These Apps Will Help You Handle Your Work Better

Managing your workload can be a huge headache. However, there are many apps today that allow your phone to handle the extra work and let you concentrate on the important things. Read on to find out four such apps that can become your best desk mates by reducing your workload.


One of the biggest problems faced by people during their workday is the distraction of smartphones. The urge to watch just another reel on TikTok or to read one more conspiracy theory on Reddit is real. The Flora app helps you curb these urges by letting you set a focus timer. The app will plant a digital tree on your phone which will only grow if you refrain from using your phone! It is clever, innovative, and free.


Taking notes in a meeting is, no doubt, a tedious task. But it is also crucial and one you cannot skimp on. Enter Otter, an app that lets you automatically transcribe your important meetings. Even though it isn’t 100 percent accurate, the transcription is close enough to give you a fair idea and understand the context. The free phone app is great for in-person meetings and allows for 600 minutes of free transcription. However, you can purchase higher levels of subscriptions for integrating with Zoom.


Having an organizational app on your phone is very important. It not only allows for optimal usage of your time, but it also helps you set reminders, tasks, to-do lists, and whatnot. An amazing choice for this is the Action app, which is another brainchild of the creators of the iconic Moleskine notebooks. It lets you create your own planner and provides you with reminders. The app costs the users $2 per month and $12 per year.


Headspace, as the name suggests, is an app that is geared to getting you in the right headspace through the magic of music. Subscribing to this app will give you access to various soothing meditation sounds like Cabin Downpour or Nature Sounds. The app is a hit in the age where making mental health a priority is of utmost necessity. This app helps you in meditation, sleeping, moving, and focusing. The quality of your work can only be enhanced by taking a mental health break! The subscription for this is around $13 per month or $70 per year.