These Style Icons Defined 70’s Fashion


We often see designers reviving old fashion trends and bringing them to present day runways. The 70’s is the time of fashion that is often replicated due to the freedom of expression it represented. From printed dresses to platforms and flares, the seventies made hippies chic and punk fashion cool leading everyone vying to be a part of the latest fashion trends. However, it wasn’t just the high-fashion designers that made it cool, it was the celebrity crowd that rocked it. These 70’s style influencers will always be remembered and their style will continue to be admired. Is there a better fashion era than the 70’s?

Diane Von Furstenberg – Then

The fashion designer rose to prominence in 1969 when she married into the German princely House of Furstenberg, as the wife of Prince Egon von Furstenberg.

70s-dvf then

Despite separating in 1973, Diane went on to keep his family name and use it to expand her fashion line. She became known for her iconic wrap dress which was seen on every celebrity and fashion icon.

Diane Von Furstenberg – Now

Today, Diane Von Furstenberg is amongst the most famous and well-respected fashion designers in the industry. She was elected the President of the Council of Fashion Designers of America in 2006 and has held the position ever since.


Her DVF fashion line has been seen on every A-lister as well as former first lady Michelle Obama, making her a go-to fashion icon. Diane later collaborated with well known brands including GapKids and CURRENT/ELLIOTT as well as being the director of the Diller – von Furstenberg Family Foundation.

Marie Osmond – Then

As the only female in The Osmond clan, Marie stayed away from her brothers singing group until the families record label convinced her otherwise.


In 1973, Marie released her first single as a solo artist titled Paper Roses which instantly became a country number one hit and led her to star in Donny & Marie with her brother. From then on, everyone looked up to Marie, the singer’s disco afro hair became the go-to look and women around the country all began rocking the perm.

Marie Osmond – Now

Marie Osmond’s career hasn’t always been easy and in 2010, Marie went into a deep depression when her adopted son Michael took his own life.


However, Marie didn’t turn away from the spotlight after, she turned to her family and music once again to heal her wounds, releasing new country music in 2016 as well as continuing her residency with Donny at the Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas. In addition, Marie has had a couple of stints on reality television, appearing on Dancing With The Stars.

Bo Derek – Then

Bo Derek became a fashion icon in the 70’s in the film 10 when the model turned into a breakout star. Everyone was in awe of Derek as she ran along the beach in a nude halter one-piece bathing suit.

70s-bo derek

In addition, Derek’s braids in the scene were copied by women everywhere in an attempt to emulate the 70’s pin-up. Despite 10 becoming a huge box office hit and propelling the success of Derek, her movies that followed seemed to bomb.

Bo Derek – Now

In the 2000’s, Derek took up roles in a number of feature films including Frozen with FearThe Master of Disguise and Malibu’s Most Wanted, some of which did not warrant the best of responses.


In a complete U-turn in her career, Derek turned to politics and showed her support for the Republican party, appearing at Republican conventions and acting as a strong friend of President George W. Bush and presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Her days of braids and flesh colored swimsuits are long gone.

Farrah Fawcett – Then

Farrah Fawcett rose to fame as private investigator Jill Munroe in the first season of hugely successful Charlie’s Angels in the mid 70’s.


 The blonde bombshell had hearts racing when she posed for her iconic red swimsuit poster, giving the actress international stardom and making the picture the best selling poster of a pin-up in history. In addition, Farrah’s profile was so prominent that many products had her face on them. Everything from dolls, board games, puzzles and school supplies were sold in their thousands.

Farrah Fawcett – Now

In the early 2000’s, Farrah appeared in sitcom Spin City and drama The Guardian, for which she earned her third Emmy nomination.


However, Farrah’s life was put on hold when she was diagnosed with cancer in 2006 and forced to undergo chemotherapy and surgery. Fawcett chose to document her battle with the disease, which earned her a fourth Emmy nomination in 2009. Unfortunately, at 62-years-old, Farrah succumbed to the cancer and died in 2009, three years after being diagnosed.

Elton John – Then

Elton John is amongst the greatest composers and musicians of all time with a career spanning over five decades. Not only was Elton’s music admired by so many, his fashion was too.


The star was never ceased to wear outrageous outfits, loud prints and bedazzled suits. How can we mention fashion icons without paying homage to Elton’s sepia shades which were practically moulded to Elton’s face. The trend caught on and was seen on almost everyone after Elton made them cool.

Elton John – Now

Throughout his incredible career, Elton has gone on to sell over 300 million records worldwide and has had more than 50 Top 40 hits, not to mention a ton of awards, including an Oscar.


It is fair to say that Elton John never slowed down in his career, and he continues to be one of the greatest musicians. In 2016, his 32nd studio album was released, truly a rare achievement for a musician. Elton is also an advocate for the fight against AIDS and has raised over $200 million with partner David Furnish.

Iman – Then

70’s supermodel Zara Mohamed Abdulmajid is more commonly known as Iman. The Somalian-American beauty was discovered by American photographer Peter Beard, and she then moved to the United States immediately after.


Incredibly, Iman’s first job after immigrating was for Vogue in 1976. She went on to pose for every prominent fashion magazine cover as well as work with all of the top designers in the world, even becoming the muse of Yves Saint Laurent who described her as his “dream woman.”

Iman – Now

In 1992, Iman famously married the late British rocker David Bowie. After over 20-years of modeling, Iman started her own cosmetics empire in 1994, using her experience in modeling to cater to women of all colors. By 2010, Iman Cosmetics took in $25 million annually.


In addition to her modeling career, Iman took up a passion for charity work and worked with many organizations to improve the lives of the less fortunate, something that earned her the Fashion Icon lifetime achievement award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

Liza Minelli – Then

Being the daughter of Judy Garland and film director Vincente Minnelli, it was obvious that Liza Minelli was destined for stardom.

70s-liza now

Liza became an international sensation when she took on the Academy Award-winning role of Sally Bowles in the 1972 iconic musical Cabaret. Liza’s signature dramatic bob and theatrical make-up was replicated by many and she became somewhat of a style icon in the 70’s. Other than the romantic comedy Arthur, none of Liza’s other films became major hits.

Liza Minelli – Now

After four failed marriages, the last being with the late David Gest, Liza gave up on her dream of having children, or a husband.


In 2009 Liza appeared on Australian Idol as a mentor and guest judge as well as making appearances in Sex and the City 2 in 2010 and NBC’s The Apprentice. Liza continues to perform and headline festivals, and is considered as one of the most energetic and most loved performers with an incredibly powerful belting voice (and the same hairstyle!)

Olivia Newton-John – Then

Olivia Newton-John’s career boomed when she appeared as the leading role of Sandy in the 1978 film adaptation of Broadway musical Grease. Olivia made the black spandex leggings famous and everyone wanted to emulate the romance between Danny and Sandy.

70s- olivia newton john then

Following the release of Grease, it seemed that Newton-John was everywhereNewton-John’s capitalized on her success and she went onto release her next studio album, appropriately titled Totally Hot, reflecting Olivia’s new, grown up image.

Olivia Newton-John – Now

Olivia continues to tour today, and in 2013, she took up a residency at the Flamingo Las Vegas which opened with 45 shows. In 2014, she released a new EP entitled Hotel Sessions, which comprised a number of unreleased demos that were recorded between 2002 until 2011.


In addition, Olivia has appeared on reality shows including an episode of  RuPaul’s Drag Race and the actress and singer has has been lauded for her dedication to working with organizations including UNICEF and the Colette Chuda Environmental Fund.

Jaclyn Smith – Then

Jaclyn Smith shot to fame as she took on the role of Kelly Garrett in Charlie’s Angles for five hit seasons.


Acting alongside the beautiful Farrah Fawcett in the TV show, everyone wanted to be just like the angels, look like them and dress like them, they were the real style icons of the 70’s. It did help a lot that they had a wardrobe department which kitted them out with the latest trends and coolest outfits.

Jaclyn Smith – Now

Jaclyn went on to star in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in a guest appearance after a five year hiatus from acting.


However, the brunette beauty went on to have an incredibly successful partnership with Kmart, which has gone on for over two decades, making Smith one of the first celebrities to make use out of branding and endorsement. Throughout her life, Smith has gone on to have four marriages, and has been married to her fourth husband since 1997.

Janice Dickinson – Then

After winning a national competition called Miss High Fashion Model, Dickinson moved to New York to pursue her career during a time when blondes were all the rage. However, the exotic model became in demand and her profile rose significantly, making her an international sensation.


Dickinson fronted an unprecedented 37 Vogue covers, but the icon was anything but humble about her success, saying, “I was Versace’s muse, I was Valentino’s muse, I was Alaia’s muse, Lancetti’s muse, Calvin Klein’s, Halston’s. I could go on and on.”

Janice Dickinson – Now

Janice’s outspoken nature quadrupled in her later years and in order to keep her youthful looks, Janice turned to plastic surgery. The model was almost unrecognizable as she underwent numerous procedures and her fiery personality landed her spots on a number of different reality shows.

70s-dickinson now

Janice appeared in everything from  America’s Next Top Model to I’m a Celebrity…Get Me out of Here! as well as fronting her own reality show entitled The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. Dickinson has also been married four times.

Morgan Fairchild – Then

Few soap opera stars reached a level of glamor like Morgan Fairchild. From 1973 t0 1977, she played the beautiful but neurotic Jennifer Pace on Search for Tomorrow. Fairchild eventually appeared in an episode of Dallas as Jenna Wade.

Her character started as a bit role but became a regular character played by Priscilla Presley. When she was not working in television, Fairchild could be spotted sporting the newest fashion trends. She made looking good look as easy as it could.

Morgan Fairchild – Now

Throughout her career, Morgan Fairchild could frequently be found starring in her favorite genre of television – soap operas.  In addition to Search for Tomorrow, she would also star in Flamingo Road, Paper Dolls, The City, and General Hospital.

Fairchild would occasionally pop up in theater productions later in her career. Fairchild continues to make guest appearances on various shows, including soap operas, looking as beautiful as ever. She also focuses her time as a board member with the Screen Actors Guild.

Joni Mitchell – Then

Unlike many of the other 70’s fashion icons, Joni Mitchell was famous for rocking hipster chic. The Canadian singer and songwriter was hailed by Rolling Stone as “one of the greatest songwriters ever”.


Mitchell was free-spirited and was often seen donning tie-dye T-shirts, maxi dresses, and long hair in an attempt to break the uniformity for recording artists. Despite Mitchell’s dedication to staying true to her roots, she achieved mainstream success and won an unprecedented nine Grammy awards.

Joni Mitchell – Now

Joni certainly left an impressive legacy in the music industry and her guitar skills were commended as being some of the best of all time.


However, Mitchell’s later life was not all smooth sailing and she suffered from a string of health issues, including Morgellons disease. In 2015, the singer was hospitalized after having an aneurysm which left her unable to walk and talk. It was later revealed that Mitchell was expected to make a “full recovery.”

Cheryl Tiegs – Then

Model Cheryl Tiegs got her big break at 17-years-old when she appeared on the cover of Glamour magazine and immediately after, made the covers of Seventeen and Elle. Tiegs represented the shift in style over the 70’s, the pixie crops of the 60’s were out and big, bouncy curls were in.


Tiegs’ most iconic moment was when she appeared twice on the cover of Sports Illustrated, once in a fishnet swimsuit. Her beauty later won her a $1.5 million contract with Cover Girl cosmetics.

Cheryl Tiegs – Now

Cheryl Tiegs was a contestant on the Celebrity Apprentice in 2012, raising money for Farrah Fawcett’s foundation as well as appearing on on NBC’s Shoot Me and also had a recurring guest appearance on Family Guy. 


Tiegs is also the spokeswoman for Renewal: A Time for You, a program created by Deepak Chopra offering advice for lifestyle changes in women. She is also an active member in the philanthropic community as an Ambassador for the International Planned Parenthood Foundation and a spokesperson for City of Hope, among other organizations.

Jane Fonda – Then

Thanks to her starring role in 60’s hit Barbarella, Jane Fonda became one of the biggest names in Hollywood in the 70’s. Fonda won two Academy Awards for her respective roles in Klute and Coming Home. 


Fonda also caused an uproar in the 70’s as a vocal critic of the Vietnam War, when she travelled to the war-torn region. Other than that, Fonda was admired for her acting skills, as well as her style and physique which led her to start a workout craze in the 80’s.

Jane Fonda – Now

In the early 1990’s Fonda announced her retirement from the film industry and she took a hiatus until 2005 when she returned alongside Jennifer Lopez in romantic comedy Monster In Law. 


In 2011, Fonda filmed her second film in French when she stared in the drama All Together followed by a number of other movies and TV series. Fonda continues to take her political activism very seriously and has been an instrumental figure in feminist causes. All this at 79-years-old, and she still looks incredible.

Jerry Hall – Then

American model Jerry Hall was spotted suntanning on Saint Tropez beach when she was spotted by fashion agent Claude Haddad. Immediately, Hall burst onto the 70’s fashion scene and began mingling with the Studio 54 crowd.


By 1977, Hall had been on 40 magazine covers including Italian Vogue and Cosmopolitan and was charging a cool $1,000-a-day. It was that same year that the six-foot-tall, blonde bombshell was spotted by Mick Jagger and in 1978, The Rolling Stones released Jagger’s song for Hall Miss You.

Jerry Hall – Now

These days, Jerry’s daughters Lizzie and Georgia May Jagger have taken the reins and are the ones who have been dominating the fashion industry and appearing in every prominent ad campaigns.


After divorcing Mick Jagger in 1999, Jerry began dating media mogul Rupert Murdoch in 2015 and the couple announced their engagement in 2016 and the two were married later that year. Hall has also appeared on the British version of Dancing With The Stars in 2012 but was the second celebrity to be eliminated.

Jacqueline Kennedy – Then

Jackie Kennedy was arguably one of the greatest fashion icons in the 70’s. Everyone wanted to look like the former first lady, as she exuded poise, elegance, and class and although her fashion while in the White House was admired, it wasn’t until afterwards that everyone began to appreciate her style.


Her signature look of a basic pantsuit or dress paired with oversized designer sunglasses and a headscarf had a classic coolness to it, and was something every woman tried to emulate.

Jacqueline Kennedy – Now

Kennedy passed away in 1994 but certainly left her mark in the best way possible. She was ranked as one of the most popular First Ladies and was named in 1999 on Gallup’s list of Most Admired Men and Women in 20th-century America.

70s-kennedy 94

Following the assassination of her husband John F. Kennedy, Jaqueline and her children withdrew from the public eye, but in 1968 she went on to marry Aristotle Onassis, one of the world’s richest men and became a book editor for the last two decades of her life.

Susan Dey – Then

By the time she joined the cast of The Partridge Family as Laurie Partridge, Susan Dey was just a 17 year old model.  Dey stunned audiences not only with her acting performance but also her adorable good looks.

The young actress had had no acting experience when she joined the cast, but they loved her anyway and added her to the show. She continued to model concurrently with her acting gig, becoming a fashion favorite in the early 70s.

Susan Dey – Now

Dey earned a Golden Globe nomination for her role on The Partridge Family and continued to have a successful career in television. She won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Grace Van Owen on LA Law and also earned an Emmy nomination for it.

Dey cut off contact with her Partridge Family co-star David Cassidy after he revealed details of their relationship in his memoir. Since the early 2000s, Dey has avoided much of the spotlight, last appearing in a 2004 TV series.

David Bowie – Then

Biritsh singer and songwriter David Bowie was and instrumental influencer of 70’s fashion. Bowie’s dramatic transformations all exuded an element of culture and self-expression, showing what it truly means to be a rockstar.


His Ziggy Stardust persona will forever be one of the most iconic images and is consistently replicated in fashion magazines. Bowie pushed boundaries in his music and fashion, selling over 140 million records worldwide and winning a number of prestigious awards, making him an international legend.

David Bowie – Now

After a 10-year hiatus from music, in 2013 Bowie announced a new album, entitled The Next Day. The album soared in the music charts and everyone knew that Bowie was back, but things were different an that same year he reportedly ruled out ever giving another interview again.

70s-bowie now

Nevertheless, his artistic abilities were still commended and he became the oldest recipient of a Brit award in 2014. Sadly, Bowie passed away in 2016 but the legacy he left behind proves that he is one of the greats.

Cher – Then

After rising to fame as one half of Sonny & Cher, the exotic star released an incredible 10 albums during the 70’s, affirming her position as one of the greatest and most successful female artists of all time.


Cher was absolutely everywhere and everyone admired the singing sensation and tried to emulate her. The singer tried almost every fashion out there from perms to jewels to exquisite headpieces and midriff-bearing outfits, Cher pulled it all off and was undoubtedly one of the greatest fashion icons.

Cher – Now

Cher has sold over 100 million records internationally and her music earned her a number of different awards. In addition, Cher’s transition to acting earned her an Academy Award, proving she can do it all.

70s-cher now

Cher’s 2013 studio album Closer to the Truth became her highest-charting solo album in the U.S. In 2017 it was announced that the icon would perform 30 live concerts in Monte Carlo and Maryland. In addition, Cher continues to be a vocal advocate for LGBT rights and HIV/AIDS prevention.