Incredible Transformations of Teen Mom Stars Through the Years


Farrah Abraham – Then

The controversial figure first appeared in the spotlight during season one of 16 and Pregnant. At the age of 17, Farrah Abraham became pregnant with her daughter, Sophia. Throughout the show, Abraham struggled with the death of her ex-boyfriend, Derek Underwood, as well as her complex relationship with her mother, Debra Danielsen.

Farrah Abraham Teen Mom

Farrah Abraham – Now

After making recurring appearances in multiple seasons of Teen Mom, Abraham has also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, Couples Therapy, and Being Farrah. She launched her own pasta sauce line, “Mom & Me”, and released a memoir and a studio album titled My Teenage Dream Ended in August 2012. She later went on to release another single, Blowin’. In 2017, Abraham appeared on yet another MTV show, Single AF.

Farrah Abraham Teen Mom

Maci McKinney – Then

Maci McKinney, formerly known as Maci Bookout, first appeared on the show 16 and Pregnant with her then-boyfriend Ryan Edwards. The Tennessee native gave birth to her first child with Edwards in October 2008 while filming the show. Throughout her pregnancy, McKinney’s ex-fiancé remained indifferent towards the upcoming baby. After having given birth to son Bentley Cadence Edwards, McKinney did most of the parenting, which put a strain on her relationship with Edwards and forced the pair to break off their engagement in 2010.

Maci Bookout Teen Mom

Maci McKinney – Now

After appearing on 16 and Pregnant, McKinney starred in the show’s spinoff series, Teen Mom, appearing in all seven seasons. After giving birth to her first child, McKinney began dating now-husband Taylor McKinney in 2012 and had two more kids. McKinney gave birth to her first daughter with Taylor, Jayde Carter McKinney, in May 2015. Shortly after, the pair got engaged and announced that they were pregnant with their second child, Maverick Reed McKinney. In October 2016, Maci and Taylor were married in Greenville, Florida, and the two have remained together since.

Maci McKinney Teen Mom

Catelynn Baltierra – Then

While on the show, Catelynn Baltierra, formerly known as Catelynn Lowell, struggled a lot with her teen pregnancy. After much hard thought and deliberation, Baltierra thought it would be best to give her daughter up for adoption instead of keeping it. Throughout the show, Baltierra showed the struggles of coming to terms with being a “birth mother”, as well as receiving her family’s support. Baltierra and her then-boyfriend, Tyler Baltierra, moved in with his mother and later got engaged.

Catelynn Baltierra Teen Mom

Catelynn Baltierra – Now

Baltierra returned for 16 and Pregnant‘s spin-off series, Teen Mom. She also appeared in season 3 of the show Couples Therapy with her husband, Tyler. On January 1, 2015, Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra welcomed their second daughter, NovaLee Reign. Later that year, they were married in August 2015. Since giving her first child up for adoption, Baltierra went on to publish a book, Conquering Chaos, in March 2015, and starred in her own MTV show, Reunited, which depicted adoptive children reuniting with their birth families.

Catelynn Baltierra Teen Mom

Amber Portwood – Then

During the first season of 16 and Pregnant, Amber Portwood became pregnant by her boyfriend, Gary Shirley. In November 2008, 18-year-old Portwood gave birth to her first child, Leah Leann Shirley. Following her birth, Portwood struggled with parenthood and resorted to domestic abuse and drug abuse. She assaulted Gary Shirley on camera, which sparked a comprehensive investigation. The new mom was also caught with possession of a controlled substance and was later charged with two felonies. She was sentenced to five years in prison.

Amber Portwood Teen Mom

Amber Portwood – Now

In December 2013, about a year and a half after beginning her prison sentence, Amber Portwood appeared on the show Dr. Phil and announced that she had been released from prison early due to good behavior. She now has her GED and is sober, and has been granted visitation rights for her daughter with Gary Shirley. Portwood is now expecting her second child later in 2018 with boyfriend Andrew Glennon, whom she met on the show Marriage Boot Camp.

Amber Portwood Teen Mom

Jenelle Eason – Then

Jenelle Eason, known on the show as Jenelle Evans, is the typical “party girl”. Though she eventually broke up with her ex-boyfriend on the show after he was arrested multiple times, she still gave birth to and kept their son, Jace Vahn Evans. Eason relied heavily on her mother for support and care for the child while she continued to party. Eason later appeared again on Teen Mom 2 and gave her mother temporary custody of her son, Jace.

Jenelle Evans Teen Mom

Jenelle Eason – Now

Since Eason left the show, her mother, Barbara, has been granted full custody of her eldest son, Jace. Eason dated Nathan Griffith for two years and gave birth to her second son, Kaiser Griffith, in 2014. In 2016, she met David Eason, with whom she had a daughter in January 2017. By February, the couple was engaged and they married in September later that year. Currently, Jenelle is seeking to form a relationship with estranged son Jace, and is on the verge of being fired from Teen Mom 2.

Jenelle Evans Teen Mom

Chelsea DeBoer – Then

During season 2 of 16 and Pregnant, Chelsea DeBoer endured a stressful and chaotic relationship with then-boyfriend Adam Lind. After their daughter, Aubree, was born, Lind became extremely distant from DeBoer and their child. Despite Lind’s manipulative behavior, DeBoer and Lind remained on-again-off-again through 2012, when the pair was seen on Teen Mom 2. The two engaged in a long custody battle over daughter Aubree, which resulted in bimonthly, supervised visits for Lind, who was charged with four counts of domestic assault.

Chelsea Houska Teen Mom

Chelsea DeBoer – Now

Chelsea met her current husband, Cole DeBoer, in 2014. The couple wed in October 2016, and welcomed their son, Watson Cole DeBoer, in January 2017. Earlier in 2018, DeBoer took to Instagram to announce the pregnancy of her third child, this time a girl, with a sweet sonogram and the caption “Look at those little feet. Pretty girl.” DeBoer is due in September. Meanwhile, ex-boyfriend Adam Lind has recently been arrested for violating a stalking protection order and was put behind bars.

Kailyn Lowry – Then

Kailyn Lowry was first introduced on season two of 16 and Pregnant. 16-year-old Lowry of Nazareth, Pennsylvania, was pregnant by her then-boyfriend, Jonathan “Jo” Rivera. Throughout her pregnancy, she struggled with the bad relationship she had with her own family and had to seek the help and support of Rivera’s family. In January 2010, she gave birth to their son, Isaac Elliot Rivera, but split up with Jonathan shortly after. In 2011, Kailyn was selected to appear on Teen Mom 2.

Kailyn Lowry 16 and Pregnant

Kailyn Lowry – Now

Since starring on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2, Kailyn Lowry has published a children’s book titled Love is Bubblegum, in which she explains the meaning of love. She married Javi Marroquin in 2013, with whom she had her second son, Lincoln Marshall. The couple divorced in 2016, and Lowry has since moved on and had her third son, Lux Russell, in August 2017. Lowry also attendedthe University of Delaware and graduated that same year. She is now dating her girlfriend Dominique Potter.

Kailyn Lowry 16 and Pregnant

Leah Messer – Then

On season two of 16 and Pregnant, Leah Messer became pregnant by her boyfriend of only one month, Corey Simms. The couple welcomed twin girls, Aliannah “Ali” Hope and Aleeah Grace Simms in December 2009. Throughout 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2, Messer struggles to maintain a relationship with Simms. After breaking up due to Messer’s infidelity, the couple got back together and married in October 2010. One year later, cheating rumors resurfaced and the couple divorced.

Leah Calvert 16 and Pregnant

Leah Messer – Now

Messer went on to marry Jeremy Calvert in 2012, with whom she had her third child, Adalynn “Addie” Faith. The couple divorced in 2015, and Messer is currently single. Recently, Messer has sparked controversy and has gained tremendous media scrutiny following her involvement in her Teen Mom co-stars’ feud. Messer went behind Briana DeJesus’s back and reported to Kailyn Lowry that she was planning a vacation with Lowry’s ex-husband, Javi Marroquin. Fans of the series have called Messer an instigator, though she continues to defend herself.

Briana DeJesus – Then

Briana DeJesus appeared on season four of 16 and Pregnant, as well as on Teen Mom 2, and Teen Mom 3. At the age of 17, DeJesus was pregnant by her ex-boyfriend, Devoin Austin II, who was extremely uninterested in the baby and was unwilling to provide support for his new family. Briana gave birth to a baby girl, who she named Nova Star DeJesus, in September 2011, and the show showed her struggling to cope with the hardships of raising a baby alone.

Briana DeJesus 16 and Pregnant

Briana DeJesus – Now

In July of 2017, Briana DeJesus gave birth to her second daughter, who she named Stella Star, with her boyfriend at the time, Luis Hernández. Briana has since been linked to her co-star Kailyn Lowry’s ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, which has created lots of tension and drama among the cast members, sparked nasty rumors, and caused physical fights on national television. She now claims to have broken things off with Marroquin, and she accused him of sending her threatening text messages.

Briana DeJesus 16 and Pregnant 2018

Debra Danielsen – Then

Debra Danielsen first caught the attention of millions for her tumultuous relationship with daughter Farrah Abraham on 16 and Pregnant. The two clashed many times throughout the show, and Danielsen’s parenting skills were often put into question. After appearing on multiple seasons of Teen Mom, Danielsen went on the show Couples Therapy in 2013 alongside her daughter, where they focused on reconciling their differences and fixing their broken relationship. She has also been interviewed about her daughter on Dr. Phil.

Debra Danielsen 16 and Pregnant

Debra Danielsen – Now

After filming 16 and Pregnant, Debra Danielsen enrolled in the University of Nebraska Omaha, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude in business administration and proceeded to pursue an Executive Masters of Business Administration. In 2012, Danielsen launched S’Imaginer, Foods Inc., and later launched a website,, detailing her homemade Italian recipes. Danielsen also starred in MTV’s television special, Being Debra, and has since released three singles. In December 2014, Danielsen published a book titled Vapor. It seems she’s really turned her life around!

Debra Danielsen Farrah Abraham Teen Mom

Tyler Baltierra – Then

Tyler Baltierra is most likely recognized by fans of the series as Catelynn Lowell’s long-time boyfriend and her current husband. The two made their first appearance together as a couple on 16 and Pregnant, where they made the extremely tough decision of giving their baby up for adoption. Baltierra is a fan favorite, as he is the only father from the original series who has actually remained with his high school sweetheart until today, while the rest of the dads eventually left their families.

Tyler Baltierra 16 and Pregnant

Tyler Baltierra – Now

After many years of dating, Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell officially tied the knot on Teen Mom in 2015. The couple has remained together ever since, despite recent divorce rumors. The pair has taken to Instagram to shut those rumors down, each posting a loving picture together with sweet captions and heart emojis. Catelynn has even said she wants to have another baby. However, rumors continue to swirl that there might be trouble in paradise for the Teen Mom favorites.

Tyler Catelynn Baltierra Wedding Teen Mom

Ebony Jackson – Then

Ebony Jackson first appeared on season one of 16 and Pregnant with her then-fiancé Josh Rendon. The two had plans to join the air force together, only to be thwarted by an unexpected pregnancy. Jackson and Rendon decided to keep the baby but had trouble moving forward with their lives after Jackson gave birth. She gave birth to their baby girl, Jocelyn Jade Rendon, in April 2009. She was not selected to continue on to the Teen Mom series.

Ebony Jackson Josh 16 and Pregnant

Ebony Jackson – Now

After the show, Ebony Jackson and Josh Rendon married. In 2011, they were arrested for endangering the welfare of a child and lost custody of their daughter, Jocelyn. After eventually regaining custody, the couple welcomed their second daughter, Jayda Jewel Rendon, in October 2012. Jackson and Rendon divorced in 2013, and Rendon gained sole custody of their two kids. In 2015, Ebony gave birth to her third daughter, Jaelyn Zoria Baldrick, with ex-fiancé James Baldrick. She is now single.

Ebony Jackson Josh 16 and Pregnant

Whitney Purvis – Then

Whitney Purvis was first introduced on season one of 16 and Pregnant with her boyfriend at the time, Weston Lewis Gosa. The couple was living at her grandmother’s house in Rome, Georgia, while she was expecting. During her pregnancy, Purvis dropped out of high school and faced many financial struggles. She gave birth to her first son, Weston Lewis Gosa Jr., in April 2009, and had another son with Gosa in October 2014. The couple separated shortly after, and Gosa remarried in 2016.

Whitney Purvis 16 and Pregnant

Whitney Purvis – Now

Since filming the show, Whitney Purvis received her GED and enrolled in nursing school. At one point, Purvis and ex-boyfriend Weston Gosa were arrested for multiple offenses, including criminal trespassing, driving on a suspended license, and stealing a pregnancy test from Walmart. Purvis has also landed in jail for assaulting Gosa with a metal broom handle. In 2012, Purvis has vowed that she would stay away from jail and was last seen linked to new boyfriend Keith in 2015.

Whitney Purvis 16 and Pregnant

Dr. Drew Pinsky – Then

Throughout the all the seasons of 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom, and Teen Mom 2, Dr. Drew plays a recurring role as a host for the show’s post-filming talk-show style specials. He hosted reunion episodes “Life After Labor” and “Where Are They Now?” in 16 and Pregnant, where he discusses the girls’ lives since the show ended. He also hosted specials for Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, in which he checks up on the girls and shows never-before-seen moments.

Dr. Drew Pinsky

Dr. Drew Pinsky – Now

Aside from hosting 16 and Pregnant, Dr. Drew Pinsky was a media personality on many other television shows. The practicing physician and celebrity doctor hosted the radio talk show Loveline for its entirety, as well as Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, On Call with Dr. Drew, and Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers. He also appeared in movies such as New York Minute and Sharknado: The 4th Awakens. Pinsky has triplets with his wife of almost 30 years – Douglas, Jordan, and Paulina.

Dr. Drew Pinsky

Mackenzie Mckee – Then

Mackenzie Mckee, then known as Douthit, was first featured on 16 and Pregnant in 2011. On the show, she gave birth to a son, who she and her then boyfriend, Josh Mckee, named Gannon Dewayne McKee. Unlike many of the other couples on the show, Mackenzie and Josh stayed together following Gannon’s birth, until they ultimately married two years later. Around the time of their marriage, Mackenzie was invited to join the cast of a new spin off series, Teen Mom 3.

Mackenzie Mckee – Now

Mackenzie and Josh were one of the strongest couples to appear on either 16 and Pregnant or Teen Mom, though Teen Mom 3 only lasted one season. Several months after their 2013 wedding, Mackenzie gave birth to the couple’s second child, a girl named Jaxie Taylor. Josh and Mackenzie welcomed a third child in 2016, but by 2017, it seemed their marriage was on the rocks. They went on to announce their separation a year later, after reports surfaced of infidelity.

Alex Sekella – Then

Before discovering she was pregnant, Alex Sekella was a talented dancer who had dreams of going pro. When her mom heard the news, she had no intention of supporting Alex and a baby in her home. Alex was forced to choose whether or not to give her baby up for adoption or continue living in her mother’s home. At the start of the series, Alex’s ex and the baby’s father, Matt was returning from rehab, only to be introduced to his daughter.

Alex Sekella – Now

Alex eventually had to give up on her dreams of making it big as a dancer, but seemed to be more ok with transitioning back to a life lived out of the spotlight. After the difficult relationship she had with her daughter’s father, Alex finally made the split more permanent. These days, she’s holding down a regular job working within the realm of finance. Since 2015, she’s been dating Tim Peters, who seems to bring the stability the young family needs.

Taylor McKinney – Then

Taylor McKinney made his first appearance in Teen Mom OG during the show’s fifth season in 2013 when he began dating Maci Bookout. From the start, McKinney was a supportive father figure to Maci’s son from her high school boyfriend, Bentley. The pair took things a little slower than many of the other couples on the show, as they didn’t have a child until they’d been together for nearly three years. In May of 2015, Maci gave birth to Taylor’s first child, daughter Jayde.

Taylor McKinney – Now

These days, the sporty Taylor is married to Maci, with whom he has a second child, son Maverick, who was born in 2016. McKinney has continued to prove that he’s one of the good ones, even going so far as to coach Maci’s eldest son’s baseball team. Despite the three children they’re already raising together, McKinney is open about his hope that he and Maci will continue to expand the family, both biologically and via adoption.

Jo Rivera – Then

Kailyn Lowery’s first baby daddy has been around since the beginning, when he first appeared with his ex on 16 and Pregnant. Jo has put being a father to his son Isaac first since he found out about Kailyn’s pregnancy when he was only 18. Even after their break up, which was certainly not a walk in the park, Rivera remained an active part of Kailyn’s life, even following her to Delaware to co-parent Isaac when Kailyn moved to marry Javi Marroquin.

Jo Rivera – Now

Since he split from Kailyn, Rivera has found a much more stable partner in Vee Torres. Once Kailyn warmed up to the idea of her, Vee and Jo became one of fans’ favorite Teen Mom couples, who rejoiced as their relationship progressed to include a daughter of their own and a marriage. As of 2018, however, Jo decided to step away from Teen Mom 2 and will be taking his son Isaac with him, as he doesn’t like the drama that the show encourages.

Katie Yeager – Then

Katie Yeager is another Teen Mom 3 alumna who gave birth to her daughter Molli in 2011. Katie’s time on the show was characterized by her volatile relationship with Molli’s father, Joey Maes, throughout the season. When the series first opened, Katie and Joey were engaged by the end of the second episode, before seeming to break up in the next installment. The couple were open enough, however, to embark on a journey with couple’s therapy before the season’s end.

Katie Yeager – Now

Katie is another Teen Mom who has otherwise shied away from the public since the show ended its run. Since then, she has gone on to find success as a counselor in an in-patient rehab facility. Katie shared in a 2015 interview that it was nice for her to go back to her regular life after the show ended. In 2017, Katie gave birth to a second child with a new partner, who she’s since kept away from the public eye.

Javi Marroquin – Then

Javi Marroquin was first introduced to audiences when he began dating Kailyn during season four of Teen Mom 2. The pair found their relationship moving at a break neck pace, and they were married several months after they first met. Not a pair to slow down after their marriage, Kailyn gave birth to her second child and first with Javi. The marriage was not built to last, and only three years later, Kailyn decided they should get divorced.

Javi Marroquin – Now

Though their break up might have been acerbic at the start, Javi has managed to find more of a stasis with Kailyn that has seen them cooperating as they raise their son. In recent days, however, new accusations have emerged regarding Javi being unfaithful to his last partner, even as his new girlfriend announces that they’re expecting a child together. At the same time, it seems Kailyn may have had some romantic involvement with Javi as well.

Corey Simms – Then

Corey Simms was first introduced to audiences alongside Leah Messer on 16 and Pregnant. He was expecting to help Leah raise their twin daughters as a couple, but broke up with Leah after she shared that she had been unfaithful to him. The two were thrown into a bitter custody battle by 2015, when Corey told judges that the girls were constantly late for school. Corey won sole custody of the girls for several months until a better agreement was reached.

Corey Simms – Now

Corey met his current wife in 2012, shortly after divorcing Leah. He was married in 2013, despite having many custody battles to weather with his ex. Corey and Miranda have one daughter, who was born in 2015. Despite the tension with his ex, Corey often posts sweet photos of Miranda taking care of his twin girls They’ve mostly recently been celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary, which they shared with a cute little video that they posted to their YouTube channel.

Lauren Dolgen – Then

Lauren Dolgen was the television producer who created the shows 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, inspired by Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy. She received extensive criticism throughout the years of filming, as she seemed to be glamorizing teen pregnancy. Dolgen has since defended herself, stating that the show does not glamorize the issue but instead shows the real struggles of dealing with teen pregnancy. She believes the show encouraged discussions about the controversial topic and has raised awareness for teen pregnancy that was not present before.

Lauren Dolgen – Now

After producing the hit reality TV shows, Lauren Dolgen was promoted to Head of West Coast Reality, Executive Vice President of Series Development for MTV. Her shows were dubbed one of the best public service campaigns to prevent teen pregnancy. She has gone on to develop other wildly successful reality series, such as Real World, Punk’d, Ridiculousness, and Are You the One? Today, Dolgen works as Head of BuzzFeed Studios, overseeing the company’s productions and original content.

lauren dolgen now