The Cast Of Crossroads: Where Are They Now?


Lucy Pargeter – Helen Raven

It seemed like Helen Raven had one of the more well-defined backstories of all the new characters of the Crossroads revival series. The daughter of classic character Virginia Raven, Helen was a very different character and it was their stark contrast in personality that made their relationship so compelling to viewers. Although they locked heads on many occasions because of their differing approaches to life, Helen and Virginia eventually made amends, with the former becoming a barmaid.

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Lucy Pargeter – Now

Lucy Pargeter was certainly one of the more popular characters in the revival series of Crossroads. However, without a shadow of a doubt, she is best known for her role as Chas Dingle in the long-running Yorkshire soap Emmerdale and is still in the show to this very day. In 2013, Pargeter joined the 13th series of popular reality contest I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!. She finished in a very respectable third place after enduring many of the bushtucker trials.

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Diane Keen – Sandra Gould

She might not be one of the more prominent characters on Crossroads, but it was impossible to leave out Diane Keen from this list, simply due to her high profile. She had a short-lived role on the original series back in 1970, playing the waitress, Sandra Gould. Eventually, Keen would go on to appear regularly on 70s shows such as The Cuckoo Waltz, Rings on their Fingers, and Shillingbury Tales. However, it was her brief role as Sandra that caught the public’s eye.

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Diane Keen – Now

She may not be a household name, but Diane Keen is certainly a recognizable face, especially after being the face of Nescafe commercials during the 70s. She has been a consistent performer up until this very day. One of the standout shows that the actress is best known for is Doctors, which she played Julia Parsons in for nearly a decade, between 2003 and 2012. One fascinating detail about Keen is that her own granddaughter, Siena Pugsley, actually played her on-screen granddaughter as well, during her time on Doctors.

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Cindy Marshall-Day – Tracey Booth

Before being cast as Tracey Booth, Cindy Marshall-Day actually appeared as an extra in the Leslie Neilsen-led horror comedy Dracula: Dead and Loving It. However, it is certainly her time on Crossroads that fans will best remember her for. One of the recurring storylines revolved around her tumultuous relationship with husband Jake Booth. After their marriage came to an end and a long custody battle, Tracey nearly took her own life before the show came to an end.

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Cindy Marshall-Day – Now

Many over the years have wondered what happened to Cindy Marshall-Day after her time on Crossroads came to an end. Amazingly, the only other show that the actress has appeared on since her role as Tracey Booth was an episode of The Afternoon Play, titled “Johnny Shakespeare.” However, it seems that one of the reasons that she stepped away from the limelight was due to a traumatic incident she had suffered while in the house of the late producer Michael Winner.

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Max Brown – Mark Russell

One of the younger generation of the Crossroads revival series, Max Brown played conference manager Mark Russell. The son of the hotel’s owners, he was surely destined for big things! Although he was often there as a foil for other characters’ more compelling storylines, Mark was always there to lend a helping hand. One of his standout moments came when he helped out his alcoholic sis-in-law Tracey. However, his finest hour came when he married a “fake” Sarah Jane Harvey!

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Max Brown – Now

Even before Crossroads, Max Brown was an established soap actor, having already been part of the main cast of the kids’ soap Grange Hill. After his time as Mark Russell came to an end, Brown starred on numerous other soaps such as Hollyoaks, Doctors, Casualty, and Heartbeat, to name a few. Brown has also had a successful role in a period drama, starring as Edward Seymour in The Tudors. Brown’s most recent role came in the American soap The Royals.

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Freema Agyeman – Lola Wise

The Wise sisters burst onto the scene in the Crossroads revival series, albeit it as a front. Lola, played by Freema Agyeman, and Belle, played by Jessica Fox, pretended to be pop stars who happened to be staying at the Kings Oak hotel. However, it wouldn’t take long before the staff found out about their lies, especially after using a credit card they had previously stolen. In order to pay back their debts, they began working at the hotel.

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Freema Agyeman – Now

Arguably the most successful actress to have starred in Crossroads, both old and new, the sky seems to be the limit for Freema Agyeman! Just a couple of years after her debut TV role as Lola Wise, Agyeman became the companion in Doctor Who, Martha Jones. She worked alongside David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor for a couple of seasons before moving on to shows such as Torchwood and Law & Order: UK. She recently took to Netflix, starring in the Wachowski Siblings’ series Sense8.

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Jane Asher – Angel Samson

In order to fill the void left by the shocking death of long-running main character Jill, the writers decided to create a new powerful lady to lead the show. This time, they brought on Jane Asher to play the character, Angel Samson. The actress brought a considerable amount of experience to the show, having starred in shows such as Hawksmoor, The Mistress and Wish Me Luck. Asher ended up apologizing to the fans after Crossroads was canceled in 2003.

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Jane Asher – Now

Despite not being able to keep Crossroads going, Jane Asher maintained a respectable acting career. Since then, the actress has starred on shows such as Holby City, The Palace, and The Old Guys, to name a few. Of course, Jane Asher is probably best known for having been in a five-year relationship with Paul McCartney, of all people. After being married to illustrator Gerald Scarfe since 1971, Asher refuses to comment on her relationship with McCartney in interviews.

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Tony Adams – Adam Chance

One of the rare characters who featured in both the original run and the revival series of Crossroads was Adam Chance. Tony Adams landed the role back in 1978 and was a regular on the show until the show’s end a decade later. However, Adams shocked fans two-fold. Firstly, for reprising his role of Adam Chance in 2001. Secondly, for killing off his own wife Jill! However, karma would soon turn its ugly head when his character was also killed off in a fire.

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Tony Adams – Now

Sadly, Tony Adams’s life post-Crossroads hasn’t been without its fair share of trouble. The actor recalled how one fan was so furious with the way his character treated people on the show, that he tried to kill him! “He sneaked into the studios and charged at me with a knife,” he said. “Luckily, two security cards were nearby and I was unhurt.” Since then, Adams has appeared on a stage production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in 2004.

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Jessica Fox – Belle Wise

One of the standout performers of Crossroads‘ revival series was Jessica Fox, who played the sister of Lola Wise – Belle. Her most memorable moment was when she fell in love with Jimmy.

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Jessica Fox – Now

It feels like Jessica Fox has been on British TV for so long! Nevertheless, the talented actress is still only in her early-30s! When her time on Crossroads came to an end, it wouldn’t take long before Fox upgraded to a more high-profile soap. She joined the cast of Hollyoaks in 2005 and has played the character of Nancy Hayton ever since, making her one of the longest-serving characters on the show. Outside of acting, Fox does charity work for Breast Cancer Care.

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Les Dennis – Dr. Richmond

It may have been a guest appearance, but it was certainly a memorable one. Les Dennis is better known as a show presenter, particularly for his work on Family Fortunes, which he was the host of for 15 years. Just a year later, he appeared on Crossroads as the psychiatrist Dr. Richmond. As he had recently split up with Amanda Holden at the time, Dennis was looking for a way to take his mind off his personal shortcomings.

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Les Dennis – Now

It turns out that Crossroads wasn’t the last soap opera that Les Dennis would have a role in. In fact, he ended up landing a more regular role on the more popular show Coronation Street. He played the character Michael Rodwell between 2014 and 2016. It’s not just Dennis’s professional life that was on the up. He also got over his break up with Amanda Holden and has been married to Claire Robinson since 2009. Most recently, Dennis played Fester in The Addams Family UK Tour.

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Jane Rossington – Jill Richardson

Amazingly, it was Jane Rossington who spoke the very first words of Crossroads during its original run. On November 2nd, 1964, her character Jill Richardson said the words, “Crossroads Motel, good evening.” She was the daughter of original motel owner Meg Richardson. However, Jill was the subject of much suffering and went through an incredible five marriages during her 24 years on the show. The troubled character also said the final words of the show during its original run in 1988.

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Jane Rossington – Now

When it was announced that Jane Rossington would reprise her role as Jill in the revival series of Crossroads, fans were frothing at the mouth to see more of the iconic character. However, they were left with a bitter taste just three months into the run, as the writers decided to shockingly kill her off. Since then, Rossington hasn’t done too much on TV. However, she is still an avid ambassador of the show and is the main patron of the Crossroads Appreciation Society.

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Susan Hanson – Miss Diane

Who would’ve thought that Susan Hanson would be part of one of the most controversial deaths in British soap history? Originally, the actress played Miss Diane, the wife of the popular Benny. She was one of the main stars of the original run of Crossroads between the 1964 and 1988. However, Hanson decided to quit acting after falling pregnant and wanting to focus on her family life. As a result, her character was killed off, leaving fans heartbroken.

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Susan Hanson – Now

It seemed like Susan Hanson’s story came full circle in recent times. After being killed off on Crossroads in order to take a step back from the limelight, the actress ended up losing her own husband in 2004 – musician Carl Wayne. As a result, she was determined to get back out there and prove that she still had what it takes. In the end, she landed a role on one of the biggest British soap around – Coronation Street.

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Paul Henry – Benny Hawkins

Every soap opera needs at least handful of characters who you can depend on for comic relief. Without a shadow of a doubt, Benny Hawkins was one of Crossroads‘ go-to guys for all things funny. Paul Henry portrayed the character during the show’s original run and was a part of the main cast between 1975 and 1988. One of the only actors born in Birmingham to star in the show, Henry was the perfect candidate to play the handy-man.

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Paul Henry – Now

He may have been a popular character on Crossroads, but Paul Henry hasn’t had too many roles since portraying Benny Hawkins. Instead, he decided to do minor work on stage, as well a running a nightclub. 2004 marked his first return to TV in a long time, with the actor playing a recurring role in the prison drama Bad Girls. Henry has also appeared on game shows such as Celebrity Pointless. He competed alongside Shaun Williamson and together, they won the jackpot!

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Gabrielle Drake – Nicola Freeman

It turns out that the late Nick Drake’s sister, Gabrielle, had a brief spell on Crossroads. She played the motel boss Nicola Freeman who certainly added a touch of class to the show. This is because Gabrielle Drake had already built up a respectable career in acting, starring in shows such as The Brothers, UFO, The Avengers and Coronation Street. Although she only appeared on the show for two years during the show’s original run, Nicola was a memorable character.

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Gabrielle Drake – Now

Since her brother’s death in 1974, Gabrielle Drake has worked hard to promote Nick’s work. As a result, she ended up collecting a Hall of Fame Folk Award in 2018 on behalf of him at a ceremony in Belfast. Outside of TV, she has done a lot of work on stage, with her most recent performance in 2011, reciting extracts from the diaries of Robert and Clara Schumann. She has been happily married for 40 years and lives with her husband in Shropshire.

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Roger Sloman as Rocky Wesson

It was Roger Sloman who had a pivotal role as head porter Rocky Wesson, the man with a loyal dog and plenty of tales from his time spent serving in the Falklands. With a well-documented crush on Virginia, Roger Sloman’s character added a bit of experience and gave the impression that this was a man who had seen a lot. Although he was only in the revival series for six episodes, there was no denying Sloman’s impact.

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Roger Sloman – Now

It’s safe to say that Roger Sloman’s best years had preceded his time on the revival series of Crossroads. With roles in shows such as Black Adder, Mr. Bean, and My Family under his belt, it would be difficult for Sloman to do much better in his career. Nevertheless, he managed to do just that. Eight years after Crossroads came to an end, the actor could be found on the popular sitcom Shameless. After that, he had a recurring role on EastEnders.

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Sue Nicholls – Marilyn Gates

Without a doubt, Sue Nicholls is a prolific figure in the world of British soaps. Long before her iconic role as Audrey in Coronation Street, she played Marilyn Gates in the original run of Crossroads. She played the character from 1964 to 1968. It was during this time that Nicholls sang a song on the show, “Where Will You Be?” This song actually became a hit single shortly after airing on TV, reaching number 17 in the UK charts.

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Sue Nicholls – Now

Sue Nicholls was undoubtedly successful during her time on Crossroads. However, the British public will remember her best for her long-running role as Audrey on Coronation Street. The actress has been a part of the Manchester-based soap for the last 35 years and after winning awards for her role, continues to delight fans with her bubbly hairdressing character. Since 1993, Nicholls has been married to actor Mark Eden, who also starred in Coronation Street as character Alan Bradley during the 80s.

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Jane Gurnett – Kate Russell

After already establishing herself as a talented actress, with two years under her belt in the medical drama Casualty, Jane Gurnett joined the cast of Crossroads during its revival series. She played the character Kate Russell, the general manager of the motel. Despite being a single mother, Kate managed to demonstrate her identity as a strong, independent woman and was thoroughly respected by her staff. However, things took a turn for the worst when she had an affair with her old flame, Billy.

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Jane Gurnett – Now

It seems like Jane Gurnett was no longer interested in acting once Crossroads came to an end in 2003. The actress decided to turn to teaching and ended up getting a job at Warwick School. Since 2010, Gurnett has taught drama at the school. As far as her personal life is concerned, Jane used to be with Ray Fearon, who had a successful acting career, starring in shows such as Coronation Street and Doctors. They had a daughter together.

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Colin Wells – Jake Booth

If you could consider anyone on the revival series of Crossroads to be something of an antagonist, then it has to be Jake Booth. Colin Wells portrayed the ruthless businessman, who was hellbent on making sure he owned every single penny of the motel. A nasty character, Jake only seemed to do one good thing; marry Tracey. That was only after he got her pregnant. Nevertheless, he didn’t really love her and was constantly looking elsewhere for a slice of romance.

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Colin Wells – Jake Booth

Ultimately, Colin Wells will be best remembered, not for his role as Jake Booth, but for his portrayal of Johnno Dean in fellow soap opera Hollyoaks. He played the character for a couple of years. However, he did make a surprise guest appearance over a decade later! Before that, Wells worked on shows such as Casualty and The Bill. Outside of his acting schedule, Wells is a keen fan of West Ham United football club and is happily married with two kids.

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Rhea Bailey – Chloe Simms

The sister of pop star Corinne Bailey-Rae has achieved plenty during her young career as an aspiring actress. At the turn of the Millenium, she landed a role as Chloe Simms, a cheeky friend of Nicola Russell who works part-time as a waitress at the hotel’s cafe. Her friendship with Nicola was very on an off and despite struggling to make ends meet financially, she came from a happy family. This certainly wasn’t the case in real life though…

crossroads 44

Rhea Bailey – Now

Still, in her early-30s, Rhea Bailey is proving to be one of the most talented actresses on British TV today. In the last 15 years alone, she has starred in some of the biggest shows the country has to offer. These include the likes of Casualty, Doctors, Waterloo Road and The Bill, to name a few. However, Bailey has taken a break from acting after receiving much criticism for her role as the antagonist Caz in Coronation Street.

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Peter Dalton – Minty Sutton

Looking back on his time as Minty Sutton, Peter Dalton recently shared how he felt about the role that he played for two years. He revealed that he had participated in a TV workshop with Carlton Junior Television, which ultimately landed him the role of Minty. “Crossroads was an absolutely fantastic experience,” he said. “I auditioned for the part of Minty alongside my friend, Mark Jordan, who auditioned for the part of Des, and we both got the roles.”

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Peter Dalton – Now

Nowadays, Peter Dalton is better known by his radio alias MistaJam, who is a DJ and show presenter on BBC Radio 1. Originally one of the most prominent voices on BBC 1Xtra, Dalton eventually became the host of the Drivetime show and also runs the Dance Anthems section on Saturdays. One of Dalton’s upcoming projects will see him playing a fictional DJ on the video game Forza Horizon 4, in charge of a radio show called Horizon Block Party.

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Rebecca Hazlewood – Beena Shah

Despite being 25 at the time, Rebecca Hazlewood was able to portray a convincing 18-year-old bar waitress by the name of Beena Shah. With Des and Minty being true admirers of her, Beena also comes across as a self-loving kind of lady. Although she eventually moves up the ranks of receptionist, Beena has dreams of becoming a celebrity, in some shape or form. She may have been one of the most good-looking members of staff, but Beena certainly wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

crossroads 501

Rebecca Hazlewood – Now

During the same time that she was turning heads with her performance as Beena, Rebecca Hazlewood was also playing the role of Arun Parmar in the critically acclaimed prison drama Bad Girls. In more recent times, the talented actress has crossed over into American TV, having had minor roles on huge shows such as Lost, ER, and Grey’s Anatomy. One of her most recent roles came in 2016, when she appeared in The Good Place as the sister of Tahani – Kamilah.

crossroads 504

Gilly Gilchrist – Billy Taylor

There is no doubt that Gareth “Gilly” Gilchrist had already added a lot of noteworthy roles to his acting resume before having a 5-episode stint as the temperamental chef Billy Taylor. Gilchrist had already been acting for over two decades before ending up on the East Midlands show, having minor roles in other shows such as Between the Lines, Thief Takers and Bugs. He also briefly appeared in movies such as the Liam Neeson-led Rob Roy, as well as 2000’s Gladiator.

crossroads 503

Gilly Gilchrist – Now

It is clear that Gilly Gilchrist has remained thoroughly relevant in the world of TV in recent times. In the last decade alone, the talented actor has had roles, big and small, on notable shows such as Doctors, Lip Service, Waterloo Road, and The Replacement, to name a few. Gilchrist also had a minor role in the critically acclaimed prison drama film Starred Up, starring Jack O’Connell. His most recent role came in 2018’s medieval series Outlaw King.

crossroads 505

Sherrie Hewson – Virginia Raven

One of the more experienced performers to join the cast of Crossroads during its revival series, Sherrie Hewson already starred in a lot of shows beforehand. Some of her career highlights include the large number of roles she had on Carry On Laughing as well as the role of Maureen Webster on Coronation Street. Although it was her on-screen daughter Helen who often upstaged her, Virginia brought a touch of class to proceedings as the motel receptionist.

crossroads 5

Sherrie Hewson – Now

Sherrie Hewson has had something of a bumpy ride since Crossroads came to an end. Despite declaring bankruptcy in 2007, she has managed to bounce back in a pretty big way. In the last 15 years alone, the actress has been a regular panelist on popular women’s chat show Loose Women, while also holding down a brief role on fellow soap Emmerdale. Since 2012, Hewson’s most famous role has been as Joyce Temple-Savage in the popular sitcom Benidorm, which she still portrays to this very day.

crossroads 6

Neil Grainger – Phil Berry

One of the most popular young characters of the revival series of Crossroads, Phil Berry was the porter with big dreams, played by Neil Granger. It was Rocky who gave Phil a chance as a porter after getting him out of trouble. Phil spent a lot of his time trying to steal the heart of Patrick and Kate’s daughter Nicola. However, Phil eventually went on the run with her after being accused of killing Crossroads legend Jill!

crossroads 11

Neil Grainger – Now

Like many of the characters who have graced Crossroads over the years, Neil Grainger has appeared in a number of other soap operas since the show came to an end. With appearances on shows such as The Bill, EastEnders, and Heartbeat under his belt, Grainger certainly has plenty of acting experience. Outside of his work on-screen, the actor started running The Duke’s Comedy Club in London. Notable comedians such as Jack Whitehall and Lee Mack have performed there.

crossroads 43

Ramon Tikaram as Eddie Weaver

Long before he appeared on some of the biggest TV shows on the planet, Ramon Tikaram had a minor role as Eddie Weaver on Crossroads. This charming, good-looking hotel clerk appeared in the revival series for no more than four episodes. Nevertheless, Ramon Tikaram put his unique stamp on the show during his brief run. Eddie was certainly a hit with the ladies, and most notably saw Cindy Marshall-Day’s character Tracey develop a crush on him.

crossroads 105

Ramon Tikaram – Now

It turns out that Ramon Tikaram’s brief role as Eddie Weaver on Crossroads would be a very small stepping stone into a much more successful career in other areas of TV. With roles under his belt in shows such as EastEnders, Game of Thrones, The Mighty Boosh, and Doctors, to name a few, Tikaram has plenty of experience at the top level. The actor has also delved into the realm of video games, having roles in projects such as James Bond 007: Blood Stone and Hitman.

crossroads 102

Luke Roberts – Ryan Samson

A character can become a one-trick pony no matter what it is they keep repeating. When it came to Luke Roberts, who was played by Ryan Samson, he seemed to consistently steal the hearts of many women on Crossroads. Considered to be the Casanova of the show, Ryan seemed to always the subject of a ladies’ tug-of-war. However, before the show came to an end, he did get stalked by somebody and even saved his brother from committing suicide!

crossroads 19

Luke Roberts – Now

Believe it or not, but Luke Roberts ended up on an episode of Game of Thrones! That’s right, the man who used to play Ryan Samson, was cast as Ser Arthur Dayne, who is killed by a young Ned Stark in the episode “Oathbreaker.” Despite this, Roberts might be even better remembered for his role as Joseph Byrne in the medical drama Holby City. He starred in 200 episodes of the show over the course of five years.

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