What Happened To The Cast of Step By Step?


Imagine that your parent goes on vacation, and comes back married…to someone else who also has children! This was the situation of the Lambert and Foster children on Step By Step. Most of the episodes revolved around the sparks flying as the two broods of children learned to live with each other and their new step parents. Check out what your favorite actors from Step By Step have been up to!

Emily Mae Young – Then

Adorable Emily Mae Young played Lily Lambert on the show.

Emily Mae Young – Now

Despite being a huge hit as a child, Emily Mae Young appears to prefer life out of the spotlight, choosing to live her life privately. Her last listed acting credits are for the TV movie Santa and Pete, where she played Marlene, and the TV show Undercover Angel where she appeared in one episode as Jenny. Both of these credits are from 1999, meaning that the last time Emily Mae Young did some acting was almost twenty years ago!

Alexandra Adi – Then

Actress Alexandra Adi grew up in upstate New York but was born in Miami, Florida. After graduating from Barnard College in 1993, Alexandra moved to Hollywood to pursue her dream of making it big in show business. She had small roles on several TV shows, including The Adventures of Pete And Pete, The Cosby Mysteries, and Cop Land. But her big break came in 1997 when she was cast as J.T.’s girlfriend Samantha “Sam” Milano on Step By Step.

Alexandra Adi – Now

After Step By Step, Alexandra Adi went on to play minor parts in some pretty major Hollywood blockbusters. She had appearances in American Pie, Jawbreaker, and Slap Her… She’s French. She also had guest starring roles on TV shows such as CSI: Miami and Boy Meets World. Alexandra is also known for her impressive physique which she used to her advantage in several successful bikini modeling campaigns. Nowadays, she lives a quiet life with her husband and two children.

Patrick Duffy – Then

Patrick Duffy had a major role on TV before starring as the patriarch of the Lambert family on Step By Step. He played Bobby Ewing, brother of J.R. Ewing, on the smash hit prime time soap opera Dallas. He graduated from the University of Washington in 1971 with a degree in drama. He also had a big part on Knot’s Landing. Patrick was an accomplished singer – his duet with sultry French crooner Mireille Mathieu hit #5 on the charts in Holland.

Patrick Duffy – Now

After Step By Step ended, Patrick had the opportunity to reprise his role as Bobby Ewing on the TNT reboot and continuation of the series Dallas.. He hosted the innovative game show Bingo America, and had a recurring role on the classic CBS day time soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful as Stephen Logan. Additionally, he’s done voice acting work on shows such as Family Guy, Touched By An Angel, and Justice League.

Suzanne Somers – Then

Suzanne Somers first rose to fame as blonde bombshell Chrissy Snow on the classic 1970s sitcom Three’s Company. The show’s massive success quickly made her into a household name. After her career in show business stalled, she gained notoriety for hawking the Thighmaster exercise equipment on home shopping TV channels. Being cast as matriarch Carol Foster-Lambert on Step By Step was a welcome return to TV for Suzanne, who was excited to finally have another major role on a sitcom.

Suzanne Somers – Now

Since Step By Step finished its run, Suzanne Somers has remained in the spotlight, but without any major acting roles. She briefly had a one woman Broadway show about her life called The Blonde In The Thunderbird, and had a reality show focused on her for the Lifetime Network. She’s an avid practitioner of natural medicine and alternative health, so she currently hosts an Internet talk show called Suzanne Somers: Breaking Through. She also appeared on Dancing With The Stars.

Jason Mardsen – Then

Step By Step wasn’t the first big role for child actor Jason Marsden. While he was still in elementary school, he played Alan Quartermaine, Jr. for two years on the soap opera General Hospital. He had some major roles as a voice actor, playing Goofy’s son Max Goof in A Goofy Movie, and the announcer of Disney’s The Mickey Mouse Club. On Step By Step he played Rich Halke, J.T.’s slacker best friend and confidant.

Jason Marsden – Now

Jason Marsden has shied away from life in front of the camera since Step By Step ended, but that doesn’t mean that his career in show business is over. He has done plenty of well-received voice acting work, in major feature animated films such as Tarzan, Monsters Inc., Spirited Away, and The Secret Life Of Pets. He married his wife Christy Hicks in 2004, and the couple live in Nashville, Tennessee with their eight year old son.

Staci Keanan – Then

Staci Keanan was actually born under a different name – Anastasia Love Sagorsky, in Philadelphia. She adopted a stage name to give her broader appeal, as she was worried her real name sounded too foreign. She started off by starring in TV commercials for Burger King and Hershey’s Kisses, then provided the voice of My Little Pony. She was then cast in the sitcom My Two Dads. From there, she got her big break as Dana Foster in Step By Step.

Staci Keanan – Now

Staci Keanan has gone about as far away from the spotlight as one possibly can. She has decided to make something of herself and prove that she’s got both beauty and brains. Staci graduated from UCLA and then went on to Southwestern Law School. She passed the bar with flying colors and in 2013, she was admitted to the State Bar of California. She is a practicing lawyer in the Los Angeles, California area under the name Anastasia Sagorsky.

Angela Watson – Then

Angela Watson was performing for the camera from the time she was in diapers. She won 60 crowns and 200 trophies during her time in the child beauty pageant circuit of Florida and several other southern states. She won Face Finders Model Search in Dallas, Texas, which led to her family deciding to move to Los Angeles so she could develop her show business career. She did local theatre productions, then was cast on Step By Step.

Angela Watson – Now

Since finishing Step By Step, Angela Watson’s career hasn’t gone very far. However, she does have a good reputation in the acting community, as she had the opportunity to serve on the Screen Actors Guild Board of Directors for a number of years. In 2000, she starred in a Riverside, California local theatre production of How To Succeed In Business. Because her parents misspent her earnings from the show, she’s dedicated to helping child actors manage their money.

Peggy Rea – Then

Long before her role on Step By Step, Peggy Rea was a go getter in show business. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she ended up dropping out of UCLA business school in order to pursue her dreams of stardom. She started off her career by assisting shot callers – in the 1940s, she was a production assistant at Metro Goldwyn Mayer. Finally, she got cast in recurring roles on I Love Lucy and The Dukes Of Hazzard.

Peggy Rea – Now

Due to her age, Peggy Rea was often cast in matronly roles and was basically the go to “Big Mama” character for casting directors. After the first season of Step By Step, she was written out of the show and had to get a paycheck from somewhere else. She ended up having a big role on the hit show Grace Under Fire, where she played Jean Kelly on 51 episodes between 1993 and 1998. Talk about a committed relationship!

Patrika Darbo – Then

Patrika Darbo was a classically trained actress before appearing on Step By Step. She studied theater at the prestigious school of drama at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia. After she graduated in 1970, she moved on to the Atlanta School of Drama. She appeared in the hit film Daddy’s Dyin’: Who’s Got the Will? which got her noticed by network executives, who eventually contracted her to ABC. She was then cast on Step By Step.

Patrika Darbo – Now

Patrika hasn’t strayed far from the spotlight since the end of Step By Step. She made two well received appearances on episodes of Seinfeld, Currently, she has a major role on the soap opera The Bold And The Beautiful where she plays Shirley Spectra. Back in 2016, Patrika was the first person ever to win a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series, which was a new category of award.

Christopher Castile – Then

Christopher Castile started acting at a very young age. Born in Orange County, California, he was never far from the opportunities of Hollywood. His first major role came on the sitcom Going Places where he played Sam Roberts, the son of talk show host Dick Roberts. His co-star was Staci Keanan! The two went on to play brother and sister on Step By Step, which was created by the same producers as Going Places.

Christopher Castile – Now

While still appearing on Step By Step, Christopher started providing the voice for Eugene Horowitz on the animated show Hey Arnold. After several seasons on Hey Arnold, he was replaced by Jarret Lennon – who ironically, was the actor originally supposed to play Mark Foster on Step By Step. After the show ended, Christopher got a master’s degree and is now a political science professor at Biola University and teaches history at Downey High School.

Brandon Call – Then

Brandon Call played the oldest kid in the Lambert family, John Thomas – who was nicknamed “J.T.”. He is, in many ways, a typical jock – a diehard Packers fan like his dad, not very interested in school and prefers to focus on athletics. It’s later revealed in the series that J.T. has dyslexia, which explains his problems in school. He also has trouble adjusting to his new step family, especially Dana, who he refers to with the insulting nickname “Barky.”

Brandon Call – Now

A life in the glittering lights of Tinseltown and under the glare of the paparazzi just isn’t for everyone. Despite having so much success as a child actor, Brandon Call has decided to stay away from the spotlight. He’s currently working at a gas station and car wash owned by his parents in San Diego, California. He has no appearances on any TV shows, in any movies, or on stage in any theatre productions listed anywhere on the Internet.

Christine Lakin – Then

Christine Lakin was born and raised in Roswell, Georgia, but pretty quickly it became clear that her Hollywood dreams meant she had to move to the West Coast. Her first major role came in the made for TV drama based on the Civil War The Rose and the Jackal. While starring on Step By Step she didn’t let her education fall by the wayside. She graduated from UCLA at the age of 20 with a degree in communications.

Christine Lakin – Now

After Step By Step was cancelled, Christine stayed in the spotlight. She starred opposite Paris Hilton in the 2008 movie The Hottie And The Nottie. Christine also appeared in two 2005 made for TV movies, Showtime’s Reefer Madness and Who’s Your Daddy?. She’s also done extensive voice over work, providing the voice of newscaster Joyce Kinney in Family Guy and Jane in The Walking Dead: Season Two video game. Christine is married and has a daughter.

Josh Byrne – Then

Brandon Lambert, the shy youngest brother on Step By Step was played by Josh Byrne. However, his character had a less than normal disappearance from the show. In the last season, Brandon simply didn’t appear at all on any episodes and there was no plot line explaining his absence. Before Step By Step Josh had a brief recurring role on several episodes on the sitcom Who’s The Boss and a small part in the movie Mr. Saturday Night.

Josh Byrne – Now

Like his Step By Step cast mate Emily Mae Young, Josh Byrne has decided to pursue happiness far out of the spotlight and far away from the flashing bulbs of the paparazzi. After the show ended, Josh never acted again, even in small roles or cameos. He currently resides in Thousand Oaks, California. Judging by his social media profiles, it seems like he has a penchant for the Renaissance and enjoys attending Renaissance Faires while in costume.

Sasha Mitchell – Then

You might be surprised to learn that the set of Step By Step wasn’t the first time actors Patrick Duffy and Sasha Mitchell worked together. Both of them appeared on the prime time soap opera Dallas, where Patrick played J.R. Ewing’s brother, Bobby, and Sasha played his nephew, James Beaumont. Before Step By Step, Sasha appeared in several action oriented movies because of his background in martial arts. He starred in the later Kickboxer movies, replacing Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Sasha Mitchell – Now

Sasha Mitchell had a recurring role on long running soap opera E.R. and NYPD Blue, as well as starring in the TV movie L.A. Confidential. He also had a cameo, appropriately in the movie Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star. But he’s not just an actor. You definitely don’t wanna mess with Sasha – he’s got a black belt in Tae Kwan Doe and has been quite the performer in local MMA tournaments. He has been married twice and has four children.

Bronson Pinchot – Then

Bronson Pinchot was raised not far away from the glittering lights of Hollywood, in Pasadena, California. After graduating from high school, he received a full scholarship to study fine art the Morse School at Yale University, which he graduated from in 1981. After being discovered by a casting director while starring in a play at Yale, he got his big break with a major role opposite Tom Cruise in Risky Business. He also appeared in Beverly Hills Cop and True Romance.

Bronson Pinchot – Now

Bronson Pinchot had continued success after Step By Step went off the air. He went on to have another starring role on a long running sitcom, as Balki Bartokomous on ABC’s Perfect Strangers. Bronson also starred in and wrote his own show on the DIY Network, called The Bronson Pinchot Project . The show follows Bronson in his hobby of restoring vintage homes with various matter that he salvaged himself from antique stores and other houses.