The Prom Photos Many Celebrities Wouldn’t Want You To See


Jessica Alba

They have gone on to become award-winning actors and musicians, but celebrities were once regular high school students about to graduate and heading to prom. While they were yet to figure out what their paths had in store for them, they posed with their high school sweethearts to celebrate the end of an era. Jessica Alba has graced us with her beauty in films such as Honey and the television series Dark Angel. While many may look back at their prom photo and remember their awkward stage, Jessica Alba has barely changed!


Blake Lively

She is now married to Ryan Reynolds, making them one of Hollywood’s most beautiful couples, but Blake Lively undoubtedly caught the eye of many during her high school days. The Gossip Girl star looked radiant in her prom photo, dressed like a real princess. With her sparkly dress and shining tiara, we are sure her date would have treated her like royalty during their time at prom. Just look at her smile! She was ready to take on Hollywood in style.



She rose to fame playing the title role in the television series Moesha, leaving Brandy little time to enjoy similar activities to teenagers her own age. Therefore, when Brandy was asked to go to prom with a then-unknown Kobe Bryant, she was happy to be his date. It was reported that Bryant flew Brandy and her mom out to Philadephia for the dance, with Brandy later saying, “I just felt like a normal 17-year-old… I really needed to experience that, and I wouldn’t if Kobe never asked me.”



You must be living on another planet if you have not heard of Queen B herself, Beyonce. Beyonce married her soulmate, Jay-Z, and they have welcomed three children together over the years. However, before Beyonce was one half of the power couple, she was attending prom with her high school sweetheart. While she looks radiant on the day of her prom, based on her songs released years later, it is safe to say that this relationship was not meant to last.


Taylor Swift

If there’s one person who is known for having a string of men in her life, it is Taylor Swift. It is no surprise, therefore, that she had one to accompany her to prom at the end of high school. The young Taylor, who was yet to win an array of accolades and awards, was glammed up to the nines when it came to her prom. In fact, Swift wore a white dress and her date matched in a crisp white suit and tie.


Britney Spears

She was the southern belle that rose to fame after her hit debut single, “Hit Me Baby, One More Time,” but Britney Spears has never forgotten her roots. While she had already starred in The Mickey Mouse Club alongside many other famous faces, the pop princess made it to her Freshman formal dance, looking ever so glamorous. She has since gone on to have many number one hits, sell millions of records, and even have her own residency in Las Vegas.


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is unrecognizable in her prom photo, with many of her fans used to seeing the “Born This Way” songstress with blonde hair and dressed in her own unique style of fashion. In her prom photo, however, Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, is sporting long dark hair and is dressed elegantly in a long formal gown. Perhaps Gaga herself was unaware that she would one day change her style and grace an award show dressed head to toe in meat.


Brad Pitt

He has been voted as the most attractive man in the world in many media reports, and even as a high school student, Brad Pitt was sure to charm you with just his smile. Although sporting a different hairstyle to what most are used to for the actor, Brad Pitt was just another regular high school student back in the day, accompanying a lovely lady to their school prom. In fact, this picture could be mistaken for a wedding photo with Pitt’s date dressed in a long, white, bridal-looking gown.


Harry Styles

Before becoming one of the world’s biggest teenage heartthrobs, Harry Styles was attending prom in his hometown of Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England. His date would later become the envy of many who fell for Harry Styles after he appeared on the UK version of The X Factor, and stole the show along with his four bandmates from One Direction. The band went on to achieve worldwide success and live a life that was a far cry away from the one Harry once lived in Holmes Chapel.


Claire Danes

When Claire Danes posed for her prom photo during her high school days, she probably did not know she would one day be named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time. Moreover, she may never have expected to be awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but that certainly happened for the Homeland actress in 2015. In fact, this prom photo is of a girl who had many successful years ahead of her and was yet to experience it all.


Matthew McConaughey

Any lady who has had the pleasure of walking arm-in-arm with Matthew McConaughey should consider herself lucky. While the actor is now happily married and has his eyes on only one leading lady, there was a time when he was accompanying another lovely lady to the prom. The Wolf of Wall Street actor co-ordinated his outfit with his prom date, by wearing a matching colored tie to her cobalt blue gown. After his time at Longview High School, he went on to college to study for a degree in Radio-Television-Film.


Kim Kardashian

She has become one of the most famous faces in the world for just being her, and Kim Kardashian-West has managed to create a business empire along with her family. The KKW beauty founder has a reality series that is on its 15th season and has her own cosmetics line. While Kim Kardashian-West is showing no signs of slowing down, she was once another high school student attending prom with her date. While he may be no Kanye West, he is TJ Jackson, Michael Jackson’s nephew, and Kim’s first love.


Courtney Cox

She is best-known for playing the role of Monica Geller in Friends, but at one time, Courtney Cox was not even meant to get the role. Fortunately for the actress, she did, and her life changed forever. In fact, her prom date can now say he has dated the famous star, or at least accompanied her to their high school prom in 1980. Courtney is almost unrecognizable in her prom photo, which was taken nearly 40 years ago during her sophomore year!


Danielle Fishel

They are both famous faces in their own right, but at one time, Boy Meets World star, Danielle Fishel was dating N’SYNC star, Lance Bass! “When I was a senior in high school I asked my boyfriend at the time if he would go to prom with me, because my boyfriend at the time was Lance Bass,” Fishel later revealed. “So I had to make sure his schedule would allow for prom.” Initially, Lance was set to be in Japan at the time so said no, but, fortunately, plans changed.


Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has spoken about how much she hated the “Rachel cut” during her time on Friends, but we wonder what she thought when she looked back at her haircut during her high school days. The talented actress has always been a beauty, so not even a poor haircut could dampen her looks. After all, she did win over one of the most attractive men in the world when she married Brad Pitt and didn’t do too bad when she started dating Justin Theroux.


Jayden Smith

He is the son of the very famous Will Smith, but the actor’s middle child has managed to achieve success in his own right. The son of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith has starred in movies alongside his dad, as well as released records of his own. In fact, Jayden is also known for having his own unique style and outlook on life, something both he and his sister have been recognized for. Therefore, when he turned up to his prom wearing this quirky outfit, he kept totally true to himself.


Sandra Bullock

Before becoming an Academy Award-winning actress, Sandra Bullock was taking on the role of a high school student at her prom. It was not long until Sandra would be causing a media storm with her breakout in the entertainment industry, where she played alongside many leading men in box-office hits. While at her prom, however, she was the innocence of youth enjoying her time with a special leading man, who was none the wiser he was dancing with one of Hollywood’s soon-to-be greatest.



Born Stacy Ann Ferguson, Fergie attended Glen A. Wilson High School, where she was a cheerleader, a straight-A student, a spelling bee champion, and a Girl Scout. Fergie is definitely one celebrity that cannot be ashamed of her prom photo after looking back, since she was voted junior princess. Following her time at high school, she would become well-known by her stage name with breakout records with her band, The Black Eyed Peas. She would also achieve global success with a solo career.


Demi Lovato

She started her career from an early age, becoming a favorite Disney child star, but Demi Lovato was not missing out when it came to her prom. The child star turned songstress achieved great success alongside her famous pal, Selena Gomez, and has since achieved global success with billboard hits and albums. At just 25 years old, Demi has lived her life in the limelight and, although she has faced some troubles, she has continued to be a rising star and inspired many.


George Clooney

He has been listed as one of the most attractive men in the world by media reports on numerous occasions, and George Clooney shocked the world when he finally gave up his bachelor status for good. However, before his breakout role as Dr. Doug Ross on ER, followed by starring in films such as Ocean’s Eleven and The American, he attended Augusta High School. George played baseball and basketball during his time in high school and even tried to play professional baseball with the Cincinnati Reds in 1977.


Meryl Streep

She is the leading lady that has been nominated for a staggering 21 Academy Awards, winning three, and 31 Golden Globes, winning eight. With more nominations than any other performer, it is safe to say that Meryl Streep is recognized for her impressive work in the entertainment industry and, after watching her performances, her talent cannot be denied. Back in the day, she attended Bernards High School, where she became a cheerleader and was chosen as the homecoming queen in her senior year.


Gigi Hadid

Her mother is Yolanda Hadid, who was a breakout supermodel before settling down and having a family, and Gigi Hadid certainly caught her good genes. The famous supermodel has walked the catwalks for the likes of Chanel, Dior, and Tommy Hilfiger, becoming a success in her own right at a young age. While she has certainly followed a different path to many of her school peers, Gigi Hadid was not going to miss out on her school prom like a regular 17-year-old.


Amy Poehler

She is best known for starring as Leslie Knope in the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation and received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contributions in television in 2015. However, before getting her big break on Saturday Night Live, Amy Poehler was a student at Burlington High School. After graduating in 1989, she attended Boston College, where she studied media and communications, and later moved to Chicago where she met her future co-star, Tina Fey, while studying improv at Second City.


Natalie Portman

Portman attended her high school prom before graduating from Syosset High School in Long Island in 1999. She went on to study ballet and modern dance at the American Theater Dance Workshop in New Hyde Park, New York, which came in handy for her later role in the box-office hit, The Black Swan. While she has gone to achieve worldwide success, Portman is a Harvard graduate and, in 2002, said, “I don’t care if [college] ruins my career. I’d rather be smart than a movie star.” Fortunately, she is both!


Meghan Markle

Long before she knew she would become British royalty, Meghan Markle was crowned prom queen at the age of 17. The new Duchess of Sussex attended Immaculate Heart High in Los Angeles, and her prom took place in 1998. As seen in the photo from the evening, Meghan Markle looked every inch a member of royalty with her tiara, long ball gown, and silver jewels. Little did her prom date know who the girl standing next to him at the time was destined to become.


Ellen Degeneres

While talk show host, Ellen Degeneres, is not one to usually been seen wearing a dress, she did opt for one when it came to the night of her high school prom. Co-ordinating with her date, Ellen went for an interesting choice of dress but matched her date’s purple and red outfit. Years later, Ellen has become of the most famous talk-show hosts in the world with her own television show with a continuous line up of A-list stars.

Ellen Degeneres

Tiger Woods

In an accounting study group at high school, Tiger Woods met his first love, Diana Parr. “I would have been 17, and he was 16—he’s three months younger than me. So he was a junior, and I was a senior,” Parr recalled of their first dinner and a movie date. It must have been a successful first date since they accompanied one another to prom in 1993. “We were first boyfriend and girlfriend in all sense of the word,” Gravell explained. “We were in teenage love.”


Jon Hamm

For his high school prom, Mad Men star Jon Hamm took Sarah Clarke as his date. Not only did Clarke go on to play Nina Myers on 24, and Bella Swan’s other in Twilight, but she also went on to date actor Paul Rudd. In fact, Hamm and Rudd competed for Clarke’s affection and, although Hamm took her to Prom, it seems Rudd got the girl in the end. It seems the actors put all this drama behind them and have remained good friends since.



At most awards shows that Rihanna attends, she almost always looks like she is about to go her high school prom. With large, beautiful ball gowns, any high school student would be lucky to wear such a dress, but for an actual prom, Rihanna kept it simple with a cobalt blue maxi dress. Rihanna shot to fame at the age of 16 having very different teenage years to her peers, but she has since gone on to achieve tremendous success in the music world.


Julia Roberts

Even in high school, Julia Roberts was enchanting people with her award-winning smile and the man in the picture was the lucky guy who got to accompany her to prom. Before hitting the big time in box-office hits such as Notting Hill and Ocean’s Eleven, Roberts was a student at Campbell High School. Speaking of her prom photo to Jimmy Kimmel, who surprised her with the old throwback, she said, “There’s a hair shadow that’s making my hair appear much larger than it actually was.”


Angelina Jolie

Fresh-faced Angelina Jolie went to prom in a pale yellow dress, embellished jewels, and with a bouquet of flowers. Years before playing the role of Mrs. Smith, or even becoming Mrs. Pitt, Angelina was a high school student at Moreno High School where she was known as a “punk outsider.” In 2004, the very famous actress said, “I am still at heart—and always will be—just a punk kid with tattoos.” However, now she is just a punk kid with many accolades and film credits to her name!


Ashton Kutcher

Known not to be taken too seriously, it is no surprise that Ashton Kutcher was front and center busting out the moves during his prom. However, his time in school was not so smooth sailing. After his family moved to Homestead, Iowa, Kutcher attended Clear Creek Amana High School and, during his senior year, the actor broke into his high school at midnight in an attempt to steal money with his cousin. He was arrested leaving the scene and convicted of third-degree burglary.


Carrie Underwood

She became a household name after winning the fourth season of American Idol in 2005, but Carrie Underwood had put off a career in singing for a period beforehand. The Oklahoma native attended Checotah High School, where she was an Honor Society member, a cheerleader, and played basketball and softball, but explained, “After high school, I pretty much gave up on the dream of singing. I had reached a point in my life where I had to be practical and prepare for my future in the ‘real world.'”


Lizzy Caplan

Elizabeth Caplan garnered wide attention after starring in Mean Girls, where she played the role of high school outsider, Janis Ian. Meanwhile, Elizabeth, who goes by the name of Lizzy, attended Alexander Hamilton High School and, as seen in her prom photo, she had her own unique style. Along with the guy in the photo, the actress and her pal co-ordinated their hair color and he went for an unconventional choice of a cow printed jacket. We wonder what they think about this look when looking back at photos.


Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon looks as though she has not aged a single bit since her photo was taken the night of her high school prom. The Big Little Lies star looked the spitting image of her eldest child and daughter, Ava, while she attended the all-girls Harpeth Hall School in Nashville, during which time she was a cheerleader. Meanwhile, she was described as a “multi-achiever” and her parents nicknamed her “Little Type A.” Witherspoon went on to achieve even greater things when she pursued acting and is a recipient of many awards.


Will Ferrell

He has achieved worldwide success thanks to his comedic and jokester nature, and Will Ferrell proved that he was no different during his time in high school. The actor and funnyman wore a tiara to his school prom. But, of course, we would expect nothing less! While he may not have been voted prom king, he certainly proved he was royalty on the big night when he stole his date’s crown, and has since become relatively royal in the world of Hollywood.


Debra Messing

Debra Messing recently reprised her role of Grace Adler in the hit sitcom Will & Grace, pleasing her fans around the world. However, before she was even familiar with the character of Grace, she was a student at East Greenwich High School and starred in her school productions of Annie and Grease. It seems that Messing knew she wanted to pursue acting from an early age, and it has paid off with the actress going on to earn five Primetime Emmy Award nominations, winning once in 2003.