’re probably thinking: “What the heck am I going to do at home all this time? The good news is, we’re all in the same boat.

With that in mind, we’ve gathered the top four gadgets that will help you get through self-isolation.

1. Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart Speaker

This gadget will help communicate between rooms easily, especially if someone needs to be quarantined away in the house. The Amazon Echo Dot is small, mighty and it has a very powerful sound system inside. You can even control Alexa with just your voice. Plus it can connect to other smart devices in your home.

Four Gadgets That Will Help You Get Through Self Isolation

2. PhoneSoap 3 UV Phone Sanitizer

If you’re going out into the world, think about the filthy viruses and bacteria that are sticking to your phone. The PhoneSoap 3 UV Phone Sanitizer is perfect for cleaning your phone because you don’t want whatever that nasty thing picked up on your face or on your hands. This gadget is using UV lights that can kill up to 99% of bacteria and it keeps the battery charged.

3. Perfect Drink Pro Smart Cocktail Scale

We all know you’re missing those after-work drinks with your colleagues. The Perfect Drink Pro Smart Cocktail Scale gadget will make you a professional bartender, within 400 recipes available, you can use the kitchen scale with its companion app for the ultimate cocktail mix.

Four Gadgets That Will Help You Get Through Self Isolation

4. EdgeCross X Intense Home Workout System

There’s no way you’re going to step into a gym during a pandemic, so this incredible workout gear will give you everything you get at the gym at home. With a ten-minute workout program, you’re already going to feel your core and your glutes burning. Plus, you’re going to get a sturdy mat that will keep you balanced. Stay healthy and safe!

Four Gadgets That Will Help You Get Through Self Isolation