These Apps Look Great On The iPhone X

If you have a spare thousand dollars lying around, you might as well spend it on the iPhone X. The ten year anniversary iPhone has a hefty price tag but will have plenty of people lining up to get their hands on the sleek all-glass design.

With a new screen size, not all apps will look great on the new device. Some apps have optimized for the X, creating a better user experience.

The App Store has even organized these apps into a category called “Looks great on the iPhone X.”

The following apps will truly give you the full iPhone X experience.



It might seem a bit obvious that an optimized YouTube would look great on a bigger screen, but that is the reality. Depending on your preference, you can adjust the screen to fit with or without the notch at the top. Just give the screen a pinch to zoom in for a slightly smaller video.


Those that struggle with interior design will love using Housecraft on the iPhone X. The larger screen allows the augmented reality app to really give you a sense of what your room would look like with various virtual furniture.


The iPhone X might not bring new excitement to publishing platforms like Medium, but that does not mean it can’t look good. Medium’s layout on the new device makes it easy to browse content and looks pretty, too.

The Witness

Bigger screens mean better gaming. One game which benefits from the enhanced features is The Witness. The game is not cheap at $9.99, but looks incredible on the new phones so you can get the most out of the beautiful landscapes during the game’s adventure.



Halide is another paid app at $4.99 but is worth it for serious photo takers. Supposedly, the developers had to redesign each screen for the X. This led to one the best-looking camera apps on the market.