Shanghai Hopes To Become Global Hub For Science And Tech

For years we’ve been hearing that China is becoming one of the world’s economic superpowers and it doesn’t look as though it will be slowing down soon. The city of Shanghai is now hoping to become a global center for science and technology. This is how the Chinese are investing their money to make them the center of the world for science and tech.

Shanghai Hopes To Become Global Hub For Science And Tech

Once Upon A Time

Years ago, Shanghai had set out to become the world’s hub of finance and shipping, but it has moved on from those goals. Now the Chinese city is seeking to become a global hub for science and technology.

One way they aim to do that is to begin construction on a national science center while also developing key industries such as artificial intelligence, biomedicine, and integrated circuits. How the city aims to be a global hub is largely down to their national science center, although they have many projects and strategies too.

What Will The Center Do?

The main aim of the national science center is to provide a place where they can develop integrating circuits and fund research into life sciences. The center will be key in establishing a real science and technology infrastructure in the region. Some of the specific areas they will look to develop will include ultrashort pulse lasers, hard X-rays, and photon science-based tech.

Shanghai Hopes To Become Global Hub For Science And Tech

Foreign Investment

Already there have been over 400 foreign companies invest in the research centers proposed by Shanghai, including Johnson & Johnson’s JLABS. The AI sector is expected to be huge in Shanghai following the establishment of the city as a tech and science hub. A dedicated zone for artificial intelligence has been created, and it’s a place Shanghai are calling AIsland.

What To Expect From AIsland?

Microsoft is already believed to be on board with the district, and it’s estimated their site will be the tech giant’s largest AI and internet of things lab. There are already some big players in the technology field signed up to Shanghai’s tech hub, including Alibaba and CloudWalk Technology, while a host of startups are also joining.

Research and development spending in Shanghai rose to $490.7 billion as the Chinese government makes a real commitment to the project.