Everything We Learned From E3 2019

Every year, E3 arrives to inform us of all the incredible gaming hardware and software coming in the near future. It’s an excellent chance for companies like Nintendo and Microsoft to showcase what they’re working on and get fans excited for their products, and this year’s exhibition was as amazing as always. We learned so much!

Everything We Learned From E3 2019

Breath Of The Wild 2 In Development

It’s been several years since Nintendo released Breath of the World, and the developer excited us at E3 by announcing a sequel is in the works. A short cinematic revealed the next game is probably going to be much creepier than the last, and may even see the return of Ganondorf in a skeletal form.

A Look At Project Scarlett

We’re nearing the start of the next generation of consoles, so, unsurprisingly, Microsoft used E3 as an opportunity to tease their upcoming system. Although we didn’t get to see much of Project Scarlett, we did learn about some of the specs. We were also gifted a release window of Holiday 2020.

Everything We Learned From E3 2019

Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Coming

For years, there have been rumors of a Final Fantasy VII remake. Well, E3 put any doubt to rest by showing footage from the upcoming release. The game looks every bit as epic as we’d hoped, so we’re confident it will do justice to the original. Players can expect the first part of the remake to arrive in March 2020.

The Wii Is Alive

Perhaps the biggest shock of E3 was that the Wii is still alive and kicking. Despite Nintendo devoting their entire presentation to the Switch, it seems there are still games being made for the family console. Just Dance 2020 will be launching on the system this fall because apparently Ubisoft really loves the Wii.

That should be enough to keep us going until the next E3.