The Cast Of Skins: Where Are They Now?

From 2007 to 2013, British viewers were hooked on watching the events that took place with the Skins students at the same sixth form. Since the show was categorized into three generations, after two series, viewers would be introduced to a whole new set of characters and their new storylines. In fact, some of Hollywood’s biggest names started on Skins, and they have the E4 teen drama to thank for their beginnings.

Kaya Scodelario As Effy – Then

On August 5, 2013, British viewers had to say goodbye to one of their favorite E4 show, Skins, after being hooked for the past seven series. But long before, fans had said goodbye to their favorite actors from the first few series, like Kaya Scodelario.


Taking on the character of Effy Stonem in the first series, Kaya Scodelario became a leading actress during the third and fourth series. Stonem, who played Tony’s troubled sister, eventually ended up behind bars for insider trading during the final episodes.

Kaya Scodelario – Now

Starring on Skins proved to be the perfect platform for Scodelario to become a rising star. While she became well-known for her time on Skins, she also capitalised on early movie roles such as Moon in 2009 and Wuthering Heights in 2011.


However, it was in 2014 when the young actress won a major role in a hit franchise. Scodelario starred in Maze Runner and its sequels, while also starring in the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Salazar’s Revenge.

Mitch Hewer As Maxxie – Then

Mitch Hewer took on the role of Maxxie Oliver in Generation One and was known to be best friends with Anwar. However, while Oliver enjoyed demonstrating his fantastic dance moves, this is precisely what drew Sketch to stalk the blonde teen.


After developing a relationship with James, and introducing him to everyone, the pair moves to London together in the final episodes of series two. They also managed to convince Anwar to join after he failed to get the grades to university.

Mitch Hewer – Now

Hewer starred in the ITV series, Britannia High, which was the short-lived series that attempted to translate the success of High School Musical to television. While this was pre-Glee, it failed to take off, and Hewer went through a quiet period until resurfacing in 2014 when he starred alongside Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber as Steven Stevens in the film Behaving Badly.


In 2017, Hewer returned to a drama series when he joined the cast of Casualty playing the role of Mickey Ellisson.

Joe Dempsie As Chris – Then

Part of the original Skins cast was, of course, Chris Miles played by Joe Dempsie. While the character of Chris was known to enjoy his fair share of illicit substances, he was also described as enjoying listening to 1970s emo music and pop of the 1980s.


Sadly, however, Chris died in series two from a brain hemorrhage, just like his brother who he had great admiration for. Although the rest of his classmates celebrated their A-Level results, they also went to Chris’ funeral in the last episode.

Joe Dempsie – Now

In 2013, Digital Spy readers voted Chris as the greatest Skins character of all time, and it seems Joe Dempsie caught the eye of other writers following his success on the show.


Dempsie has since played the role of Gendry in the hit series, Games of Thrones during series one to three, as well as its seventh, and most recent, series. Meanwhile, the actor has also starred in This is England ’86, This is England ’90, The Fades, Murder: Joint Enterprise, and Southcliffe.

Dev Patel As Anwar – Then

While many on the characters on Skins were getting in trouble during their teenage years, Anwar, played by Dev Patel, was one of the least troubled characters on the show.


The best friend of Maxxie, who was also rubbish with girls, he was certainly the joker in the pack. While Mazzie’s relationship with James made Answar feel uneasy at first, he eventually moved with the couple to London following his poor A-Level results and trouble getting into university.

Dev Patel – Now

Dev Patel has certainly risen to stardom following his time on Skins. While he became a household name when starring as Anwar on the show, he rose to international stardom after his breakthrough Hollywood role in 2008 in Slumdog Millionaire.


Dev later starred in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and its sequel, as well as Chappie in 2015. Moreover, Dev Patel was nominated for an Oscar in 2017 for his role in Lion, proving he was one of the most successful characters from the E4 series.

Kathryn Prescott As Emily – Then

In series 3 of the show, twins Katie and Emily Finch were introduced, played by real-life twins Kathryn and Megan Prescott. The sisters couldn’t be more different, with Kate being more aggressive, extroverted, and controlling, in comparison to her sister’s quieter nature.


The twins did come up with their own secret language only they can understand called “Twin Speak.” However, Katie had a hard time learning of her sister’s feelings for girls in series three but soon came to terms with it.

Kathryn Prescott – Now

Kathryn Prescott certainly made a name for herself after starring in series three and four of Skins, but later moved across the pond where she found more success. She became the star of MTV’s hit mystery drama playing Carter Stevens in Finding Carter, before taking on roles in 24: Legacy, Reign, and The Dovekeepers.


She has also starred in episodes on British soap dramas Casualty and Doctors, while also starring in the American drama, The Son most recently in 2017.

Luke Pasqualino As Freddie – Then

Luke Pasqualino joined the cast of Skins for its third series, before being replaced as with every character after two seasons. Playing the role of Freddie McClair, Pasqualino’s character endured a tumultuous relationship with Effy on the show which also resulted in a love triangle with his best friend, James Cook.


Although his relationship caused a conflict with Cook and his other best friend JJ, Freddie continued to be in a relationship with Effy during the fourth series, helping her with her depression.

Luke Pasqualino – Now

Since being replaced on Skins, Pasqualino featured on BBC One’s The Musketeers and in the Battlestar Galactica prequel, Blood & Chrome. In 2013, the former teenage heartthrob starred in the acclaimed sci-fi film, Snowpiercer before taking on the role of Elvis Harte, a special forces officer in the Special Air Service, in BBC One’s, Our Girl.


He has previously starred in episodes of Casualty and Miranda and, in 2017, he joined the cast of the American TV series, Snatch, which is directed by Guy Ritchie.

Hannah Murray As Cassie – Then

Cassie Ainsworth, played by Hannah Murray, first appeared in Skins during the first two series, before reprising her role once again in the seventh. Cassie was known for having several mental disorders, lacking in self-esteem, and for being a troubled girl.


At the end of the second season, she develops a relationship with her roommate Chris Miles, but when she returns in series 7, she is almost unrecognizable. She had since gone on to live in London and was working as a waitress in a cafe.

Hannah Murray – Now

During her two Skins stints, Murray appeared alongside Doctor Who star, Matt Smith in the 2008 West End production of That Face. She later starred in the sci-fi movie, Womb, before finding success as Samwell Tarly’s beloved Gilly on the HBO hit series, Game of Thrones.


Having found international success while on the show, she has also been nominated for two Screen Actors Guild Awards for her role as Gilly and won a BAFTA Audience Award for her role of Cassie.

Mike Bailey As Sid – Then

The character played by Mike Bailey during series one and two was Sid Jenkins. Initially, Sid was known to have low self-esteem and was nervous around girls. One series on and the previously awkward teen had become more confident in his own skin, which followed from the accident of his best friend and role model, Tony.


In fact, Sid enjoyed relationships with both Cassie Ainsworth and Michelle Richardson, with his romance with Cassie being one of the show’s most captivating.

Mike Bailey – Now

Bailey only appeared in Skins for the first two series and, in 2009, appeared as Tofi in the Channel 4 drama 1066: The Battle for Middle Earth. His final acting appearance was in We Are the Freaks, a teen comedy produced by Alex Usborne at 104 Films, and released in 2013.


He has stayed relatively quiet ever since, and it has been reported that the actor changed his career path and went into working as a sales and marketing officer in London.

April Pearson As Michelle – Then

After auditions were held in her school, and her drama teacher suggested she go, April Pearson was chosen to play Michelle Richardson in the British teen drama during series one and two. Just like her fellow cast-mates, she was written out of the show in order to introduce a new generation of characters.


However, while Michelle was on the show, she endured a romantic relationship with Tony, all the while knowing his best friend, Sid, was in love with her.

April Pearson – Now

Having joined a theatre group at the age of three, Pearson made her television debut in 1998 when she appeared in the popular soap drama, Casualty. Her breakthrough role came when she was cast to play Michelle Richardson on Skins, but left with all the other “original” members.


In 2008, she once again appeared in Casualty as a different character to her original appearance and made her film debut in 2009 in the film Tormented, alongside her Skins co-star, Larissa Wilson.

Lily Loveless As Naomi – Then

After questioning her sexuality on the show, Naomi Cambell discovered she was starting to take an interest to Emily Fitch. Their romantic pairing became one of the show’s most popular, but just like many parts of the teen drama, their relationship ended horribly.


Naomi managed to become a successful stand-up comedian but sadly developed terminal cancer. Viewers watched how she struggled to cope with her diagnosis in her return during series seven, and she eventually became the fourth major character to die.

Lily Loveless – Now

While appearing on Skins on two separate occasions, Lily Loveless has many other credits to her name. She has appeared in Sleepyhead, The Fades, Bedlam, Combat Kids, and the final series of The Sarah Jane Adventures.


Away from television, Loveless was a performer in Psychotic Dance Company, a dance group which specialises in street dance and other urban styles. During her time in the group, Loveless received the 2007 Jacky Petchey Achievement Award and performed with the Company at the Tottenham Carnival.

Sam Jackson As Alex – Then

When Alex Henley joined the cast of series six, he was described as the “mysterious flirty new guy.” He lived his life by rolling dice and performing actions in accordance with the number he rolled. While he initially caught the eye of Liv, things became awkward between the teenagers when she found out he was interested in men.


The two were able to move past their awkwardness and soon became fast friends. Meanwhile, he kissed Nick Levan during his time on the show.

Sam Jackson – Now

Following his brief stint on the teen drama, Jackson won himself recurring roles on both Holby City and E4’s Drifters. That same year, he also took on the lead role of Billy in a 2013 stage production of Kes, and gained a supporting role in BBC’s series, The Syndicate.


Before becoming a household name on British television, Jackson worked in television during his school years and appeared in an Asda commercial, as well as having small roles in shows such as Heartbeat.

Dakota Blue Richards As Franky- Then

Just as many teenagers struggle in high school, Franky Fitzgerald was no different while growing up. Played by actress Dakota Blue Richards, Franky was the outsider at Roundview and a student who struggled with her feelings, resulting in a tendency to lash out.


However, as part of the third Generation on Skins, Franky’s intelligence and creativity allowed the struggling teen to blossom during the fifth and sixth series, making her one of the stars of the show.

Dakota Blue Richards – Now

Before her stint on Skins, Dakota Blue Richards was a child star, after making her screen debut in 2007 on The Golden Compass, where she took on the lead role of Lyra Belacqua. Richards also played the lead role when she took to the big screen in films Dustbin Baby and The Secret of Moonacre.


Moreover, after all the characters of series six of Skins were replaced, Richards won a role on ITV’s supernatural drama, Lightfields in 2013 and joined detective serial Endeavour in 2016.

Laya Lewis  As Liv- Then

Liv Malone claimed to be the “normal” one of the group, who is “cool,” “laid back,” and “doesn’t really care about anything.” She did, however, care about her close friend Mini, but their relationship became strained after Grace’s death.


Fortunately, the pair reconciled and were able to get their friendship back to normal just in time for Mini to give birth. Much of her focus was on Matty during her time on the show and her conflict with Franky, who also had feelings for Matty.

Laya Lewis – Now

When it came to her career following her time on Skins, it is fair to say Laya Lewis had her fair share of jobs. In 2012, she starred in the music video for Emeli Sandé’s mega-hit, ‘My Kind of Love,’ which recounts the story of a relationship between two of girls, one of which, being Lewis, lives with cancer.


The following year she had a role in the short film, The Line and, in 2014, starred in an episode of the sitcom Cuckoo.

Alex Arnold As Rich – Then

While actor Alex Arnold played Rich Hardbeck in the third generation of the teen drama, it was clear he loved two things – heavy metal and Grace, played by actress Jessica Sula. In true Skins fashion, however, the teenagers love lives did not come easy, nor did they end well.


The same went for outsider Hardbeck, who fell for Grace, and she ended up in a car accident which sent her into a coma. In even more Skins fashion, she, of course, never woke up.

Alex Arnold – Now

After landing his breakthrough role on Skins starring in the fifth and sixth series, he starred in a two-part ITV drama called A Mother’s Son, and appeared in the BBC Three zombie drama, In the Flesh.


Moreover, he played the tragic Jim Carter when he joined the cast of BBC’s Poldark, based on The Poldark Novels, and landed his first film role when he stared in the 2014 western, The Salvation. Arnold is also the lead singer of an indie band called Circuithouse.

Freya Mavor As Mini- Then

While all characters are replaced after two series, Mini McGuiness was certainly able to shine when she became the queen bee of Generation Three. However, while Mini proved to be sweet on the surface, she certainly changed her ways if ever threatened.


Speaking of her character, Freye Mvor described Mini as “quite a feisty and witty figure, but she doesn’t really think about the consequences of her actions.” Meanwhile, Mini surprised many when she struck up a relationship with farmboy, Alo.

Freya Mavor – Now

Freya Mavor made quite the impact while featuring on Skins and was even nominated for her role for Best Actress at the 2012 TV Choice Awards. Meanwhile, a year earlier, the actress became the face of Pringle of Scotland for its 2011 spring/summer campaign, and she won the Fashion Icon of the Year Award at the 2011 Scottish Fashion Awards.

Mavor took an interest in acting when she was ten years old and had watched The Shining. Her first acting experience was in her school production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Nicholas Hoult As Tony – Then

Nicholas Hoult joined Skins for the first two series, where he played the bad boy, Tony Stonem. While in the first series he was considered to have sociopathic tendencies and was relatively antagonistic, his personality took a turn after he was badly hurt in a traffic accident.


Having to rely on others after becoming a victim of subdural hematoma, Stonem became more vulnerable and was a different person in his final episodes before being replaced by new characters.

Nicholas Hoult – Now

Perhaps one of the most famous actors to have starred on Skins was Nicholas Hoult. After his two year period on the teen drama, Hoult went on to achieve international fame after becoming a Hollywood star.


He has starred in films such as Mad Max: Fury Road and the book adaptations, Dark Places and Kill Your Friends. Perhaps he is most famous, however, for his role of Hank McCoy in the X-Men films, a role he reprised in X-Men: Apocalypse.

Larrisa Wilson As Jal – Then

Playing the role of Jal Fazer in the first two series was Larrisa Wilson. Jal was considered to be the sensible girl, but could never stay out of trouble.


Once again, Jal was another character to fall victim to the Skins curse, whereby she fell for a boy only to lose him later on. She found love with Chris, whose health shockingly deteriorated. Meanwhile, Jal had fallen pregnant with Chris’s baby and admitted she aborted the baby in the finale of series two.

Larrisa Wilson – Now

Larrisa Wilson has been keeping busy since her stint on Skins ended, and she could have been spotted on numerous channels. She appeared on Sky1’s Trollied in 2012, ITV’s The Town that same year, and Channel 5’s crime drama, Suspects, in 2014.


Meanwhile, before her time on Skins, she appeared on an episode of Holby City playing the role of Rebecca Webster, and starred alongside her Skins co-star, April Pearson in the film Tormented. Since 2014, however, she has no acting credits to her name.

Lisa Backwell As Pandora- Then

She is best known for playing Pandora Moon while starring in Skins Generation Two. While starring in the third and fourth series of the show, Pandora and Effy seemed like an odd couple but remained the best of friends.


Further into her stint on the show, viewers watched how Pandora had a troubled relationship with her boyfriend, Thomas Tomone, and was left heartbroken when his mother sent him back to Congo. The pair reconciled at the end of series three, however, during their school’s prom night.

Lisa Backwell – Now

While starring on a hit series such as Skins was certainly a great platform for all the actors on the show, Lisa Blackwell stayed relatively out of the spotlight after her stint on Skins.


However, she did appear opposite Keira Knightley and Elisabeth Moss in the 2011 West End production of The Children’s Hour, and guest-starred on ITV’s Endeavour in 2012. Her most recent credit was that same year when she starred as Sasha Hemmings in the short film, Too Good a Samaritan.

Merveille Lukeba as Thomas – Then

He was the Congo migrant who moved to Bristol and joined the fellow teens in sixth form. He struck up a relationship with Pandora, but after being caught in bed together by his mother, he was sent back to Congo. He struggled to understand British life and was considered to be kinder and more spiritual than his classmates.


He rekindled his romance with Pandora on his return, but almost ruins everything when he cheats on her with the pastor’s daughter.

Merveille Lukeba – Now

Originally born in Kinshasa, Zaire, Merveille, who is best-known as Merv to his friends, was raised in Woolwich, southeast London. Before taking on the role of Thomas Tomone and becoming a main cast member on Skins in 2009, he starred in the feature film Ezra, and the hit British series The Bill.


Following his two series stint on Skins, Merv starred as John Hackett in Bloody Foreigners, and as Kyle Hutchinson in Lewis. Aside from acting, he can speak fluent French and Lingala.

Jack O’Connell As James – Then

Jack O’Connell first found fame when he took on the Jack the Lad role of James Cook in the third and fourth series of Skins.


While he appeared to be a womaniser with a violent lifestyle during the third series, often causing trouble and havoc, he began to realise the consequences of his actions and the way his younger brother was following in his footsteps. He soon changed his ways and focused on the disappearance of his best friend at the end of series four.

Jack O’Connell – Now

Jack O’Connell made his film debut as a teenage skinhead in the drama This is England in 2006. His breakthrough, however, came when he gave a critically acclaimed performance in the independent films Starred Up in 2013 and ’71 a year later.


O’Connell then found himself working on his first major Hollywood picture in Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken, a role for which he received the BAFTA Rising Star Award. In 2016, he starred alongside Hollywood stars George Clooney and Julie Roberts in Monster.