Basis Is The App That’s Bringing Mental Healthcare To The Masses

In today’s stressful environment, it can be hard to figure out where to turn when we need a little extra help. For some people, even with the most extensive self-care practices, they find that what they need more than anything is someone to talk to. As beneficial as therapy may be, it can still be difficult for average people to access the kind of care they need, which is why Basis aims to make it easier for everyone to have someone to talk to.

When it comes to the app’s criticisms, many professionals caution that the app shouldn’t be taken to replace a trained professional. Rather than employing a host of licensed therapists, the app relies on employees who have undergone 15 hours of training, and they charge $35 an hour for such sessions. Of course, there are other apps that have aimed to broaden the reach of telemedicine, but for some, Basis might be the thing they need most.

With help tailoring their training from a clinical psychologist, the team at Basis believes that they’ve found the science to support anyone becoming a therapist, or at the very least being able to put therapeutic practices into play. The company has also maintained that they aren’t accepting just anyone to become a “specialist” as they call them, as only 20% of the applicants have been accepted for training.

For those who have longer-term troubles to work through, Basis might not be the right tool, given that you often talk to a specialist for one session, and more deep-seated concerns need more time, generally working with the same person, in order to start making improvements. What Basis does provide is a neutral third party to bounce ideas off of. The company is also careful to note that specialists are unable to make diagnoses or recommendations like prescriptions.