People Are Working On Creating A Perfume That Smells Of Outer Space

Have you ever wondered what outer space smells like? Well, thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, you may be able to find out for yourself soon enough.

The Smell Of Space

Considering that outer space has no atmosphere, you’d probably think that it doesn’t really smell of anything up there. However, according to astronauts, there is a scent to be found millions of miles above the planet. Familiar fragrances like “seared steak” and “raspberries” have been mentioned before, a combination that sounds a lot more inviting than you might have imagined. You don’t have to just take the astronauts’ word for it, though, because a new perfume is being created to share the smell of space with the world.

From NASA To Kickstarter

The scent of outer space is something that’s been of interest to NASA for a long time. Back in 2008, they enlisted a chemist, Steven Pearce, to help recreate the smell for future astronauts. They wanted people to know what to expect before launching into space, so a formula was developed to aid with that. This information was initially kept private, but now, thanks to some Freedom of Information Acts, it’s no longer a secret.

A Successful Investment

Since the Kickstarter project began, more than $600,000 dollars has been pledged to it. According to the site, people who contributed money can expect to receive their product by October 2020. It’s been developed with the help of various fashion, tech, and design experts, all of whom have been passionate about sharing this unique scent with the world. They’ve worked hard to bring Eau de Space to life, and it won’t be long now until people get to wear it wherever they go.

Whether or not people will take to the smell of space is yet to be seen. However, if the perfume is a success, it could become the next big thing on the market.

3 Things We Know About the Secret X-37B Space Plane

One of the most mysterious vehicles in the U.S. Defense Department would be their uncrewed orbital X-37B. The spaceship regularly goes on covert missions – but the reason behind the mission is unknown to the public. Once USA’s best-kept secret, the information about the plane has come out in bits and pieces over the years. The craft resembles NASA’s space shuttles – and was built by NASA in 1999. The 29 feet long space shuttle takes off vertically and is set in motion by a rocket. It can maneuver on its own once it reaches orbit and lands back on a runway like a plane.

Here Are Three Things One Should Know About X-37B, also known as Orbital Test Vehicle.

It’s Been Used by Different Military Branches Over the Years

The space shuttle has witnessed different branches of the military take control. NASA in 2004 transferred two X-37B vehicles to the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research. U.S. Air Force had the vehicle for a couple of years before it came under the Space Force ( a newly established department) in 2020.

It’s a Mystery Vehicle

As discussed above, the true purpose of the space shuttle is still a mystery. To date, it has completed six missions, but we don’t know any reason behind the takeoff. There are some speculations that it’s done for surveillance of the Earth’s surface or it’s deploying spy satellites, but there is no evidence to come to any sort of conclusion.

Conspiracy theories also suggest that it can be a space-based bomber or a way to spy on the Chinese space station. But it’s safe to dismiss all these theories as hogwash because, according to exports – something like this would require a huge amount of fuel or would be easy to trace back to the American military.

It Can Orbit the Space for Years

In 2010 X-37B took its first flight and spent 224 days in space. The other vehicle flew up in 2011 and surfaced the orbit for almost double the time than the previous one. The highest record until now is 780 days which is two full years.