These Shoppers Added Some Spice To Their Supermarket Trips

Mayo(r) Of The Supermarket

When this woman walked through the electric doors of the supermarket, she seemed like a poised professional ready to take on the world. Then she was caught with this massive tub of mayonnaise on her head like a crown.

supermarket 1

Dedication Is Key

Any physical or spiritual practice needs constant maintenance, even when your life is otherwise busy beyond belief. This woman really took that advice to heart when she became enamored with yoga several years ago. Whenever she felt she didn’t have enough time to make it to a class, she would try to fit some poses in at work. As she became more ambitious, she took her poses to new locations, including the scorpion pose her coworker captured on top of the freezer case here.

supermarket 2

Class Clown

Plungers may be a necessary household item, but we’re not sure that’s how it’s supposed to be done. If you’ve always dreamed of plunging your face however, finding an unused plunger in a store is probably the best way to go about it. If this girl was trying to unclog her pores, we’re not sure how successful she’s going to be in this case. The cleansing power of a good plunger is likely to be better suited to larger loads.

supermarket 3

Deep Freeze

Many store patrons of an average build have likely experienced the frustration of spotting the last of the exact item you need on the back of a shelf that’s too high for you to reach. A less relatable version of this dilemma played out below, as this woman went on a deep dive into the freezer case in order to get something she clearly couldn’t live without. If she doesn’t hurry up and grab it, she might be in for a deep freeze too.

supermarket 4

A Wave Of Fresh Air

When foreign stores try to name their company in a language other than their own, the results are often hilarious. When tourists see them then, it becomes a little too tempting to turn the whole experience into a joke you can share with your friends for years to come. Moreover, anyone with a sense of humor would be delighted to stumble upon a gem like the ‘hotwind’ store. We can’t blame this guy for interpreting this literally.

supermarket 5

Need To Be Excused

It’s always nice when a workplace uniform allows for employees individuality. This young Walmart worker was happy to highlight her Walmart vest in a nice change of pace, as she wore a barely there onesie underneath the vest. Her Walmart pride runs deeper than that, as she also painted her nails to match the store’s colors. It’s just too bad they had to take her employee of the month photo while she was running to the restroom.

supermarket 6

Stars Shop Too

When shopping in celebrity heavy areas, it’s not uncommon to discover your favorite performers playing the part of regular person while they’re in your local grocery store. That’s what happened when Goldie Hawn was caught in this Los Angeles area Whole Foods while she was comparing these two identical bottles of coconut water. It’s good to know that Goldie is a fan of the best brand of coconut water, but you have to have some serious dough to purchase two bottles at a time.

supermarket 7

Horrible Music To My Ears

As regular people the world over often learn, publicly professing your love for another person rarely goes well if you’re not in a movie. This guy decided that three months with his girlfriend was more than enough time for him to decide that he should tell her how he felt in the middle of a mall. As he began saying, “you make me the happiest man on earth” the object of his affections hurried to end the exchange by smacking him with a ukulele.

supermarket 8

Baby Boom Body

If it weren’t for the items this woman put into her shopping cart, you probably wouldn’t guess that she was a new mother. There comes a point in time after giving birth, however, when a mom is ready to shed the sweat pants and unwashed hair for a bit of glam. When this mom finally had a chance to get out of the house, she was so ecstatic, she decided to get all dolled up, even though she was only stocking up on baby stuff.

supermarket 9

Cheesy Costume

It’s always a good idea to make your Halloween costume extremely obvious by going to the grocery store and grabbing a bag of your favorite snack, just in case people don’t get it. This woman’s dedication to Cheetos is knows no bounds, which is clear from the amount of effort she put into making her costume. As she relived her childhood by painstakingly papier mâchéing each piece onto her mold, she couldn’t help but which she was eating a bag of Cheetos at the same time.

supermarket 10

Anything But Anything

It’s a fact of life that thins often break. When you manage a building as large as a shopping mall, you need to be prepared to fix things on command as an endless stream of customers finds their way through the building’s many doors. Having a repair shop on site is probably the most efficient way to handle upkeep, however, you might want to make sure they’re competent enough to maintain their own shop before hiring the maintenance team.

supermarket 11

The Wet Look

Just because you sympathize with the fish you’re about to eat doesn’t mean you should swim to the fish market. This woman oddly doesn’t look like she wore her clothes in the water, but she does seem to have entered straight from the ocean itself. Though it may not seem obvious at first glance, this woman could very well be a mermaid who’s trying to hide her aquatic roots by covering up her hair. Like Ariel before her, she has some learning to do.

supermarket 12

Blushing Bride, Aisle Two

When this couple met, it was a classic Hollywood meet cute. She was just trying to buy some cereal, and he was trying to figure out what his healthiest breakfast option would be. The two bumped into each other, and the rest was history. When they finally tied the knot two years later, they made sure to book a photo shoot in the grocery where they first met, before heading back to their reception, of course.

supermarket 13

Interesting Choice

Bold experimentation in the realm of fashion shouldn’t only be for models. If Grandpa has finally come to terms with his desire to try on women’s clothing, than who are we to stop him? Once he started wearing dresses, however, he found it hard to stop. The breezy design of women’s clothing was a refreshing change after years confined to pants and shorts only. Grandpa often wondered why men stopped wearing tunics, but there weren’t any to be found in his local Walmart.

supermarket 14

IKEA Strikes Again

The Swedish export for all things related to home goods has a foreboding reputation for a reason. For starters, each location of the furniture behemoth is designed like a maze that is nearly impossible to break out of. These girls spent hours walking in circles, slowly accumulating items to purchase before they finally reached the exit. As soon as they could see the light, they sat down, exhausted, realized that they’d still have to figure out how to build their furniture once they got home.

supermarket 15

Better Safe Than Sorry

Some may say that shoppers who go to Target go not because they need something, but because Target will tell them what they need. Oftentimes, just like this naive young lady, you expect to go to Target to pick up one tube of toothpaste, and discover only when you reach the checkout line that you’re paying for two carts worth of stuff. It’s a tale as old as Target. Once you enter the red and white bullseye, you will be dropping loads of cash.

supermarket 16

Shopping With The Stars

We have to wonder what store they’re shopping in when the shelves are so perfectly filled with rows of identical fancy soda bottles. In case you thought that celebrities had a secret grocery store somewhere, this is your proof. Once you’ve been exposed to a certain number of people, you’ll receive an invitation to this supermarket, where you’ll be greeted by Rihanna herself. That is, when she’s not busy being a famous pop star. Better brush up your Instagram game if you want to join.

supermarket 17

Sweet As Candy

Cupcakes may be Gods gift to dessert, but Walmart is hardly the place to show off your super cute cupcake apron. This woman loves her apron so much, she even dyed her hair to match. When spotted shopping attired like this in Walmart, other patrons couldn’t enough of her sugary sweet demeanor. After the praise she got for this look, she decided it was time to rise to the occasion and produce an entire fashion line inspired by baked goods.

supermarket 18

Over Excited

If you’ve ever seen footage of Black Friday sales, you’ll know that shoppers very often will stop at nothing in order to get their hands on super discounted merchandise. This guy thought it would be a good idea to beat the crowd in a different way, namely by driving as close to the store as he could get. As he stepped on the gas, he didn’t realize that there was a staircase leading to the store’s entrance. It’s a good thing his car was just big enough.

supermarket 19

Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

There’s a good range of ugly Christmas sweaters on the market, but this is truly a design masterpiece. What’s better than being literally attached to your loved ones come holiday time? As political arguments proliferate with each successive holiday meal, the only thing you’ll want more than a drink is to escape the scathing criticism of your mother in law. Unfortunately, you and your partner thought you’d be cute by wearing this two person sweater. Too late, you’re trapped.

supermarket 20

They’re Going Down

We hope whoever designed this advertisement for Turkish Airlines was fired after it was posted on malls across the world. Without realizing, they insinuated that Turkish Airlines is a the company to turn to if you want your flight to go down. While this ad may have worked as a simple banner, someone should have thought twice before pasting it onto an escalator in such a way that makes it look like the plane is going down.

supermarket 21

Plot Twist

This picture is probably best described by the phrase “circle of life.” Rather than pushing a small child through the store in order to not be slowed down by their tiny legs and constant wandering, this daughter is pushing her mother in the cart. This was the agreement they made when Mama complained one too many times about her daughters choice in groceries. Oddly enough though, it seems the family are really big Coca Cola fans, since there’s little else in their cart.

supermarket 22

Who Dresses Like That?

You might be wondering who exactly this sign is addressing. If that’s the case, then you’re probably not familiar with this Chinese Ministry of Magic. Though it looks like a mundane bathroom in the middle of a grocery store, the signs are the giveaway that it’s the entrance to some sort of wizarding space, as designated by the man in robes, and the which in a cape. If you’re not dressed as such, you will definitely be denied entrance.

supermarket 23

Dos And Dont’s

There have been a lot of different fads making the rounds with regards to hair dying, but this is a new one. Perhaps inspired by mermaid hair, this woman though she’d channel her favorite animal. It was probably a better idea in theory than in practice, because highlights are generally vertical for a reason. When she requested this look from her stylist, the professional was hesitant, but the woman was insistent on her hair looking like a raccoon’s tail.

supermarket 24

Why Not?

As increasingly more people discover the concept of emotional support pets, citizens are becoming ever bolder with the choice of animal they try to pass off as a mental health necessity. One intrepid reporter wanted to see just what she could get away with by presenting a doctor’s note to the managers of a variety of different establishments with an ever more bizarre animal in tow. In one of her final stunts, she brought an alpaca to a New York drugstore, where they barely even blinked.

supermarket 25

Fountain Flunk

Texting and walking or doing any other activity is a seriously hazardous problem. For all of the warnings issued to the public imploring them to put their phones down, the command is rarely heeded. Perhaps this is the image all of those warnings should feature instead. This careless woman couldn’t be bothered to glance up from her phone for even a second, which led to her fall face first into the dirty water pooling in a mall fountain.

supermarket 26

Cheesy Background Is The Way To Go

Establishing your personal brand is important for anyone to become successful in the social media age, however, laying down in the middle of the grocery store cheese case will probably only work to establish you as a weirdo. This woman may have managed to cement herself as the cheese girl, but it’s definitely not a compliment. Though her posing is on point, she should probably pick a better backdrop for any future photos she posts.

supermarket 27

Say What?

Perhaps if this sign were located in an outer space, then maybe it would make sense, however, on planet Earth you have to wonder who managed to mix up their sevens and their nines. It’s so cleanly painted that clearly some thought went into this design, but the tragic mistake was still made. Unless it was some sort of joke, which also seems highly unlikely, it doesn’t even seem that an attempt has been made to rectify the gaff.

supermarket 28

Follow Me To

Fans of travel photography will be familiar with the photo series shared by husband and wife wanderers, Natalia Zakharova and Murad Osmanov. The pair made their way around the world, which they showed off in photos of Natalia pulling Osmanov by the hand in front of many different landmarks. The inspirational couple were emulated by couples all over the world, but not everyone followed their example in a serious manner, like this couple, who spoofed their famous photos in the grocery store.

supermarket 29

Human Lost-And-Found


There are many reasons why someone might need to be returned to their partner. You might think it has to do with some sort of memory lapse, but that doesn’t really tell the whole story. This man gets over excited by fairs, requiring his wife to keep him on a tight leash. She designed these shirts many years ago, after she realized her husband hadn’t been behind her for hours. When she finally managed to track him down, he was at a stall learning to spin wool.

supermarket 30

Wrong Profession

When sales of toilet paper dropped, retailers had to come up with some clever ways to boost sales. They decided it wasn’t enough to counter the claims of environmentalists that toilet paper was wasteful, but rather that it had more uses that a wet rag or a bidet. The paper companies began sending instructions out with all of their shipments explaining new ways to display the product, including this dress. Their initiative was successful, and sales increased significantly.

supermarket 31

A Princess Outing

When you work with children, you know their sense of style is often vastly different from our own. This girl’s parents decided that she can wear whatever she wants, when she wants, so long as it was weather appropriate. She chose her brand new Cinderella dress to wear for their daily errands, but then began to worry about being the only one in costume. Her loving uncle didn’t want her to feel bad, so he put on a dress too.

supermarket 32

Married To The Supermarket

This is solid proof that a married couple can make their relationship work even when they work together in the same job. Even though these two have been tied at the hip for a while now, they seem to be more in love than ever. They are so experienced in both their jobs and their relationship that they can now find ways to keep things fresh. For example, this proud wife took it upon herself to pull a little prank on her man.

supermarket 33

It’s A Miracle

You know what they say, “someone’s drinking it right now somewhere!” That seems to be the catchphrase that popped into the mind of this person who happens to be using a wheelchair. For what reason that might be, we’re not sure. For all we know, they had a little accident and they are trying to recover. It is because of that theory that we assume they are on the mend, especially because they saw their favorite liqueur on the top shelf.

supermarket 34

A Leap Of Faith

We all react differently when we see public displays of affection – or as the youth of today like to call it, PDA! Some cringe in absolute disgust, while others look in jealousy, wishing that their spouse would let them kiss them in public. Then you get people like this athletic guy, who took it upon himself to jump over these two middle-aged lovers while they make out in the middle of the supermarket! This guy was certainly jumping for love.

supermarket 35

Eye On The Prize

There are two possibilities of what could be going on in this supermarket. Our first theory is that these two individuals are actually a couple who are in the middle of a heated argument, and everything has come to a head in the supermarket, of all places. However, as you can see, they each have their own shopping cart, meaning that they are probably here on separate shopping expeditions. Maybe they are ex-lovers who happened to bump into each other.

supermarket 36

Kids At Heart

At the end of the day, you’re as old as you feel. If that truly is the case, then these two old pals think they are 10 years old again! Everyone has that one friend who they love to go to the supermarket with. You’re spending the weekend together and you’re going to kick back and watch all your favorite movies together. So you go to get all the necessary treats and drinks. Then one of you decides to balance on the shopping cart…

supermarket 37

Moms For The Win

When Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn and Mila Kunis (of all people) got together to play a bunch of bad moms in the aptly titled R-rated comedy, Bad Moms, they couldn’t believe their luck when they got to go to the supermarket for a scene and basically trash the place just because they felt like it (or should we say, the director felt like it?). Ultimately, the filmmakers wanted to convey that moms can still have fun, even at the supermarket.

supermarket 38

Walmart Wall Of Fame

For most supermarkets these days, this would certainly be considered a health and safety issue. However, when the coast was clear, this adventurous young lady decided to take matters into her own hands and climb the shelves of the baking aisle. Normally, you would ask for help from a general assistant, who would get a foot ladder. Or hopefully, they would just be tall enough. It seems though that this lady just doesn’t have time for that.

supermarket 39

To Each His Own

This image must surely be a promotional photo for a college theater production. It just has to be. Either that or this group of five friends know how to spend their Friday nights! Not only does each individual have their own unique pose, but when they all come together, it’s almost suitable for an album cover. We also assume that each pose has a different meaning that represents each of their personalities. Not sure what the symbolism of the pineapple is…

supermarket 40

Supermarket Super Friends

It’s a sad reality, but if you go into most supermarkets, try this with your friend and get caught, then you’re most likely going to get kicked out. However, we did say “if you get caught.” So you know what that means, right? Don’t get caught! Just block off both ends of the aisle for a couple of minutes, plant one of your friends in the shopping cart and snap away. You’ve got yourself a stunning Instagram entry!

supermarket 41

Can’t Wait Any Longer

The things that people do for peanut butter, specifically, Skippy, is absolutely absurd. We have heard urban legends about student accommodations that have been absolutely destroyed by the event of someone over-using someone else’s tub of pure peanut goodness. There is no limit as to what damage the delicious spread could cause. So when you get a model to pose in a supermarket with such an item, you know that you are going to get likes on Instagram.

supermarket 42

Time For My Close Up

If you can’t find a friend to pull off a stunt in a shopping cart or a tub of Skippy to sink your fingers into, why not just kneel down on the supermarket floor and take a selfie? Or, why not even use the timer facility on your phone so it doesn’t look like your taking a selfie? To be honest, we can’t imagine the local supermarket to be the number one destination to take selfies in. Maybe a trip to Paris?

supermarket 43

Quenching Her Thirst

Actually, we take that back. If you can find the right background to take a photo in front, then it can be anywhere, especially at the supermarket. As you can see, this young lady has made the most of the colorful cold drinks cabinet and has even decided to take a swig of the Coca-Cola bottle before paying for it. It’s genius, especially because there are so many colors in the background. We can’t deny it – this is pretty cool.

supermarket 44

Careful To Not Fly Away!

Speaking of color – this girl obviously saw the Coca-Cola drinker and decided, “I need to up my game in the rainbow department!” So here you have it: go for the most obnoxious shade of pink imaginable and then make a hat out of balloons of many colors. The funny thing though is that she is posing as if she always goes to the supermarket dressed up like this. So casual, as she reaches for the cookie mix.

supermarket 45

IPass The Jelly

Whenever the Olympics are around the corner, the country goes crazy and everything is about Team US. However, we need to give props to Team GB this time around – Team Great Britain, especially for this particular supermarket photo. It’s not enough to walk around the store and do your weekly grocery shopping. These three British gymnasts have to multitask by fitting in their daily exercises. This must’ve been taken just before Rio 2014 and these were the last minute preparations.

supermarket 46

If You Can’t Beat Them…

There is no denying the talent of Australian actress Rose Byrne. With notable roles in X-Men: First Class and Get Him to the Greek, she has earned her casual trips to the supermarket. Just like most A-list celebrities, Byrne knows that she has to expect paparazzi virtually wherever she goes, even if it’s to do something as basic as buying toiletries. Unfortunately, though, we imagine that she didn’t notice the cameraman who was hiding between the aisles.

supermarket 47

Purring With Pride

It has become a stereotype, but the rule of thumb is this: if you have been single for too long, then you ultimately resort to developing a family of cats. These people are often referred to as “cat ladies.” We don’t want to single out women as the only custodians of this particular stereotype. However, the woman in this photo seems to be a prime example. Some people get so close to their feline friends that they want to take them out shopping too.

supermarket 48

Taking Taco Too Far

Generally speaking, Halloween used to be an occasion where one was supposed to dress up as something scary. However, we don’t see anyone in the vicinity that has a severe case of Tacophobia. With that out of the way, we just want to make something crystal clear – Tacos are not scary. Nowadays though, it is perfectly acceptable to dress up as anything for Halloween. The only problem with this photo is that it was taken on March 14th.

supermarket 49

Disco Shopper

This photo was actually taken on Halloween. We fear though that this might actually be the lady’s real hair. Sometimes, one just wants to get funky, grow an afro and parade around the supermarket while they sing “Staying Alive” to themselves. This seems appropriate, as the main goal of walking around a supermarket is to buy food so that one can actually stay alive. We hope that this lady doesn’t mistake the washing liquid for a fancy, colorful drink.

supermarket 50

Pocket Came In Handy

Supermarkets tend to have different policies when it comes to pets. Some allow their customers to walk around with their pets by their sides. Others don’t allow pets into the store (sorry, we personally prefer the former, thank you very much.) However, in this cosey little supermarket in Australia (at least, we assume this is where the store is located,) this lady felt comfortable enough to bring her pet kangaroo. No one even batted an eyelid.

supermarket 51

Ride Along

Many parents enjoy pushing their kids around in the shopping cart. It has become a longstanding shopping tradition that many people have fond memories of while growing up. Then there are some individuals who find it hard to let go of the past. Take this young lady, for example. She looks like she’s so comfortable in that cart and she has been a regular passenger for the last two decades. We think it’s time to move on and start walking, honey.

supermarket 52

Film Aspirations

Did you know that you can now buy movie tickets at supermarkets? Actually, it’s not such a new thing, but we have a feeling that this is the first time that this German tourist has seen such a thing. People are desperate to make every little thing more and more convenient. Nowadays, you can just about buy anything in the supermarket. So now you can just purchase a movie ticket while you buy your groceries so that you don’t have to wait in line at the movies!

supermarket 53

Like A Rock Star

This is certainly another worthy candidate for an awesome album cover. However, we’re not sure if this young lady intended for it to look that way. What we love about this particular image is the perspective created by the two sides of the aisle. It is a beautiful effect and with the young lady as the focal point of the image, we can’t fault it at all. If she’s not a musician, she should at the very least use it as her profile picture on Facebook.

supermarket 54

Too Cool For Groceries

This young lady seems to be doing a great impression of Team US’s awesome gymnast McKayla Maroney. Do you remember when she became famous for the meme, “McKayla is not impressed?” Well, it seems like supermarket lady is not so impressed either by the condiments on display. We put it down to the fact that this is probably the first time she has been shopping by herself and she can’t actually find what she is looking for.

supermarket 55

Who Me?

We get the impression that this lady was at the supermarket and completely unaware that she was being watched. This is clear, based on her expression. It is almost as if she is looking at the photographer and asking them, “what do you think you’re doing?” However, she also has that little smirk that suggests that she actually likes the “paparazzi.” Don’t worry. These photographers are just taking photos of random people for articles about people at the supermarket.

supermarket 56

Belligerent Babies

It’s obviously very important to get your aisle cards clear and concise. They should make it crystal clear exactly what item is being presented to the customer. We imagine that most of these aisles have two types of items in one aisle, such as “soft drinks snacks” and “fruit vegetables.” So when the marketing manager decided to have “baby needs” and “beers & wines” on the same aisle, they didn’t realize that the sign reads “baby needs beers & wines.”

supermarket 57

Summer’s Over

Just another fine example of supermarket marketing gone wrong. When we think of “back to school” aisles in a supermarket, we think of all the basic essentials that kids need upon returning to their educational institution. These include all your classic stationary apparatus, such as pens, pencils, notebooks, calculators, rulers, and erasers. The list goes on, and on, and on. The last thing we assumed would be hanging below a sign reading “back to school” was a bunch of knives.

supermarket 58

What Did The Fox Buy?

Here’s another classic example of a shopper who decided to turn up to the supermarket in their favorite costume, even though it’s not close to Halloween. We’re not so up-to-date with the franchise, but please tell us, is this a Pokemon? If not, it has to either be a fox or a raccoon. Not only is this middle-aged man walking around with a tail, but he’s also holding a plush toy of the same animal.

supermarket 59

Undercooked Chicken

Either, someone who works at a supermarket is unfamiliar with the terms “egg” or is trying to be clever and condescending. He’s not just patronizing his customers, but also his colleagues! If shoppers feel disrespected by this type of sign, then this is surely going to be bad for business. Actually, we take that back. Eggs are one of the essentials on many people’s shopping lists. At any rate, there is no denying how ridiculous this actually is.

supermarket 60

They See Me Rollin’

We understand. If you’re unable to walk around the supermarket, then you are more than entitled to use one of the electric shopping carts. However, they aren’t designed so well to carry kids. It seems like someone didn’t explain this to the man who is on the phone right now. His child doesn’t care though. He’s enjoying every step of the way as his carcass gets dragged across the shopping floor. Hey, at least he’s enjoying his ride.

supermarket 61

Got To Get That 8 Hours

Sometimes, one gets so tired that they have no choice but to lie down and take a nap. It doesn’t matter where that might be. It could be in bed. It could be on a park bench. In this lady’s situation, it could be during one’s shopping spree at the local supermarket. Heck, she didn’t even care that she was on the floor. All she needed was her purse and she had a perfectly comfortable, makeshift pillow to rest her head on.

supermarket 62

New Pet Food

There’s only one reasonable explanation for this: the marketing manager was unable to fit the word “food” at the end. It’s a fact: most supermarkets have aisles dedicated to pet food, and a lot of it comes in canned form for durability purposes. However, there might be a chance that we’ve got this all wrong. Maybe, just maybe, this supermarket is in a country where eating cats is legal and so “canned cat” is actually a thing.

supermarket 63

That’s A Surprise Alright

There is no doubt in our mind that buying your wife a pack of knives for Valentine’s Day would indeed “surprise her.” Look, maybe there are individuals who would love nothing more than a pack of knives. After all, they are essentials to have in any kitchen. However, we don’t consider it to be a popular surprise for the masses. This looks more like the shot out of a horror movie like Halloween or Friday the 13th.

supermarket 64