Researchers Created an App That Detects Device Spying

Researchers Have Created an App That Can Detect If Devices Are Spying on You

Researchers and developers from Carnegie Mellon have recently created the IoT Assistant: an app that is designed to scan IoT devices and give you a report on how much these devices are “spying” on you.

Those can include digital assistants, smart TVs, and other smart home gadgets. After a quick scan, the app can tell users what the IoT device is for. If possible, users will also have the ability to opt-out of data collection. The IoT assistant app also has a special database that is designed to give users an understanding of their device.

The IoT assistant app creators sought to expand user transparency about IoTs so that user privacy is maintained and safe.

Spying Is More Dangerous Than You Might Think

Many people are after someone’s privacy and when it comes to spying, we’re mostly concerned about revealing our most intimate secrets at a glance. However, things can escalate quickly in today’s world, leading to larger-scale issues regarding our privacy. Here’s an example…

In October 2016, a hacker found a vulnerability in a specific model of security cameras. Nearly 300,000 IoT video recorders were hacked. They started to attack multiple social network platforms and even brought down Twitter and other high-profile network websites, for almost two hours.

Researchers Have Created an App That Can Detect If Devices Are Spying on You

If it’s not only about video cameras, but anything with an internet connection, from smart locks, thermostats, light bulbs, smart toys, and refrigerators. Using them always poses IoT security risks and challenges that must be overcome.

IoT Security Challenges

It’s not only us with our computers. There are also “things’ that can easily interact with the Internet without human intervention. These are continually communicating with the Internet – our vehicles are transmitting messages to the mechanics for oil levels, smart fridges are sending updates of the food inside, and much more.

IoT is wonderful in many ways. However, technology has not matured yet, and it’s not 100% safe. The entire IoT environment, from users to manufacturers, still has many security challenges that IoT has to overcome, such as:

  • Update management
  • Manufacturing standards
  • User knowledge and awareness
  • Physical hardening

Top IoT security risks may include lack of compliance on the part of IoT manufacturers, lack of user awareness & knowledge, IoT security issues in device update management, lack of physical hardening, and last, but not least – BotNet attacks.