These Love Letters Will Have You Crying From Laughter


Although everyone seems to be communicating via text nowadays, the old school, hand-written love letter will never go out of fashion. It might be alternative, but these people proved that chivalry isn’t dead as they told their loved one how they really felt about them, but in a humorous way.


Love letters can be short and sweet, getting to the point in minimal words. This woman found an adorable and creative note from her other half when he expressed how much she completed him.

Indestructible Nokia

A rose has been the age-old symbol of love, even appearing in Disney classic Beauty And The Beast. However, when you think about it logically, this husband was right, and roses wilt and die within a matter of days, is that really the best way to describe love? Instead, he decided to leave his wife a Nokia 3310, which are truly indestructible and last forever to express his undying love for her. Although she didn’t really understand, the thought was there.

May The Force Be With You

Some people express their love in ways that only they can relate to. This guy was not giving up on Jessica and was persistent in writing her as many letters as possible before she agreed to take him back. The Star Wars fanatic used the analogy of villain, Darth Vader, being unable to let go of his son Luke Skywalker at the end of Return Of The Jedi, just like how he couldn’t let go of Jessica. We hope she took him back!

Just A Number

The man who wrote this letter to his significant other is definitely winning the husband of the year award. In today’s society, there is an intense pressure to be a certain size, and those who do not conform to this can have low self-esteem and hate their bodies. There need to be more men like this in the world, telling their partners that they are perfect just the way they are and there is no need to be scared of the number on the scales.

Fried Chicken For Life

When asking your man to commit to you, there are a number of things to take into consideration, and it’s important to question if they can fully give themselves to you. This man responded to his girlfriend’s letter by promising to commit and give her everything as long as he was not eating fried chicken. This guy was clearly a fried chicken connoisseur, and nothing was going to come between him and his favorite food, not even his girlfriend.

High School Love Triangle

Being in high school is a trying time in life, not only are you transitioning into becoming an adult, but you are also starting relationships with your peers, which can be very awkward. Trevor knew that he wanted Cathy but sadly, she was already dating Brad, and he didn’t like it one bit. He decided to write her a letter in a last-ditch attempt and hope that she would meet him at the end of the hall at school.

Wife VS Husband

This is the kind of relationship, so many people aspire to have. Having fun and laughing with your partner is one of the most important parts of a marriage, and is one of the keys to make it work. This wife decided to make things interesting and have a nerf gun fight to decide who cooked dinner that night. It’s certainly an exciting way to arrive home at the end of a long workday, but we wonder who won!

A Demanding Love

Finding love notes in places that you don’t expect them to be can be and exciting and incredibly sweet. This wife was going about her business in the kitchen when she turned to find that her husband had spelled out a note reading “You’re going to do as I say & love it.” While it was quite a forward and demanding message, it showed the playfulness and spontaneous nature of their relationship. They sure know how to keep it surprising.

Dog Comes First

Let’s be honest, anyone that has a dog knows the feeling of the unconditional love and companionship they give you. Dogs don’t fight with you and just want your love and attention, not to mention some snacks. This husband left and funny and playful note to his wife, telling her that he does love her, but slightly less than he loves the dog. At least she was able to laugh it off and understand the appreciation for their furry son.

More To Love

When you marry someone, you stick with them in sickness and in health, no matter what the circumstances are. Jim felt the need to thank his wife for loving him, even in his largeness, and decided to send her a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Although the sweet gesture was definitely appreciated, his wife probably felt that it was unnecessary and she loved him regardless of his weight. At least Jim felt comfortable in his own skin.

Ulterior Motives

Men can be very crafty in getting what they want without specifically saying it, and this man used a love note which contained an underlying, sneaky message. Whether there really was a nasty looking spider in the closet, we’re not sure, but it sure was a great way to have his wife run around the house shaking out all of the clothes, while wearing none of them. Either way, we hope she caught that lurking spider eventually.

Art Is Love

Wes must be one little catch. His secret admirer decided to prove her love in the best way she knew how. In creating this masterpiece, Wes could truly understand how his lover truly felt about him, putting her heart and her creativity into an adorable little card. Love is so innocent at this age, and it is heartwarming that love could be proved by drawing a heart. Everyone had a first crush, and this little girl set her sights on Wes.

Toddler Tactics

Kids might be innocent, but they are actually much smarter than you would think. When it comes to getting what they want, toddlers know tactics of guilt, bribery and gaining sympathy all too well. Little Belle expressed her love for her mom in a heartwarming note, adding that she wishes she could cuddle her all day. Belle then spoke of how she couldn’t as she was forced to go to school. It’s very clear that Belle was trying to get off school, nice try.

Competing For Love

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to relationships, and this man decided to tell his partner that she was hands down his favorite human. His statement might have been true, and she was his favorite person, but when you bring animals into the equation, it became more complicated, and she was not the all-out winner. We wouldn’t be too sad if we lost the top spot to a dog, they really are the best.

Wonder Woman

They say a picture says a thousand words, but in this case, a lego is worth a thousand smiles. This lucky lady came home to find that her boyfriend had left her a very simple note, which made for a huge compliment, showing his love to her. Wonder Woman represents a strong, resilient, powerful and fearless woman and being likened to her is one of the best compliments out there. It takes very little to make someone smile, and this was simply adorable.


When you’re young, love is so simple, and there are no complications. You can find love with the smallest of things, and it doesn’t take a lot for kids to throw the ‘L’ word around. This little girl was delighted to find that her crush, Joel, had found a heart-shaped cornflake and left it for her as a testament to his love for her. It might have just been a piece of cereal, but it was the thought that counts and she probably cherished it forever.

The Shapeshifter

Love can make you do crazy things, but young Ian took it to new levels when he confessed his love for Becca. Ian was so nervous to give the note to Becca that he seemed to imagine that there’s was a chance he had turned into a chicken and run away. At the bottom of the letter, Ian asked Becca if his feelings were reciprocated and thankfully, Becca put a heart in his “yes” box. We really hope Ian stayed in human form to appreciate the response.

People express their love in many different ways, some are more heartfelt, and others are unique. This must have been an inside joke with this bacon loving couple as one boyfriend decided to tell his other half that she grew on him like the bacteria Yersinia Enterocolitica. Seeing as the bacteria can make you very sick, we’re not sure if this was a compliment or a put-down. If she got the joke and appreciated it then more power to them.

Raccoon Love

Doing the smallest deed can make someone very happy, and one little boy was relieved to find out that his raccoon was in the exact condition that he had been left. He was so happy about it that he decided to leave his mom an adorable note, thanking her for feeding the raccoon and keeping him in good health. As a mother, you can’t help but laugh and appreciate your child’s imagination. At least he said thank you!

Best Of All Time

This is one of the cutest love letters that we have seen. Not only did Kelsey refer to herself as “Ms. Kelsey-Tait,” but she also addressed her boyfriend, Ben, as “Mr. Ben Sir.” She proceeded to call Ben the “best boyfriend ever” and calling him awesome, adding that he makes her “paralyzed with adoration.” While we’re not sure where she came up with concepts, they are incredibly imaginative and expressive. We really hope these two lasted and Kelsey’s heart wasn’t shattered.

Not-So Private Moments

There are some moments that you should just be left alone to go about your business. Sitting on the toilet is one of those moments that everyone is entitled to. However, this girlfriend didn’t appreciate that her boyfriend had gone off for a moment alone and the distance hurt her so much that she decided to write a note to tell him how much she missed him. While this might be cute, it is also borderline obsessive.

Sugar, Sugar

Some love notes are so simple, yet very thoughtful and effective. When this boyfriend saw a packet of sugar sitting on the table in a restaurant, he couldn’t resist using it to tell his girlfriend how he felt about her. Perhaps he was listening to the Maroon 5 song “Sugar” which resonated with him and resulted in him leaving a note to his woman. There’s no doubt this made her smile, it was short and sweet, just like sugar.

Foodie Lover

For many people, food is the way to the heart. Delicious food can really change someone’s day from a bad one to a great one. People underestimate the power of food, and what better way to make someone smile but putting a loving note on their plate of food? When this woman was served up some Mexican delicacies, her other half wrote “Te Amo,” to inject some love into the meal. If it were true love, he would have cleared up her plate after too!

Three’s A Crowd

Robert sounds like the classic man who wants the best of both worlds and can’t choose between Tracey or Roben. However, if this was Robert’s attempt at a love letter to Tracey he failed miserably as this was more of a mind game than anything else. We can only hope that Roben stopped liking him and saw that he would never be able to commit to her. Robert sure has a lot of growing up to do.

Falling To Pieces

Whether this was a practical joke or retaliation, we’re not sure, but this prank is simple yet very effective. The vast majority of the time, you don’t walk into the bathroom and look to see if there is any paper, you just go about your business. This girlfriend kindly left her other half just two shreds of toilet paper, but she made sure to show her loving nature with a smiley face. Better look next time, brother!

Planning For The Future

Caty knew exactly what she wanted in her future, and Steven was a big part of it. She decided to write him a love letter, which was more of a life plan, to express how she felt and how their lives would pan out. We hope that Steven reciprocated Caty’s feelings otherwise she is in for a nasty shock and should prepare for a broken heart at such a young age. We can’t blame Caty for going after what she wants.

Don’t Go Bacon My Heart

Some women want diamonds and pearls and luxury items, but this woman was much more simple than that. Her boyfriend knew exactly how to pull on her heartstrings, so he prepared her fresh bacon for breakfast. His note that read “…and they say you can’t prove that love exists,” says it all, and it is the little things that can really make a relationship. This one is a keeper and breakfast in bed doesn’t hurt.

Pleading For Prom

It looks like Ted had got himself in a lot of trouble and was pleading for forgiveness. Despite his letter to Allyssa being genuine and emotional as he told her “I love you more than I have ever loved anyone else,” Allyssa was not falling for his words. She completely shut down his request to go to prom together and crossed out his illustration of the two of them together. Allyssa’s drawing of her hitting him and calling him an “A**whole” pretty much said it all!

Evil Wife

This wife was incredibly brave to prank her husband by placing a piece of insulation tape over the TV remote sensor so that it wouldn’t work. What this husband did to deserve this we’re not sure but it was absolutely hilarious on the wife’s part, we can’t even begin to imagine how frustrating this was. Nevertheless, her loving letter to her husband explaining the confusion made up for it all, and her “I love you” made everything ok (we’d hope!)

Everlasting Love

Ike proved that true love never dies when he wrote his wife this adorable note. Ike was simply giving his wife back her glasses, having lost them, but then took the opportunity to tell her how much he loved her and she was “more than [he] could have hoped for.” Ike’s wife must have seen the funny side of the note and appreciated her husband’s way of telling her that he had found her glasses. We hope that we have a marriage like this one.

Casserole For Days

Some letters aren’t overtly loving and expressive of feelings but they say things that give you sheer happiness and joy. This husband was left a note by his wife that there were only two more nights left of eating casserole for dinner. Upon seeing the note, he was overjoyed after eating casserole for what seemed like weeks. He couldn’t have loved his wife more at that moment if he tried. We wonder what the non-casserole dinner was?

Full Refrigerator

It’s the small things in life that go a long way. Everyone knows the amazing feeling of coming home to a full refrigerator after someone went grocery shopping. This wife not only went and stocked up the refrigerator and pantry, but she also went the extra mile and made a chocolate cake with the words “I bought groceries” written on the cake. There is no doubt she had a very husband that night, and the best wife award goes to her.

Accidental Love Letter

While this isn’t a direct love letter, the irony of it is quite funny. One husband thought to do something sweet for his wife and write her a love letter and leave it on her car, which she would see in the morning. However, in his tiredness, the husband was not concentrating and placed the letter on his neighbor’s car instead! To avoid the awkwardness, he wrote another letter to the neighbor explaining the confusion and admitting he was not in love with them.

I Want It All

The holidays are a romantic and loving time of the year. It is an excuse to be with the people closest to you and your loved ones. This woman decided to tell her boyfriend “all I want for Christmas is to be loved by you.” However, the adorable message was accompanied by another line that said: “Still, you better get me something.” Unfortunately, sometimes love is not enough and people need material goods to complete them. We hope it was a joke!

Tough Love

Whether this can be considered a love letter, we’re not really sure, but we do hope that it was intended to be a prank! Nevertheless, teens can show their love in awkward and unusual ways so if this was a way to get this girls attention, it certainly worked. Despite it being quite a morbid way to tell someone that you like them, at least they get free candy. We’re intrigued as to whether these two ended up together.

Love By Bribe

Having a crush that doesn’t like you back can be very hard for a child to understand. In most cases, these kids don’t really understand being turned down, so they persist until they get their way. This boy pursued his crush by chasing her outside, something that she was understandably petrified of, but he then wrote her a cute yet creepy letter. He promised that he would stop chasing her if she agreed to like him. We’re not sure how that one works?!

Over-caring Wife

After you are married to someone for a long time, there are very few boundaries, and you can pretty much say anything to the other person without them batting an eyelid. Niki was being a loving, caring wife when she wrote her husband a good luck letter. After wishing him the best of luck, she couldn’t resist but mother him and suggested that he should eat before he left, drank lots of water, not to mention make a visit to the bathroom. He’s a big boy Niki!

Creative Crush

Some love letters contain a few words and get to the point rather quickly. However, this guy decided to use his creative side in getting his crush to answer a few questions regarding their relationship status. Through giving her a few options, all with illustrations, he was able to figure out what she liked and what she wanted with him. He gets an A+ for effort, this was truly one of the best love notes we have seen, purely because of how much he thought about it.

Random Thoughts

Sometimes in love, you just don’t know how to express your feelings, so you just come up with pretty much anything apart from that. This looks like it happened to Ema as she tried to tell Avi that she liked him, but instead made a joke about salt hurting when a recipe called for a pinch of it. Let’s hope Avi took the hint from the very random message and realized that Ema was crushing on him. Young love is just so complicated.

Heartbroken Harrell

Poor Harrell, he is absolutely heartbroken and resorted to being depressed at home while listening to Simple Plan. Teens can be so dramatic and often use phrases like “I just don’t understand why I can’t find anyone to be happy with,” when they get rejected by a crush. While it might seem like the biggest thing in the world to them at the moment, they always look back an laugh in hindsight. It probably wasn’t the best idea to send this note to his crush, though.