Pictures Of The Royal Family Acting Particularly Un-Royal


While you might think that they simply do as they please, travel to wherever they want, and live a life of luxury, it’s actually quite difficult to be in the royal bloodline. The royal family is extremely noble. They are always in the public’s eye and can never have even the slightest of slip-ups. Because they never know who might be watching, it’s important for members of the royal family always to appear reserved, classy, respectable, and elegant. It’s important for us to remember, however, that each member of the royal family, is actually just a regular person born into royal circumstances. With this in mind, we’ve put together a hilarious list of rare un-royal moments caught on camera. Join us as we explore this hilarious collection of photographs.

Long Hair, Don’t Care

The wind was just a bit much for the Duchess of Cambridge on this afternoon. Unfortunately, a cameraman captured the exact moment when Kate attempted to blow her hair out of her face, leading to this hilariously-timed photo.


As Kate can attest, contrary to popular belief, it’s not easy being a member of the royal family!

Admiring The Arts

There’s really no activity more royal than a trip to the museum to admire some classy works of modern art. Unfortunately, a cameraman caught Prince Charles admiring this sculpture just a bit too much.


While Camilla seems to be enjoying herself and taking in this masterpiece, the Prince of Wales has a look of pure confusion on his face. Perhaps he was just reading information about the artist, or maybe this royal couple has more of a taste for abstract artwork.

Flawless Technique

One of the biggest reasons why Prince William chose Kate Middleton to become the Duchess of Cambridge is for her incredible athletic abilities. While she never managed to make it to the big leagues, Kate has always been a fan of the great game of Cricket and has maintained her impeccable form, as demonstrated in this photograph.


Even though she’s not exactly dressed in the traditional Cricket attire, she still manages to make it look easy; high heels and all.

Making Momma Proud

Prince Harry has always been a bit of a wild child. Even when he was just a kid, he was wreaking all kinds of havoc. All Princess Diana wanted was one decent photo with her two sons, with all three royal family members wearing matching green outfits.


Unfortunately, the young royal prince had other plans in mind. He maintained a smile until just one moment before the camera flashed. Then, at the last possible second, he pulled this silly face.

Temper Tantrum

Even though Prince Harry has grown up quite a bit, he has always held onto his boyish charm. While most members of the royal family try their best to maintain a professional and composed appearance in public, Harry does what he wants.


In this photo, we see Harry during a visit with some elementary school children. The royal prince is evidently upset about the unfortunate weather and decides to throw the royal version of a temper tantrum in from of the kids.

Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

Even the royal family enjoys a nice ugly sweater family photo for their annual Christmas cards. Queen Elizabeth II chose to wear a lovely ensemble with a magnificent sweater featuring a picture of one of her very own royal corgis.


Meanwhile, instead of simply matching, Prince William and Kate Middleton decided to show off their holiday cheer by wearing a sweater big enough for two as they stand next to Harry, who was flying solo back when this photo was taken.


Prince Harry has always taken sports very seriously. After Harry and his polo team took home the victory, he decided to add insult to injury and spit water onto his losing opponent while holding the trophy he just won.


Even though it probably wasn’t the best look for a member of the royal family to be caught in the middle of a seemingly-unsportsmanlike act like this, Harry would later apologize, saying that it was all in good fun.


No one has ever had more fun participating in archery than the Duchess of Cambridge. As soon as she lifted the bow and arrow, Kate Middleton knew that shooting a bow and arrow was her calling. After a few warm-up shots, Kate shot a bullseye.


She simply couldn’t contain her excitement, and let out a royal fit of laughter. Kate was so excited about her new-found love for archery that Prince William needed to physically drag her away from the archery range.


Prince Harry got a little bit too rowdy while watching a football match with some of his buddies. All he wanted was for his team to call a time-out. He shouted and even signaled for a time-out with his hands.


Unfortunately, he was sitting in the box-seats, so his yelling fell on deaf ears, and his team didn’t manage to call for a timeout in time. They ended up losing the match by just one goal.

A Magical Photo

Even the royal family has a wild obsession with J.K. Rowling’s popular book and movie series, Harry Potter. When William, Kate Middleton, and Harry took the famous Harry Potter tour in London, they couldn’t resist the opportunity to capture this magical photo.


With wands in hand, these royal goofballs posed as if they were casting a disarming spell on Voldemort. Just before this photo was captured, Prince Harry actually shouted “EXPELLIARMUS!” at the top of his lungs.

Snack Time

It turns out that Prince William is a huge animal lover. During his last visit to the royal petting zoo, the Duke of Cambridge couldn’t pass up the opportunity to feed a giraffe.


The zookeeper handed him a tasty carrot and warned him to be careful of the giraffe’s teeth. William held out the carrot and called for the giraffe to eat. The giraffe bent down, stretched out its long tongue and gently took the royal carrot from William.

Save The Last Dance

Prince Harry is highly involved in various charity projects in Jamaica. During one of his many visits to his favorite island country, Harry heard music and simply couldn’t control his urge to dance.


He decided to join some of the locals in their celebrations by busting a royal move. Just about everyone in attendance was surprised with Harry’s impressive dancing abilities. After all, it’s not every day you see a member of the royal family cut loose.


This moment, captured during the very long Queen’s Jubilee ceremony, proves that even members of the royal family struggle to stay attentive during prolonged speeches or lectures. We’ve all been there before.


You’re sitting in a college lecture, and all of a sudden you notice your eyelids start to feel heavy as you begin to doze off. It’s pretty clear to us that Harry, William, and Kate were all feeling the exhaustion during this lengthy speech.

Keeping The Queen Entertained

This photo was captured during the 2010 Braemar Highland Games. While observing the unique track and field style event, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles clearly got a kick out of something that happened down on the field.


Perhaps one of the runners competing in the 400 meters took a comical spill. He may have lost both the race, as well as his pride, but at least he was able to provide the Queen of England and Prince of Wales with some entertainment.


Prince Harry simply has a way with kids. Whether he’s posing for funny photos, volunteering, or participating in kids’ sports games, Harry always has a smile on his face from ear to ear.


In this photo, we see Harry taking on a group of children in a non-contact game of rugby. Even though he’s playing against a bunch of 10-year-olds, Harry maintains his competitive nature, and we would expect nothing less from someone in line for the throne!

Bolting To The Throne

Harry’s connection to Jamaica runs much deeper than his charity work. The royal prince is also good friends with many Jamaican natives, including the record-setting Olympian track athlete, Usain Bolt.


One day, Harry and Bolt decided to visit the track for an impromptu training session in front of a crowd. The two even raced against each other in a 100-meter sprint and Bolt won by just a few strides. Did we mention that Harry had a 50-meter head-start?

Cold Feet

Kate Middleton must have gotten cold feet on her wedding day. Either that or the pressure of marrying into the royal family was just too much for her, as she fell to the floor for a brief moment while the newly-weds were posing for photos.


Meanwhile, the poor flower girl was so overwhelmed by what was going on that she needed to cover her ears. Luckily, Kate’s husband, Prince William, was there to help her back to her feet.

But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

Usually, Queen Elizabeth II isn’t a fan of taking selfies. But ever since she downloaded the latest version of Snapchat, and discovered the dog filter, her attitude about selfies has done a complete 180.

When this young brit wanted to take a selfie with the Queen, her Majesty requested just one thing- put the dog filter on. Now it’s only a matter of time before this kid’s dog-filter selfie with the queen makes its rounds on the internet.

Bustin’ A Royal Move

When Prince William and Prince Harry visited Lesotho on a charity trip, Harry decided to teach his big brother a thing or two about dancing. Soon enough, Prince Seeiso of Lesotho decided to join in on the dance lesson, hoping that some of Prince Harry’s swagger would rub off on him.


William still has a ways to go before his skills are up to par with his younger brother, but the Duke of Cambridge is a work in progress.

Harry Takes A Tumble

Many people don’t know this about Prince Harry, but the sixth heir to the throne is actually an incredibly talented polo player. In June 2010, Harry competed in the Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic on Governor’s Island in New York.


While he put on an impressive performance and his team did extraordinarily well in the tournament, this embarrassing photo, which shows Harry falling off his horse as onlookers laugh from the sidelines, made it to the internet and went viral.

The Royal Cringe

While Kate Middleton usually appears elegant and composed, this photo clearly took the Duchess of Cambridge off guard. Unfortunately for Kate, she had just eaten a very sour piece of candy right before she was asked to pose for some pictures.


Without any time to compose herself, Kate was forced to do her best to pull it together for the camera. She tried to smile, and this awkward photo was the result. Ever since, Kate has avoided eating sour candy while in public.


Prince Harry couldn’t resist this opportunity to strike a silly pose while meeting this adorable baby. While most members of the royal family would simply offer a greeting and a semi-reserved smile, Harry prefers to play by his own set of rules.


The young prince clearly has a soft spot for kids. This is most likely because, deep down, he’s just a big kid himself, as demonstrated by the hilarious face he put on for this photo.

Blowing Off Some Steam

Prince Harry was in good cheer after graduating from military school. He was in such a good mood, in fact, that he decided to start his celebrations early and blow this air horn as he was leaving the ceremony.


Harry didn’t even offer a warning to anyone around him before doing so. Luckily, all of the citizens in attendance were so star-struck from seeing the royal prince in person that they barely even noticed the loud piercing noise from the air horn.

Mirror Image

Who could forget this adorable scene? While enjoying a basketball game, Prince Harry noticed that a little girl sitting to his right was discreetly eating from his popcorn as he spoke with some friends. At first, Harry ignored the girl’s snacking.


Then he began to jokingly pull his popcorn away every time she reached for more. When the little girl became upset with Prince Harry, he turned to his signature funny faces. Luckily, the whole ordeal was captured on video.

King Of The Photobomb

He might be a royal prince, but it our book, Harry is the king of funny faces. In this photo, we see Prince Harry showing off yet another one of his many talents- his impressive ability to photobomb.


While attending a rugby tournament in Glasgow, Harry noticed someone taking a photo with Gordon Tietjens, coach of the New Zealand rugby sevens team. In a split second, Harry saw and seized the opportunity to execute a flawless photobomb. This was the result.

Say Cheese

In recent years, Kate Middleton has mastered the art of taking proper and elegant photographs. This picture, however, was taken long before she had perfected her royal smile.


There was a pretty steep learning curve for the Duchess of Cambridge, but luckily, Queen Elizabeth II was able to show her a thing or two about what it means to be a member of the royal family. These days, Kate takes nothing but flawless photographs alongside Prince William and the rest of the royal family.

Crazy For Cupcakes

This photo shows exactly why we love Prince Harry so much. Even though he may be a proud member of the royal family, Harry is also just a regular guy who happens to have quite the sweet tooth.


During the moment this photo was captured, Harry simply couldn’t contain his excitement over this plate of delicious frosted cupcakes. Can you blame him though? Those tasty treats truly look like they were baked for royalty. Hopefully, Harry shared some with Prince William!

Pulling Her By A String

Prince William may have thought he was subtly trying to get his wife’s attention when he gently tugged on the lanyard holding her name tag that encircled her neck, but the gentle motion failed to produce the desired outcome.

As William tugged again, a little harder this time, Kate reacted with humor, showing to the entire audience, as well as the camera, that she noticed what he was doing and he wasn’t going to get away with it unscathed.

Birds Of A Feather

You might expect Prince Charles to be well acquainted with birds of prey, given that falconry has traditionally been a royal pastime. Clearly though, Charles was startled by the bird taking flight, and he was captured leaning back in surprise as the majestic bird extended its massive wings.

Hawks and falcons are nothing to bat an eye at, of course, with massive talons that can crush through bones. Charles definitely didn’t want to get in the way of this bird!

Mining Precious Gems

While Queen Elizabeth II is known for her steadfast composure, even in the face of difficult times, it doesn’t mean she can’t have more human moments now and again.

As everyone has surely experienced, sometimes you just have an itch that needs to be scratched, and even a queen may succumb to that urge time and again. The real surprise is that someone as composed as the Queen doesn’t have a royal hankie on hand at all times.

Sleeping In State

Queen Elizabeth may almost always be on high alert when making public appearances, but being a prince hasn’t stopped her eldest son from falling asleep regularly at state functions.

Elizabeth is looking at Charles with the kind of resigned disappointment only a mother can have for a child she knows won’t ever change. Given that Charles won’t be able to drift off if he sits in the throne in his own right, he might want to work on this habit now.

Let’s Take A Selfie

Prince Charles hasn’t exactly mastered the art of technology like his two sons have, but that doesn’t mean he can’t laugh at the silly pictures the boys show him from time to time.

Luckily, Charles has a good sense of humor when the pictures they show him happen to be funny snapshots of the elder prince himself. William especially found this photo hilarious, but Charles realized it would have been more enjoyable if he’d brought his glasses.

A Long Night

As we are all well aware of, no matter how beautiful someone may be, they’re bound to take an unflattering photo or two. Kate Middleton learned this lesson the hard way. Back in her college days, the Duchess of Cambridge was already surrounded by attention from the media.


On this night, she was feeling particularly exhausted from a long evening of studying and really wasn’t in the mood to take a photograph for the paparazzi. Unfortunately, they had other plans.

Turn That Frown Upside Down

This photo was taken all the way back in 2005 following the marriage blessing for Prince Charles and Camilla at St George’s Chapel in Windsor. It appears as though Prince Harry is giving Queen Elizabeth II his best impression of his father, the Prince of Wales.


Of course, everything was done in good fun, and it seems that the Queen even got a kick out of it. Harry’s silly faces always manage to put a smile on our faces!

The Royal Appetite

We all have those foods that we simply cannot tolerate. Even just the sight of them causes us to feel queasy. It turns out that the Queen of England is just as repulsed by the food she doesn’t like as the rest of us.


When Queen Elizabeth was offered the two foods she hates most in the world; this was her response. She didn’t even need to tell her butlers to send them back because her facial expression said it all.