This Retail Giant Has Announced Their New Delivery Drone

In recent years, drones have taken the world by storm. They have allowed us to get up close and personal with storms, they have allowed us to take amazing photographs in some of the most remote locations, and they have even been used within military combat. However, it seems as though one retail giant is now using this technology to their advantage, and are using drones to expand their already-huge empire. So, it’s time to watch out for your head, because these drones could be flying low in the skies pretty soon.

This Retail Giant Has Announced Their New Delivery Drone

A Retail Giant

When was the last time you bought something on Amazon? Last month? Last week? This morning? As the largest retail giant in the world, Amazon has millions of customers across the world, and it seems as though it’s becoming increasingly accessible for those who need fast delivery. Not only can customers order items from across the globe to their front door in a matter of days, but Amazon Prime members can sometimes even get same-day delivery! As a company, Amazon is constantly looking to improve itself and change with the times, which is why they have unveiled a new delivery service.

Fast Delivery

Of course, this might not come as a surprise to those who have been following the company over the past few years. Talk about an Amazon delivery drone has been abuzz for a while now, but various attempts to bring it out into circulation have been pushed back. However, at the annual AI conference in Las Vegas in June 2019, Jeff Wilke decided to finally put customers out of their misery. The consumer division CEO noted that their drone delivery service, Prime Air, was ready and raring to go.

This Retail Giant Has Announced Their New Delivery Drone

Taking Off

It seems as though this new concept will take off, as it will give customers the chance to receive their packages from the air. That’s because these drones will fly at around 400 ft in the air, and be able to carry 5-pound packages in record time. To be exact, they will be able to fly 15 miles in just 30 minutes! Although there are many concerns about the safety of these drones, Wilke noted that they extremely safe to fly in the sky.

Although an exact date has not been given, Prime Air should be with us in a few months.