These Pet Shaming Signs Are Hilarious


Pets bring us so much joy in life, they are caring, compassionate, affectionate and will love you unconditionally forever, but more than that, they can stir up some major trouble! These pets got caught in the act of their naughty adventures and were publicly shamed for it.

Couldn’t Bear The Thought

When your dog chews off the face of a stuffed panda, of course, the only option you have is to make them wear the remainder of the toy. It might be a suit of shame, but it is ever so cute.


Mean Team

Cats and dogs are known to have a turbulent relationship, but these two seemed to be working together on their deviant plans. Of course, the cat is the one who is initiating the sock stealing, but leave it to the dog to devour it in the end. We’re all for having a balanced, healthy diet, but we don’t think that socks are in one of the main food groups. When it came to the shame, the cat looks embarrassed while the dog looks desperate for more.


When One Door Closes

There seems to be a recurring theme for animals who are less than impressed with the food that their owner is providing. In making a stand, this German Shepherd decided to go for the diaper drawer in the bathroom, but he wasn’t about to get caught red-handed and instead closed the door behind him. The problem then arose that he couldn’t get out, so obviously the most logical way to do it is to break the door open.


When You Least Expect It

Germs are really all around, specifically in winter months when it seems that everyone is sick and coughing all over the place. If you think you have managed to dodge your sick co-workers sneezing, everything gets thrown into disrepair when you come home and are greeted by a sneeze in the mouth when yawning. It is not something that you’d expect, and it is as if this little guy is timing his sneezes to get the precise moment.


Criminal Cat

When you commit to adopting a pet, you don’t just have to be prepared in keeping them healthy and safe, you’re also committing to funding them in everything. The pet finance just got ten times worse for this owner when their cat decided to eat $300. What do you even do in that situation?! $300 is a lot of cash and whats worse is that it will definitely get thrown up at some point, but it is still unusable. This is pet theft!


Thanks For Nothing

When you have a dog, you will know all too well that any time you are cooking in the kitchen, they will be standing by your feet trying to get a taste of the food. The smell of the Thanksgiving dinner was too much for Trey to handle, he couldn’t wait until 2pm to get his turkey, mashed potatoes, and vegetables and needed a snack to get him through. However, the plan backfired, and he tripped his mom, and the mashed potatoes landed on his head.


Hungry Homicide

It really is a dog eat dog world, or in this case, a turtle eat turtle world. There are many animals which can’t control their appetite and when they feel hunger, they will eat just about anything that comes their way. Turtles are usually considered as sweet, harmless animals, but apparently, this one can be a little nasty. We haven’t heard of cannibal turtles before, but this one definitely needs to be tamed before things get out of hand.


Baby On Leash

It is easy to mistake your pet for a child. You take care of them throughout their lives, make sure they are fed, healthy and happy, as well as showing them unconditional love and affection. However, it seems that this dog felt as if it was not being treated the same as the baby in the family so tried to make it obvious. We just hope that the baby didn’t put the pacifier back in its mouth after sharing with the dog.


Showering With Love

Some pets can’t leave their owners alone and try to cling to them all the time. This adorable dog couldn’t stand the separation anxiety when his owner was in the shower and started licking when they least expected it. Imagine the fright you would get when you just feel something wet on your backside when you think you’re alone. After getting over the initial scare, the whole concept is quite cute, and the dog just wanted some attention.


Holy Cow – A Holy Dog

If this dog wanted to get closer to God, he was going the wrong way about it. Whether this dog knew he was eating Bibles, or just wanted to get his teeth into any book in sight, we’re not sure, but we can assume his owner was horrified when they saw the remains of the holy book. There is a lot of shame coming to this dog, not just from their owner, but from the big guy upstairs too.


Stool Is The New Black

It isn’t just the squawking of a parrot that can be very annoying, it is also their mannerisms which can seriously irritate their owners. Seeing as some parrots have the ability to talk, it is hard to give them the benefit of the doubt when they do something wrong, like going about their business on a fresh, white t-shirt. It’s almost like this guy knew exactly what he was doing, and instead of being shamed with this note, he was holding it up in pride.



Wet Kisses

It has been said that licking gives dogs comfort and releases endorphins which makes them happy. This dog must have been on a happy high after licking the entire couch. He didn’t even get away with it because of the huge wet patches everywhere. We can’t imagine that couch was too comfortable to sit on straight after. It might be time to purchase a new couch and invest in some blankets to cover it, preventing the dog saliva!


Ho Ho How?

Christmas is a very exciting time for everyone. The energy is positive, the chestnuts are roasting, there is a smell of cinnamon and holly bush in the air, what’s not to love? The excitement became way too much for this dog and he decided to run over to the family Christmas tree and started ripping open presents, long before Christmas day. We’re not sure that he did “eat” Christmas, but he definitely ruined some surprises.


Sweet Lullabies

Sometimes it is the simple things in life that make you so happy. Tank had an entire apartment to roam and mark his territory in, but Tank enjoyed the more humble things in life. He took a particular liking to a small guitar case; perhaps he wanted some more culture in his life? Whatever Tank’s motives were, his new bed does not look too comfortable, but he looks like the type of dog who is very set in his own ways.


A Free Spirit

Gracie was a fashion-forward dog and when it came to making styling decisions, she was not pleased with her owner for putting her in this hot pink collar. Hot pink is so 2000s, she wanted to go for something more neutral and fashionable that co-ordinated well with her beautiful coat. She was not going to stand for this, so she opted to rip it off and forgo any accessories. Hopefully, she got a new collar in the color she wanted.


Stinky Situation

Seeing your loved one packing to go away on a trip is a really hard thing to come to terms with. The separation anxiety kicks in and you just don’t know what to do with yourself. This cute little girl couldn’t stand to see her daddy go away on a trip and her stress resulted in her making a mess in his suitcase. Unfortunately for her owner, he did not realize what had gone down until two days of traveling produced a strange smell from the suitcase.


Cereal Killer

Sometimes you just get so hungry and there is barely any food in the fridge, so you have to start raiding the pantry to see what you can get your paws on. This adorable sausage dog saw her prey and went for it. Shaming the dog as a “cereal killer” was perfect considering there were numerous empty boxes at the crime scene. Dachshunds might be small, but they can smell food out like it’s nobody’s business.


Winnie The Who?

You know when you can just feel someone’s eyes piercing through the back of your head and it’s making you very uncomfortable…Eeyore was doing exactly that to this dog. The situation escalated and it just got to a point when the Winnie the Pooh character wouldn’t stop. This puppy decided to take matters into his own paws and stop Eeyore from staring in the only way he knew how. A brutal situation, it was never going to end well.


Bad Boy

Hitch was not doing any bullying at doggie daycare, he was actually the victim in the situation and he was made the scapegoat. The other dogs in the daycare were plotting against him from the very beginning due to the amount of attention he was getting from the groomers. Although he looks very sad in this photo, we can only imagine that Hitch is very happy to be away from the other dogs. Jealousy is a nasty thing.


Turtle Turbulence

Honestly, unless you have studied it, how is anyone to know if a turtle is a male or female? They all seem to look the same and there aren’t really any distinct signs which suggest their gender. We too would scream very loudly if we were to become aware of something that we never thought was there in the first place. This shouldn’t really be shaming the turtle, it’s the mom that should be embarrassed for the mistake.


Sharing Is Caring

When your pet does something that they are very proud of, naturally the first thing they want to do is show their parents what they have found in the hopes of getting approval in the form of food or a new toy. For cats, the most exciting thing they could possibly find is a dead mouse. Diva was so proud of her new find that she decided to share the love and put it in her owner’s mouth.


Poser Puppies

When a photobomb is timed perfectly, it can make all the difference in ruining a great photo. You might not notice it at first glance, but there are actually three dogs in this photo, they just happen to be blended perfectly. Whether this dog felt left out of the picture and decided to join or if he just wanted to get close to the other dogs, he shouldn’t be shamed for this. Three dogs are always better than two!


You Had One Job

Some people adopt dogs to act as their guards and protectors and if these owners had that intention, it all went horribly wrong. This furry friend couldn’t bring himself to be mean to any humans, even if they did have intentions to rob the house. He thought that if he were to get the door for the uninvited guests, they would give him a treat, so of course, he wasn’t going to bite. We hope they didn’t lose too much though.


Warm Welcome Home

When dogs see small animals, they automatically assume that they are a toy, so putting a hedgehog in front of a dog is never going to end well. Dogs have too many toys that have soft spikes which can often resemble the spikes on a hedgehog, so you can’t blame this one for mistaking it for a toy. Sadly, it the outcome was not favorable for anyone involved and that poor hedgehog must have been scared for its life.


Morning Aroma

Waking up in the morning is hard enough as it is, this dog just made it 100 times worse for his mom. If you think you get a fright from your alarm, a dump of fresh poop on your bare feet in the morning promises to be a lot more unpleasant. If it was just once, this dog should be let off, but if he is making a habit of it, there needs to be an investigation as to why he is doing it.


Pretty Pampered Pup

Owners have to be really careful about what they put within reach of the dog. More often than not, they are going to assume it’s a food or a toy and chances are you will never see the item again. This dog got a hold of his mom’s new lip gloss and decided to have a chew on it. Lip glosses can often look like a popsicle, or they can smell like fruits and candy, so it’s no surprise why he went after it.



Offering Charm Instead

Sometimes pets really have no idea about the damage their causing, and in this case, this puppy could have caused a cultural upset. Dogs have no way of knowing about different religions and customs, so when his Buddhist neighbors were leaving food out for sacrifice to Buddha, he immediately assumed that it was a tasty snack for him. We can’t imagine the relationship with the neighbors has been too good ever since, but you can’t be annoyed at the dog!


Picking Sides

Sometimes when you think that dogs really don’t know what they are doing, they are actually much smarter than you would imagine. For some reason unbeknownst to us, this dog had a preference for chewing up only the left side of the shoe. He might have been superstitious, or just thought that the left shoe tasted much better, either way, this person will be left with a lot of right-footed shoes with no use for them.


No Pain No Gain

We are always skeptical when we see cats and dogs hanging around one another, it is as if something is about to go horribly wrong, and in this case, we were right. This dog is four times the size of the cat, so it was a given that if the cat was getting under the feet of the dog, there wasn’t much of a chance that it was going to get out unhurt. That’s quite an injury though!


Creepily Staring And Releasing

Dogs staring at humans isn’t actually unusual and it can be quite heartwarming. Their beady eyes show love and like they want attention at all times. If people can’t handle that, it’s their problem, but the passing gas is a whole different story. We too would get a little awkward if a dog was permanently farting while we were sitting there. Maybe he has social anxiety? He should probably see a doctor about his flatulence.


Outrageous Obsession

Addiction is a very real thing and it takes several steps to finally kick it. This is not a usual thing for a dog to enjoy the taste of a cat’s private areas so there must be something going on in his personal life for him to behave in such a manner. The cat, however, should be thankful that they are getting a daily cleaning from the dog for no charge. She probably has the cleanest backside of all the cats in the area.


Recycling Isn’t For Everyone

Bailey and Hamilton saw their opportunity to get into the trash and took it immediately. Through teamwork, they were finally able to get into the trashcan, something they had been plotting for a really long time. Unfortunately, the first thing they came across was coffee grounds, and what dog wants to eat coffee, they were already buzzing from the adrenaline from their breakthrough. These scavengers finally hit the jackpot and shredded up all of the napkins. How’s that for some afternoon fun?


Are You Gonna Eat That?

Any dog owner knows that they will do just about anything to get a bite of the delicious food you have made for yourself. Gus wasn’t having much luck crying under the feet of his owner for some chicken off his plate, so had to come up with sneaky plan to ensure that that food would be his before it reached the human mouths. He eventually found that sneezing on the food resulted in better odds for him to get a bite.


Too Fashion Forward For You

There is really such thing as style envy, and it looked like this dog had exactly that when she saw a poncho she wanted. However, this was not originally a poncho, it was the sofa armrest cover and the dog knew that it would look so much better on her than on the sofa. After all, the sofa doesn’t have to compete with their friends for fashion creds. This dog just wanted to show off her new piece of clothing in the park.


Drunken Doggie

Ellie’s face is what ours looks like every Sunday morning. We know the feeling of being this hungover, but it makes it much worse that its probably her first, and hopefully last time getting drunk. How was she to know that after finally getting her hands on some poisonous chocolate, there would be more poison in the form of alcohol inside?! We hope she felt a little better after getting it all out. She will probably never look at these chocolates again.


The Force Is Strong With This One

He might look innocent, but you have to be some kind of devil to kill Master Yoda in cold blood. The force was truly with him in all senses on this fateful afternoon and he does not look one bit remorseful. Yoda was left in absolute pieces and it must have been a horrible scene to come home to. We don’t think Dublin fully recognizes the huge mistake he made. Don’t mess with Yoda.


She Had It Coming

Dora The Explorer was so busy telling Swiper “no swiping” that she was taken by complete surprise when this guy came bounding towards her with his tongue hanging out. The whole ordeal promised to disturb toddlers for years, knowing how their beloved Dora was brutally murdered. He even knows he did something bad immediately, you can tell by the guilty eyes that he knows he has just killed a huge star and major staple of all of our childhoods.


They Call It Puppy Love

They say that opposites attract, and with this cat and dog, that looks to be exactly what happened here. However, it doesn’t look like we can say that the feelings are reciprocated and the cat looks to be hindered by the dog’s actions. Those piercing eyes from the cat look strong enough to go through the heart. Sorry buddy, it looks like you’re going to have to find another mate, this cat is not happy at all.


Urine Trouble!

The festive season can bring various emotions. Some people feel warm and fuzzy, others can’t contain their excitement, but there are also the haters and the stressed-out people. This little dog must have had a couple of those emotions when she decided to pee all over the Christmas. Maybe she thought the wrapping paper was puppy pads, and she just needed to go? We hope that none of the presents were ruined, but look at that face, how can you stay mad?!


Italian Chick

Everything about this photo is making us laugh uncontrollably. The image of this chick stealing spaghetti off plates and then running off is just too much to handle. We can’t help but wonder if the chick had a preference of pasta and wasn’t interested in, say, penne, as opposed to spaghetti. She also looks like she prefers tomato sauce as opposed to a pesto or an alfredo. Just no one mention pollo a la crema, we don’t want to have to go down that road.


All You Can Eat

It is one thing to do something that would result in being pet shamed, but it is a whole different story to try and cover up the evidence after being caught. It is incredibly annoying to find that all the keys on your keyboard have been removed as you have to look up another template to put it back together, that is if the keys aren’t missing. This bird might be beautiful, but it certainly knows how to annoy mom!


Party Of Five

This owner had nine months to come up with a caption for this, and this is the best they could do. Admittedly it is quite funny and gets to the point, but the mother looks as if she knows what it means and is furious at the blasphemy of the comment. Her adorable kittens are not to be messed with and one more comment and she will probably pounce. Better be careful what you say next, you could end up covered in scratches.


Expensive Taste

In modern day society, losing your phone or breaking it is literally like losing a child. As a result, you can probably imagine the looks on Dottie’s parents’ faces when they noticed that their iPad and iPhone had been eaten. In our opinion, it can’t have tasted that good, she would have been better off waiting for her dinner or a snack later on in the day, not to mention she wouldn’t have the stomach ache that came with it.


Oh The Irony

Pet shaming is becoming very popular online and parents have decided to publicly shame their animals, rather than scold them in person. The trend seems to be catching on and animals find it incredibly embarrassing. This is why they decided to get revenge and hit back at all the pet shaming that has been done. This dog took the anger a step further and took it upon himself to destroy the fateful book that they never wanted to end up in.


All Wired Up

Yes, it is true that people are way too consumed with technology nowadays and are never present in the moment. This mouse was clearly fed up with all this behavior and never got attention like he used to, before the iPhones and iPads were around. In a genius move, he decided to chew through all the cables which would stop access to the Internet, and disturb all technology, as a result. Maybe play with the mouse once in a while and he will stop?


I Feel Pretty

When dogs are hyperactive and you just want to take a nap, it never ends well. They are inquisitive little creatures and will go through just about anything to find something they haven’t seen or used before. When her mom was asleep, this dog climbed into her purse and found a gorgeous red lipstick which she just had to try on. When she realized that the color wasn’t working for her, she got distressed and chewed up the $3 that it cost.


House Rules

Everyone is entitled to making up their own rules in their homes, but we can’t help but question why this dog was allowed to chew this door before 4pm. Was there a certain event that happened after 4 that he was told to go away? We will probably never know the answer to this, but we really are intrigued. Maybe he just has separation anxiety until everyone gets home at 4pm? Perhaps a chew toy would resolve the door biting issue.


Food Baby

The term ‘food baby’ really applies to this little puppy. For the vast majority of dogs, they don’t understand what it means to be full and will continue eating until everything in their eyesight is consumed. Puppies, in particular, need to be watched so they don’t over do it on their food, and this little one is seriously regretting eating two portions of food. They say a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips and this puppy can definitely resonate with that.


Racist Rascall

Now we’re not going to start pointing fingers, but where could this dog have possibly learned to bark at Mexicans only? We didn’t think it was possible for a dog to be racist, but you learn something new every day. The only potential explanation for this is that they had a bad experience with one Mexican, so they assume that they are all the same. While it is not a politically correct attitude to have, we are amazed that such a thing could happen.


Distinct Taste

Different songs can be very significant for people. They can remind you of a certain time in your life whether it was your first kiss, a wedding, a breakup, a specific party or night out, or even a bad memory. This rabbit clearly has some kind of PTSD when it hears S Club 7, resulting in it pooping on its owner. Maybe it is trying to signal something, or perhaps it is just signaling that it is very bad and outdated song?


Colorful Personality

When you go to kindergarten for the first time, seeing all the crayons lined up is a very exciting moment. Many kids actually end up wanting to taste the crayons, and it seems they are in good company. This adorable pug wanted to see if he could taste the rainbow but found out that he couldn’t. Instead, the rainbow came out the other side when his stomach simply couldn’t handle all of the wax from the colorful crayons.


Paw Problems

From a young age, kids always try to get away with eating their dinner in their room. For 99% of children, the answer from their parents is a straight no. This dog also wanted to eat his food upstairs but instead of asking his parents, he decided to just do it. Needless to say, the food ends up absolutely everywhere and he will never learn his lesson to just eat in the kitchen. Such a waste of good food.


I Break It – You Buy It

Whether you believe it or not, dogs are very aware of their daily routine and when things get mixed up they don’t like it and often can act out. When this dog’s mom broke her routine, this dog went into an absolute panic. How could she give him such anxiety? There is just only so much a dog can handle. In his angst, he went over to the blinds that he usually waited for mom and broke them in anticipation.


Cloudy Judgement

When a dog and cat are shamed in the same photo, you immediately know that there was much more to the story than suggested. It appears that the dog felt very threatened by the pillow and something triggered him to destroy it. However, saying that the cat just sat and watched the event doesn’t seem to be the full truth. He has a look in his eyes which shows he did much more than be a bystander.


Curious Case Of The Butter

The grocery delivery time is always one of the most exciting times of the week. How can you blame a dog for wagging his tail when bags of fresh, delicious food comes through the door? This guy saw a small window when his mom’s back was turned, and the stick of butter was just staring at him in the face. He had four sticks of butter and free rein what to do with them.


Pillow Fight!

It is known that puppies go through quite an extensive teething stage and this one was no different. She saw a pillow stuffed with feathers and it just looked too good to miss ripping up. Usually there are two sides to every story, but in this case, there isn’t much denying that this puppy could do. The evidence was literally all over the floor and there was nothing this girl could do but sit there and look cute.


Bedroom Bandit

Just by looking in their beady eyes, you can tell that these dogs know they were doing was very wrong. As much as they are both gross habits, in our eyes, one is much worse than the other. Walking in to see such an act must have been very disturbing for the owner. We’re not sure what kind of punishment or training must be undertaken for these dogs, it would probably take a lot to stop all of this.


The Insomnia Problem

Separation anxiety and jealousy is a real thing for dogs. When they see someone else getting the attention that they desire so much, it can be very hard for a dog. As a result, this pup couldn’t cope with the prospect of her mom and dad sleeping in a bed together, leaving her alone. Mary Jane decided she wasn’t going to put up with this anymore and bark and make noises under her owner’s bed until they stopped leaving her out.


One Big Mess

Car rides can be difficult for dogs. You really have no idea how they are going to react to traveling in a foreign object. For some of them, it’s distressing and others find it therapeutic. For these dogs, it seems that being in a confined space was too much to handle and one of them decided to go about their business to relieve the anxiety. You can’t really blame the other dog for getting involved in the mess, it was inevitable!


The Innocent Eyes

Having a new puppy in the house, you have to make allowances about how they deal with the transition of moving in with their new family. This little dachshund was just trying to get to grips with the different things in his home and accidentally came across his mom’s iPhone cord. Cords are replaceable, but this gorgeous puppy is not, so we can only be thankful that he was shamed and lived to tell the tale! Electrics and dogs don’t mix well!


A Hare-y Situation

The relationship between the rabbit and the dog looks to have become very strained. We’re not sure who started the war, but this dog should have known better to eat the rabbit’s kale, the furry friends can become vicious when they get hangry. On the other hand, peeing in the dog’s bed is not something that we condone either. Dogs love their sleep and the rabbit truly marked its territory in the wrong place. There are some apologies which need to be made.