The Cast Of Six Feet Under: Where Are They Now?

Six Feet Under is one of the most critically acclaimed TV series ever. Along with The Sopranos, incidentally also an HBO series, this dark comedy is largely credited with raising TV to a level of production value and acting that was previously only reserved for the silver screen. The show follows the many trials and tribulations of the Fisher family. In many ways, the Fishers are the same as your average working American family, except for one detail: they run a funeral home.

Michael C. Hall As David Fisher – Then

Six Feet Under was a groundbreaking show for many reasons. First of all, it dealt with unique subject matter: a dysfunctional family running a funeral home and the trials and tribulations they endure following the death of their patriarch.

The realism and dark humor in the show was far racier than what was being broadcast on TV at that time. One character that particularly stood out was David Fisher. This was perhaps the first realistic portrayal of a homosexual man on primetime TV, earning Hall critical acclaim and honors.

Michael C. Hall – Now

One year after Six Feet Under ended in 2005, Michael C. Hall starred in the Showtime hit show Dexter. This show centered around a forensic scientist working for the Miami police who leads a secret life as a serial killer.

After the show ended in 2013, Hall has kept busy with smaller TV and movie roles. Hall has no children and is currently on his third marriage. He was also diagnosed with cancer in early 2010, but luckily went into remission and has been cancer-free ever since.

Frances Conroy As Ruth Fisher – Then

As the show begins with her husband’s death, the Fisher family’s matriarch, Ruth Fisher, must immediately do her best to guide her family. This tragedy strikes at a time when she was cheating on her husband, complicating matters further.

The series then shows her transformations through successive love interests, coping with her family’s problems and her own as the drama unfolds. Frances Conroy’s portrayal of Ruth Fisher was also critically acclaimed, winning her an Emmy.

Frances Conroy Now

Since her Emmy-winning role in Six Feet Under, Frances Conroy has played in some movies and taken many roles in various TV series. These include Desperate HousewivesAmerican Horror StoryThe Mist, and more.

In her personal life, Conroy is married to Jan Munroe. Here’s a fun fact: Conroy has a discolored eye that she is believed to have injured in a car accident. She usually hides this fact with a colored contact lens, but this injury actually helped her for her role in American Horror Story.

Mathew St. Patrick As Keith Charles – Then

Mathew St. Patrick plays Keith Charles, the love interest of David Fisher (Michael C. Hall). Keith is a gay LAPD officer who is proud of what he is, in contrast to David’s character, who is still in the closet about his sexuality when the series starts.

For Keith, the fact that David isn’t open about his homosexuality is extremely upsetting and causes them to break off their relationship at the beginning of the show. Later on, though, love wins out and they get back together.

Mathew St. Patrick – Now

Since playing Keith Charles, Mathew St. Patrick has filled a number of TV and movie roles. These include several soap operas, as well as roles in NCIS: Los Angeles and Sons of Anarchy, most recently. 

Although his portrayal of Keith in Six Feet Under was extremely convincing, he is reportedly heterosexual. As far as his personal life goes, it is known that St. Patrick has a son, but he generally avoids the media’s eye and leads a private life.

Peter Krause As Nate Fisher – Then

Actor Peter Krause plays Nate Fisher Jr., the oldest of the Fisher siblings, and Six Feet Under largely follows this character’s development following his father’s death. The 35-year-old spent much of his adult life away from his family, but his father’s death brings him back into his family’s life and into the family business.

In addition to dealing with his family, the series follows Nate as he struggles with his own mortality and finds love.

Peter Krause – Now

Peter Krause has kept busy since his work on Six Feet Under and has proven his capabilities besides acting. He starred in ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money, for which he was also a producer, as well as starring in NBC’s Parenthood, for which he directed three episodes.

In his personal life, Krause has a son with former girlfriend Christine King. He is currently dating fellow actress Lauren Graham, of Gilmore Girls fame, who was his co-star on Parenthood.

Freddy Rodriguez As Federico “Rico” Diaz – Then

Freddy Rodriguez plays Federico “Rico” Diaz in Six Feet Under, who is the Fisher & Sons’ restorative artist. Rico had a close relationship with Nate Fisher Sr. and had worked under him for five years when his death put Rico’s role in the funeral home in question.

Nate Sr. even put Rico through mortuary school. In an interview, Rodriguez later said it was important to him that this character didn’t reinforce too many Latino stereotypes, which Six Feet Under creator Alan Ball respected.

Freddy Rodriguez – Now

Following his role in Six Feet Under, Freddy Rodriguez has continued to act in both movies and TV shows. Notable performances include a role in director Robert Rodriguez’s movie Grindhouse. In recent years he has focused more on TV work, finding work in both live-action productions and as a voice actor.

Most recently, Rodriguez stars in the CBS courtroom drama Bull. In his personal life, Rodriguez is married to Elsie, his high school sweetheart, and is the father of two.

Justina Machado As Vanessa Diaz – Then

Justina Machado’s role as Vanessa Diaz, Federico Diaz’s wife, began as a minor part in Six Feet Under, but her role became much more important by the end of the series.

A nurse by profession, Vanessa copes with various issues throughout the five seasons of the show, such as depression, a death in her own family, and dealing with infidelity by her husband. Despite the controversies and tension between her and Rico, their marriage succeeds.

Justina Machado – Now

Although she is probably best remembered for her role as Vanessa Diaz in Six Feet Under, Justina Machado has acted in many roles since then, both in film and TV. You may recognize her from the film The Purge: Anarchy, or from the recent USA crime drama Queen of the South.

As far as her personal life is concerned, she doesn’t have children, but we do know that she is dating actor, director, and producer Emanuel Gironi.

Richard Jenkins As Nathaniel Fisher – Then

The death of Nathaniel Fisher Sr. is what sets Six Feet Under in motion. Fisher is survived by his wife, two sons, and daughter, and how each copes with the death sets the plot in motion.

Richard Jenkins played an important role in this dark family comedy in which Fisher’s loved ones are seen in flashbacks with the deceased patriarch, as well as having imaginary conversations with him. In life, Fisher fought in Vietnam before taking over the family funeral home business from his father.

Richard Jenkins – Now

Richard Jenkins has been extremely active since Six Feet Under ended. The 71-year-old actor may still best be known for playing Nate Fisher Sr., but you may also recognize him from films such as Step Brothers and more recently The Shape of Water, which was honored with the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Although he has made some TV appearances, he has mostly acted in movies since Six Feet Under. He is married and has two children.

Jeremy Sisto As Billy Chenowith – Then

Previously known for starring in Clueless, Jeremy Sisto diversified his acting resume by playing Billy Chenowith in Six Feet Under, the bi-polar brother of Nate Jr.’s love interest, Brenda Chenowith. The tension between Nate and Billy drives much of the drama between Brenda and Nate.

After being institutionalized, Billy starts a relationship with Nate’s sister, Claire Fisher, but this ends eventually when Billy stops taking his medication. Sisto contributed a realistic portrayal of a man coping with mental illness.

Jeremy Sisto – Now

Following Six Feet Under, Jeremy Sisto joined the cast of the NBC crime drama series, Law & Order. He starred in the ABC sitcom Suburgatory, A&E’s supernatural drama The Returned, and CBC drama FBI.

As far as movies, he co-wrote and starred in the comedy Break Point. Sisto married fellow actress Marisa Ryan in 1993, but they separated soon after. Their divorce was finalized in 2002. In 2009, he married his girlfriend Addie Lane, with whom he now has two children.

James Cromwell As George Sibley – Then

You may recall seeing James Cromwell first as farmer Arthur Hoggett in Babe, a role for which he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. His role in Six Feet Under was George Sibley, whom Ruth Fisher meets and marries later in the series.

However, the pair separate after issues in his past come back to haunt him, including his six previous marriages, terrible relationship with his son, and psychotic depression.

James Cromwell – Now

James Cromwell was already a fairly well-known actor before Six Feet Under. Afterward, he continued his prolific work in movies and TV shows. You may have also seen him in TV’s American Horror Story, for which he won an Emmy.

Notable movies include Big Hero 6, most recently Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and Academy Award-winning film The Artist. He is currently married to fellow actress Anna Stuart and has three children from previous marriages. Cromwell is also an animal rights activist, after playing in Babe convinced him of the evils of the meat industry.

Ben Foster As Russell Corwin – Then

When Claire Fisher goes to art school in Six Feet Under, she immediately connects with Russell Corwin, played by Ben Foster. They begin dating, but break up because he cheats on her with a male teacher.

Later, he sleeps with Claire’s female friend to make Claire jealous. Although Corwin is but a supporting role, he is a sensitive, frustrated, and sexually ambiguous man that contributed to breaking the mold of what type of character could be portrayed on TV at the time.

Ben Foster – Now

Since Six Feet Under ended in 2005, Ben Foster has had a successful acting career. Although taking a couple TV roles since then, the vast majority of his work has been in movies.

His superb acting abilities ensured he wasn’t type-casted, as evidenced by roles as different as junky William S. Burroughs in Kill Your Darlings, shamed bicyclist Lance Armstrong in The Program, and a mage in Warcraft. In his personal life, Foster is married with one child.

Lili Taylor As Lisa Kimmel Fisher – Then

In Six Feet Under, Lili Taylor plays Lisa Kimmel Fisher, Nate’s former roommate who becomes his first wife. She and Nate have a child, Maya, but she suspects Nate still harbors feelings for Brenda throughout their marriage.

She dies in the third season, and Nate and her family squabble over what to do with her remains. Her character continues to return in later episodes, appearing in the show’s recurring trademark vision scenes with Nate and Brenda.

Lili Taylor – Now

Lili Taylor has continued her stellar work acting since Six Feet Under ended. Although fans may remember her for playing in a string of Indie movies during the late ’80s and ’90s, she has also been part of big Hollywood productions such as Public Enemies alongside Johnny Depp, The Conjuring, and Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.

She also continues to act in both TV and onstage. In her personal life, Taylor is married to writer Nick Flynn, with whom she has a daughter.

Rainn Wilson As Arthur Martin – Then

Rainn Wilson’s role in Six Feet Under was Arthur Martin, an intern at Fisher & Sons hoping to one day become a funeral director.

He arrives later in the series, developing a relationship with Ruth Fisher that she initially believes will be physical, but when he is unable to respond to her sexual needs their friendship deteriorates. He is also a source of conflict, as he is clearly upset when Ruth finds George Sibley.

Rainn Wilson – Today

Since his relatively minor role in Six Feet Under, Rainn Wilson played in probably his most famous role to date: Dwight Schrute in the TV comedy The Office. Most recently he voiced Lex Luthor in the animated movie The Death of Superman. 

Besides acting, Wilson is also a comedian, director, and producer. Regarding his personal life, he is an adherent of the Baha’i faith and is married to writer Holiday Reinhorn, with whom he has one child.

Joanna Cassidy As Margaret Chenowith – Then

In Six Feet Under, veteran actress Joanna Cassidy played Brenda and Billy Chenowith’s mother, Margaret Chenowith. She and her husband, Bernard, have an open relationship in the show but jealousy causes them to separate before renewing their wedding vows and getting back together.

Unfortunately, Bernard dies of cancer later in the series. Following this tragedy, Margaret begins seeing an art teacher, which just so happens to be the same teacher Russell Corwin cheats on Claire Fisher with.

Joanna Cassidy – Now

Best known for roles in Blade Runner and Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Joanna Cassidy’s appearance in Six Feet Under was another notch in a long and illustrious acting career. Most recently, she starred in Odd Mom Out, which was canceled last October after three seasons. 

Her roles in TV and movies have been generally minor in recent years. In her personal life, she has two children from a previous marriage to a psychiatrist. She also paints and sculpts.

Lauren Ambrose As Claire Fisher – Then

The youngest of the Fisher children, Claire, is a high school student at the time Six Feet Under begins. Growing up surrounded by death in the family’s funeral home, not to mention the tragedy of her own father’s death, Claire is far more cynical than others in her age group.

Despite this, she is not yet a full adult, in contrast to her siblings. The show follows her as she tackles fundamental issues and matures.

Lauren Ambrose – Now

Lauren Ambrose made her first Broadway appearance in 2006, just a year after Six Feet Under ended. This foreshadowed the success and prestige she enjoys today onstage, as her role as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady most recently earned her a nomination for Tony Award for Best Actress.

In addition to acting, Ambrose sings in her own ragtime Dixieland jazz band called Lauren Ambrose and the Leisure Class. In her personal life, she is married to professional photographer Sam Handel, with whom she has two children.

Rachel Griffiths As Brenda Chenowith – Then

Rachel Griffiths’ character in Six Feet Under is Brenda Chenowith, the on-again, off-again love interest of Nate Jr. Brenda, the child of a psychiatrist/psychologist couple, was constantly studied as a child after she was found to have an IQ of 185.

Although she planned on attending Yale, she ended up staying in California to help take care of her bipolar brother, Billy, after he attempted to commit suicide. The show exposed and examined her relationships with her brother, Nate, and the rest of the Fisher family.

Rachel Griffiths – Now

Australian actress Rachel Griffiths followed her Golden Globe-winning portrayal of Brenda in Six Feet Under by starring as Sarah Walker in Brothers and Sisters, for which she was nominated for Emmy and Golden Globe awards.

In addition to her work acting in TV, movies, and theater, she has accumulated some directing credits. She returned to her native Australia in 2012 after living and working in America for over a decade. In her personal life, she is married to painter Andrew Taylor, with whom she has three children.