The Biggest Announcements From WWDC 2020

Apple products have always created a buzz in the tech-loving community. The 2020 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) by Apple introduced the latest features people can look forward to.

The Biggest Announcements From WWDC 2020


One of the most significant additions Apple announced at WWDC 2020 is the addition of widgets to iPhone and iPad home screens. Since the creation of the first iPhone, the home screen has been pretty limited. You could either have all your apps in one place or create folders with apps in them. Now you will be able to add widgets to customize your home screen precisely to your needs. These widgets will transform the look of the Apple home screen, and they can be resized to fit alongside whichever apps you would like. Android phones have done this for years, but Apple users will finally have the same feature.

A New Messaging Style

The iMessage function will become much more familiar to people who use Whatsapp. Conversations using iMessage won’t be so confusing in the future as you can directly address contacts in group messages. Even if they have muted the group conversation, they will be pinged if mentioned directly by somebody. You will also be able to pin certain conversations to the top of your iMessage screen, meaning they will always be easily accessible.

The Biggest Announcements From WWDC 2020

Sleep Tracking on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has been focused on fitness and health for quite some time, but now it comes with a new feature for people concerned about their sleep. Users of Apple Watches can now track their sleep more accurately as well as create bedtime routines. The screen will tone itself down during your ‘bedtime’ so it won’t burn your retinas when you accidentally turn it on in the middle of the night.

While these added features have been available for customers of other tech companies, now is the time for Apple to join the party.