Tailor-Replacement App Collects Accurate Body Measurements Using Photos

Good news for those of us who struggle when it come to online clothes shopping. Original Stitch will finally be launching their long-awaited Bodygram service this summer. The service will provide users with accurate and precise body measurements based only on front and side photos. This technology can be applied into making custom shirts without the need to visit a tailor.


“Bodygram gives you full body measurements as accurate as taken by professional tailors from just two photos on your phone. Simply take a front photo and a side photo and upload to our cloud and you will receive a push notification within minutes when your Bodygram sizing report is ready,” said Jin Koh, CEO of Original Stitch.

“In the sizing report, you will find your full body measurements including neck, sleeve, shoulder, chest, waist, hip, etc. Bodygram is capable of producing sizing results within 99 percent accuracy compared to professional human tailors.”


The Bodygram technology is a potentially genius solution to a problem which many individuals with not-so-standard body types face on a regular basis. Even with the help of a tailor, measurements can vary slightly from what they actually are, leading to poorly cut shirts or pants. If you order a custom shirt from Bodygram, Koh stated that his team will offer free returns.


“Bodygram is the first sizing technology that works on your phone, capable of giving you highly accurate sizing result from just two photos with you wearing normal clothing on any background,” explains Koh. “Legacy technologies on the market today require you to wear a very tight-fitting spandex suit, take 360 photos of you and require a plain background to work. Other technologies give you accuracy with five inches deviation in accuracy while Bodygram is the first technology to give you sub-one-inch accuracy.”

“We are the first to use both computer vision and machine learning techniques to solve the problem of predicting your body shape underneath the clothes. Once we predicted your body shape we wrote our proprietary algorithm to calculate the circumferences and the length for each part of the body.” Koh believes in his product and is optimistic that it will reduce the rate of returns.

“It’s not uncommon to see clothing return rates reaching in the 40-50 percent range,” he explains. “Apparel clothing sales is among the lowest penetration in online shopping.”