Outlook Email Is Finally Getting Text Predictions

Let’s be honest — we’re all pretty busy. While most of us are stuck to our phones and are texting multiple people at once, we don’t have time to be writing out all of the words that we want to say. That’s what technology is for, right? Predictive text and text predictions have helped us out on the likes of Gmail and iOS for many years, but it seems as though Outlook Email has finally joined the club.

Outlook Email Is Finally Getting Text Predictions

Predicting What We Want

Although mind reading is still way off in the technological future, there’s no doubt about the fact that technology is able to put together algorithms that suggest various possibilities for the future – and that’s where text predictions come into play. For many years, those who use various platforms such as Gmail and iOS have been able to make use of text predictions to finish off their sentences without actually finishing them themselves, and we’ve got pretty used to it. Now, a new friend has joined the gang.

Outlook Email Is Finally Getting Text Predictions

Adding a New Feature

Despite the fact that they are around two years behind some of the other leaders in the internet game, Outlook Email is now adding a text prediction feature to their service. So, those who want to write an email will be able to make use of suggested words and phrases to autocomplete the rest of the item. It’s been noted that this new feature will not only work on Outlook.com but also on Outlook itself. Many people will be able to make use of this new feature, but of course, there will always be those who don’t want their next words to be predicted. Thankfully for those people, there is the option to turn off the text prediction service.

If you use Outlook Email, you should be able to embrace the text prediction world at the end of this month.

Starbucks Has Chosen John Culver to Be Its Chief Operating Officer

Recently, Starbucks announced that the company veteran John Culver will become its new chief operating officer. Culver has been working for the company since 2002 and will now succeed Roz Brewer, who was the COO until February this year. Brewer is now CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance.

John Culver Is Also the New North American Group President for Starbucks

New COO of Starbucks, John CulverAfter Roz Brewer exited Starbucks in February and went on to become a chief executive at Walgreens Boots Alliance, the company had to name a new COO. They finally chose Culver to succeed the former chief operating officer and also promoted him to North American group president.

Before he received the promotion, Culver was the group president for Starbucks international, channel development, and global coffee, tea, and cocoa. This role had him oversee the company’s cafes across 58 international markets, as well as its consumer packaged goods products. In addition to being with Starbucks for almost two decades, he also serves on the boards of Kimberly-Clark and Columbia Sportswear.

The CEO of Starbucks, Kevin Johnson, Made a Statement Regarding the Future of the Company

CEO of Starbucks, Kevin Johnson In a recent statement, Starbucks’ CEO Kevin Johnson said that as they plan for 2022 and beyond, they are fortunate to have talented and diverse senior executives. According to him, this gave the company the ability to tap into the great potential of experts who can lead them forward.

There were also other related promotions at Starbucks. Michael Conway will take over as the group president of international and channel development. He is currently working as the president of international licensed markets. Also, Michelle Burns, who is now the senior vice president of coffee and tea, will become the new executive vice president of global coffee, tea, and cocoa.

All the new Starbucks promotions are set to go into effect on June 28. Meanwhile, Starbucks’ shares have gone up 4% this year, and this means that the current market value of the company stands at $132 billion.