Celebrities You Didn’t Realize Were The Same Age


Some people age better than others and the same goes for celebrities. Many stars go to great lengths to achieve a youthful look, but there are also those who forgo cosmetic treatments and choose to age naturally and gracefully. However, when looking at these stars, you wouldn’t believe that they are the same age.

Renée Zellweger and Jennifer Lopez – 48

Latina beauty Jennifer Lopez and actress Renee Zellweger have been at the top of their game throughout their careers. Jlo managed to successfully transition from music to movies, and Renee Zellweger’s acting earned her awards including an Academy Award and three Golden Globe awards.


Matthew Perry and Matthew McConaughey – 48

It seems that Perry and McConaughey share more than just their same first name, as they were both born in 1969. Perry rose to fame starring as Chandler on Friends, while McConaughey stormed the romantic comedy genre around the 2000’s until he recognized that he was being typecast as the same character and took a different direction in acting. Since then, McConaughey went on to win an Academy Award, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild award for Best Actor.


Oprah Winfrey and John Travolta – 64

Both born in 1954, Oprah Winfrey and John Travolta went on to become some of the most recognized names in Hollywood. Travolta got his start in the 70s on the television series Welcome Back, Kotter before going on to find global success in Saturday Night Fever and Grease. Oprah, on the other hand, paved the way for herself in media and went on to be dubbed the “Queen of All Media,” building an empire in publishing, TV networks and movies.


Michael J. Fox and George Clooney – 56

Michael J. Fox and George Clooney are two iconic actors that both happen to be born in 1961. Clooney got his start on ER before going on to become one of the best actors in Hollywood. In addition, Clooney has managed to keep his charming good looks, and up until 2014, he was considered the world’s most eligible bachelor. Fox is arguably best known for his roles in the Back To The Future films, and despite having Parkinson’s disease, he still looks good.


Madonna and Ellen – 60

Ellen Degeneres and Madonna are two examples of women who look absolutely amazing for their age. Madonna has been an icon since the 80s, making some of the most well-known records of all time. Ellen Degeneres got her start in stand up comedy and went on to become one of the most loved TV personalities. Age really is just a number for these two and Madonna continues to wear outrageous outfits on the red carpet, while Ellen is known for her dancing.


Jon Bon Jovi and Steve Carrell – 55

Steve Carell and Jon Bon Jovi might have completely different careers, but the one thing they have in common is that they were both born in 1962. Steve Carell has been regarded as “America’s funniest man” in Life magazine, having made audiences cry with laughter in Anchorman, as well as TV show The Office. On the other hand, Jon Bon Jovi is considered one of the greatest rockstars of all time, having sold 130 million records worldwide.

age-bon jovi

John Stamos and Nicolas Cage – 54

John Stamos is one actor who never seems to age. After hitting our screen in the 80s, Stamos became a fan favorite on Full House and he continues to be a recognizable, youthful face on many TV shows today. At 54, Nicolas Cage has seen masses of success, winning an Academy Award, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award. His career is still going strong today, and he has starred alongside some of the best actors and actresses in Hollywood.


Hugh Jackman and Will Smith – 49

Hugh Jackman and Will Smith are two actors that look years younger than their age. The actors, both born in 1968 have seen huge success in their respective careers with Will Smith grossing a total of $7.5 billion at the worldwide box office, also earning an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. Jackman is best known for his long-running role as Wolverine in the X-Men film series, as well as earning an Academy Award nomination for his work in Les Misérables.

age-will smith

Sofia Vergara and Cameron Diaz – 45

Beautiful actresses Sofia Vergara and Cameron Diaz were both born in 1972 and have seen equal success in their acting careers. Sofia is best known for her role as Gloria in Modern Family for which she has been nominated for four Golden Globe Awards, four Primetime Emmy Awards, and seven Screen Actors Guild Awards and in 2012, 2013, and 2016, she was the top-earning actress on US television. Cameron Diaz was one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, with her films grossing $7 billion worldwide.

age-cameron diaz

Ryan Reynolds and Luke Bryan – 41

Ryan Reynolds and Luke Bryan might be in different industries and come from different countries, but they were both born in 1976, and both happen to be very good looking. Canadian Reynolds saw mass success with films including Deadpool and he also won the heart of beautiful actress Blake Lively. Luke Bryan is the all-American country singer who has sold over 27 million singles worldwide. His youthful looks, southern gentleman charm and beautiful vocals seem to have got him far.


Denzel Washington and Jackie Chan – 63

Denzel Washington is one of Hollywood’s most successful actors, winning three Golden Globe awards, a Tony Award, and two Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor, and it is hard to believe that he is 63-years old. In addition, Jackie Chan seems to defy his age and the martial-arts master still does all of his own dangerous stunts, at 63. Having acted since the 1960’s, Chan has appeared in over 150 films and has a personal net worth of $350 million.


Tina Turner and John Cleese – 78

Tina Turner and John Cleese could not be more different, the only things they really have in common are the fact that they have both been very successful and they share the same birth year. Turner had hits including Proud Mary and Simply The Best, going on to win 11 Grammy Awards, making her one of the best-selling artists of all time. John Cleese is one of the greatest British actors, starring in Fawlty Towers and Monty Python. 


Seth McFarlane and Pharrell Williams – 44

Pharrell Williams has had numerous meme’s circulating online, commenting on how he hasn’t aged in 20 years. The singer and music producer has had many other ventures in fashion and art, and his talent earned him an Academy Award nomination. Seth McFarlane, on the other hand, is the brains and voice behind animated series Family Guy, and his humor went on to land him plenty of other opportunities including hosting the Oscars, at the young age of 41.


Britney Spears and Beyonce Knowles – 36

It is hard to believe that pop queens Britney Spears and Beyonce are both 36 years old, considering how young they were when they took the music industry by storm. Britney began churning out hits including “Baby One More Time” and “Crazy” as a teenager and went on to become one of the greatest women in music. Beyonce got her start in Destiny’s Child, before embarking on a solo career which saw her sell millions of records around the world.

age-britney beyonce

Pamela Anderson and Julia Roberts – 50

It is hard to believe that Pamela Anderson and Julia Roberts are the same age considering the difference in their careers. Anderson is best known as CJ from Baywatch and her modeling work, before turning her hand to some movie roles. Julia Roberts is considered one of the best actresses, with her movies bringing in a collective $2.8 billion. In addition, Robert’s personal net worth is estimated at $140 million, and even at 50, she still looks much younger than her years.


Emma Watson and Margot Robbie – 27

It turns out that Emma Watson and Margot Robbie are not just two beautiful, young actresses, but they were both born in 1990. Emma Watson first hit screens at 11-years-old when she played Hermione Granger in the hugely successful Harry Potter franchise, before going on to play Belle in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast in 2017. Australian Robbie however, got her big break in 2012, starring alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Scorsese’s The Wolf Of Wall Street, before going on to become a household name.


Blake Shelton and Reese Witherspoon – 41

It is hard to believe that country-singing stud, Blake Shelton and blonde actress Reese Witherspoon are both 41-years-old. Shelton emerged with his debut album in 2001 and went onto become one of the most loved country singers. That same year, Witherspoon had her breakthrough role in Legally Blonde, and went on to become an Academy Award, Primetime Emmy Award, BAFTA Award, and a Golden Globe Award winner. Shelton went on to become a TV judge and found like with fellow cast-member Gwen Stefani.


Ciara and Chrissy Teigen – 32

Ciara and Chrissy Teigen are two beautiful women that never seem to age. Ciara saw mass success with her debut album which was released in 2004 and then went onto release more music, even transitioning into modeling and acting. Chrissy Teigen is known for being an open and outspoken model and personality, with her gorgeous looks bagging her John Legend as a husband. Chrissy went onto host a number of different reality shows, as well as creating her own cookbook.


Lionel Richie and Caitlyn Jenner – 68

Lionel Richie and Caitlyn Jenner were both born male in 1949, but Caitlyn went on to have quite the extraordinary life. Lionel, on the other hand, began his career with funk and soul band the  Commodores in 1968 before solo and selling over 90 million records, through hit including “All Night Long” and “Hello.” Caitlyn however, was born as Bruce, and won gold in the decathlon at the 1976 Olympics before undergoing gender transition in 2015. Lionel and Caitlyn both look fantastic at 68, but in completely different ways.


Mick Jagger and Robert De Niro – 74

Mick Jagger and Robert De Niro have both had incredible careers in their respective arts, but have aged very differently. Jagger burst onto the music scene with the Rolling Stones in the 60s and they went on to become one of the best-selling rock bands of all time. Jagger, however, struggled with a substance addiction and had eight children with five women. Academy Award winner Robert De Niro is one of the best actors of all time and at 74, shows no signs of slowing down.

age-de niro

Cyndi Lauper and Chaka Khan – 63

Cyndi Lauper and Chaka Khan were both icons in music but in very different genres. Lauper released her debut album in 1989 which had a pop/rock sound, but many of her most popular songs including “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” were given to her by the label and she didn’t like them. Chaka Khan, however, made waves in her genre and was named the Queen of Funk. Although both artists changed their music, they both appeared to stick with the same style.

age-chaka khan

Donny Osmond and Gloria Estefan – 60

At 60-years-old, Donny Osmond looks amazing for his age. Having started his career as a child star, Donny was an important part of The Osmonds, before going solo in the 70s and then starring on a TV show with sister, Marie. Today, Donny and Marie continue to perform in their Las Vegas residency. Gloria Estefan saw worldwide success with hits including “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You” and “Turn the Beat Around,” before becoming an entrepreneur and having a net worth of $500 million.


Antonio Banderas and Bono – 57

Antonio Banderas and Bono are two stars that never seemed to change their looks. The Spanish actor appeared in a number of successful films from the 90s onwards, but in 2015, he took a turn in his career and enrolled in a fashion design course at Central Saint Martins. Bono, on the other hand, is best known as the lead vocalist of rock band U2 and in addition to being one of the greatest rock stars, Bono had been recognized and praised for his activism.


Elton John and Arnold Schwarzenegger – 70

Two legends in their careers, it is hard to believe that Elton John and Arnold Schwarzenegger have accomplished so much. Since the 60s, Elton has been an icon and his music has sold over 300 million copies, making him one of the best artists of all time. From bodybuilder to actor to the governor, there isn’t really anything that Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn’t set his mind to and achieved. Both of these stars have been heavily involved in activism and Elton was given a Knighthood.

age-elton john

Faith Hill and Nicole Kidman – 50

Faith Hill burst onto the country music scene in the 90s and took the charts by storm with her incredible vocals. In 1996, Faith married fellow country star Tim McGraw and they went on to create new music and tour together.  Nicole Kidman started her acting career in the 80s and since then, won an Academy Award, one Primetime Emmy Award and four Golden Globe Awards. The actress was married to Tom Cruise from 1990 until 2001, before finding love with country star Keith Urban in 2006.


Barbra Streisand and Aretha Franklin – 75

It seems that superstars were born in 1942. Franklin emerged in 1967 and saw immediate success with “Respect,” before going on to win 18 Grammy’s and becoming one of the best-selling artists of all time. Barbra Streisand however, is only recording artist to have a number-one album in each of the last six decades. She has won two Academy Awards, 10 Grammy Awards, five Emmy Awards, a Special Tony Award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and nine Golden Globes, with no signs of slowing down at 75.


Celine Dion and Lisa Marie Presley – 49

Celine Dion saw worldwide success after getting her breakthrough in 1990, churning out hits including “The Power of Love”, and  “My Heart Will Go On.” However, in 1999 Dion announced her hiatus from music to deal with her husband’s cancer diagnosis, but later went on to become one of the most successful artists of all time. The daughter of Elvis, Lisa Marie, followed in her father’s footsteps and released her own music, but later had issues with substance addiction, debt and divorce.


Keith Urban and Tim McGraw – 50

These two country stars were both born in 1967 and since then, have become some of the best in their genre. Urban got his start in 1991 and went on to release a total of nine studio albums, before becoming a TV judge on Australian The Voice and a judge on American Idol. McGraw, on the other hand, released his debut album in 1994 and went onto release 14 albums, also becoming one of the few country stars to crossover to pop.


Tom Cruise and Demi Moore – 55

Tom Cruise and Demi Moore began their careers at a young age and Tom starred in Endless Love at 19 while Demi left school at 16 to pursue acting. Since then, Cruise’s films have gone on to gross $9 billion at the worldwide box office, but in recent years, his career has been overshadowed by his involvement with Scientology. Moore, became an established Hollywood star after About Last Night… and went on to appear in numerous films before she took a hiatus in the early 2000s.


Cher and Dolly Parton – 72

After both starting their careers in the 60s, Cher and Dolly Parton have seen huge success in their iconic six-decade-long careers. Cher established herself in Sonny & Cher before going solo in music and venturing into movies, making her one of the most successful artists of all time. Dolly Parton’s success is unprecedented, having composed over 3,000 songs and is the most honored female country performer of all time, achieving 25 Recording Industry Association of America certified Gold, Platinum, and Multi-Platinum awards.