Multi-Function Wallet Helps You Manage Cards, Cash & More


With digital payments phasing out more traditional methods such as card and cash, the wallet is becoming more and more of a luxury with each day. However, this new design might make it essential once again.

wallet 5

In what can only be described as Inspector Gadget brought to life, we are blessed to live in an age where multi-functionality is something that can be found in day-to-day devices.

From the original multi-purpose tool, the Swiss army knife, to machines such as printer-scanners, the list keeps growing and growing. The most recent example is a new wallet, designed by aiia’s CLIPPY.

Not only is this wallet magnetic, but it also slides into the smallest of pockets, and has a variety of purposes that make it an indispensable tool. These include traditional functions you’d come to expect from a wallet such as storing cash and cards.

wallet 1

However, the CLIPPY allows you to fit your headphones neatly inside as well. It can also work as a paperclip or a bookmark. Moreover, if you are one who likes to fidget, then this is the perfect toy for you.

Another feature of the device allows one to stand it up so that you can watch videos on your phone without needing to hold it upright. These might seem like little things, but when you think about it, they actually go a long way.

The wallet is also available in a variety of colors, so that the owner is able to customize the gadget to their personal preferences. The nifty gadget was designed by Ivan Shmatko for product company aiia.

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One of the most useful features of the CLIPPY is its adaptability when it comes to shifting the magnet into different positions. For those individuals who like to be constantly on the move, while also traveling light, this is the perfect way to store some of your most valuable possessions.