New Dating App Lets You Play Wingman For Your Friends

If you’ve ever found yourself spending hours swiping through various dating apps trying to find a potential match, you’re not alone. Nowadays, it seems more common for people to meet online or on apps before meeting face-to-face.

While some find online dating fun, others find it tiresome and enlist their friends to help them swipe and find matches. It seems this trend has become so popular that Tina Wilson decided there should be an entire app where your friends find matches for you, called Wingman.

Wilson drew from her own experiences with dating apps. “I was never comfortable dating online. Most of my single friends were in relationships … they were unable to come out on the single circuit with me, yet they were always very interested in my dating life and wanted to support my journey” Wilson told Digital Trends, “When I finally got online, they were my champions — sitting alongside me helping me write my profile, choosing who I should go out with. I remember thinking it’d be really cool if we were able to do this remotely.”

After downloading the app, you can invite a friend to become your “wingman.” If they accept the invite, they can fill out your profile with the basics. They will enter whether you’re interested in men or women (or both), what their relationship is to you, how long they’ve known you, and why they think you’re unique. There is also a section where your wingman chooses between likes you have such as “shopping or surfing” or “chocolate or cheese.”

wingman 6

“In the first iteration of [Wingman], there were so many options, so many things you could do. When we actually put that out and started testing it, I think people were confused … I think because it’s different, it doesn’t have anything that is comparable to it … we had to really make sure it was clear what people were doing,” Wilson said. Essentially, she expressed that she wanted “to keep it really simple [and] to create a platform that enables us to introduce our friends to great people, and have some fun along the way.”

With the simple layout, it’s now easy to be your friend’s wingman. After the profile is up, the wingman can swipe through potential matches. You will also be able to swipe through potential matches, but can’t actually pick “like” or “dislike.” Instead, you can send the potential candidate to your wingman, who makes the final call. Could this finally be the end of our online dating woes?